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Anyway yeah laptop has been stolen, Murphy threw my coat up onto the roof of market mall... as I climbed up and got it down, Crazy Dave made off with my laptop. When he got back I asked him where my laptop was and he said "Some skinny blond chick took it I was like 'THat's RJs' and she sadi she would give it back and then she peaced"



I wanted to *uck*n kill him!!!!!!!!

My precious laptop is doomed...

12/19/2008 #1
Zina Nevirone


12/19/2008 #2

I know...... it rly sucks....

but I'm working on a whole new RP site.

I was hoping me, and all my friends, etc.. could slowly turn it into a bustling RP Community lol...

i liek RP and proboards is better for RPign then FictionPress......




Anyway I g2g to a christmas assembly see yea!

hehehehe I got a police man's phone # lolz cell and something with an extension...

Anyway.. He said between me and him we probably can't get the laptop back..

He told me to "downplay it a bit" and try to get them into giving me my laptop back before rogers gets to bottom of it. (Mike Rogers is the police guy lol)

So.... hopefulyl eventually we get this over with. He said he'd keep in touch, but liek me he has holidays starting the end of today.

12/19/2008 . Edited 12/19/2008 #3

Goodbye everyone for 3 weeks.

Especially Zina and Beth....

I will be living in solitary confinement from now until school starts.

I have Mike Rogers (School polcie officer, also going on holidays) #, said he'd keep in touch...

And.. well... anyway...... yeah.. I can't text... no money...

But if I can get 5 or 6 hours of work done at my Grandpa's (providing his offer is still open) I can pay off my phone, and have a bit of money left over so I can text Facebook.

Zina, let Cass know this. I might be able to msg you guys with Facebook... problem is, you gotta keep your messages rly short. Otherwise I have to keep texting "more" to see another portion of the message..

I can only see a short sentence worth...




Love u guys...


if I'm lucky I won't be yelled at and grounded forever becuz I couldn't finish my Philosophy Essay..






12/19/2008 #4

goodbye for 3 weeks.

possibly for a fair bit logner then that as I am likely to fail thsi semester of school to.

But love u guyz, see ya!

Miss u pplz.



12/19/2008 #5
Zina Nevirone


12/19/2008 #6

My long awaited qarrival is here.

School doesn't block fictionpress, and it's a pretty well promised internet connection.

*sigh* I'm drained.. Toasted, beaten, Defeated.

1/5/2009 #7
Zina Nevirone

And you haven't even finished school yet.

1/5/2009 #8

Zina if you lived my life, you'd be pretty defeated as well.

All I do is work. clean, and I don't have the luxury of internet to keep me going.

All I have is coffee and books. Granted it's effective, and keeps me going physically, Books don't keep me going nearly as effective as internet does..

It's not nearly as effective as talkign to you is.... as talking to Cass is....



I hate this. That laptop was a christmas gift my aunt bought with moeny she almost didn't have.

I can't pull it together and get another one, i was.. devastated by the loss of my laptop, it had everything on it...



but I am deciding to move on somewhat, I now write in a journal on a daily basis, I write about a paragraph a day, a little analog of my life.

here's an excerpt, my Jan 3 entry.



January 3

Eleven years of lies are beginning to swallow me up,

a dark monster, waiting for me to snap like a twig.

I'm scared, running and running but I can't seem to lose this

beast. I see temptation, and I can't help but stop, it gives me

a temporary shelter from the beast but soon agai nI have to run, and

stopping at every few temptations, but giving into temptation has it's

price, and I fear soon I will trip and fall, me and all my

lies disappearing from the world forever. The rain is pounding down as I

run down yet another pitch dark alley, when will this stop?





Once again I will repeat it one last time before I disappear... I hate the world.

1/5/2009 #9
Zina Nevirone

I hate the world more... but nevermind...

I obviously don't know hardship in life.

1/5/2009 #10

What do you mean?

You know it jsut as well as I do.... maybe.. lol...

How do you hate the world more, why? something other then you horse happen?

1/5/2009 #11
Zina Nevirone

Yeah, the horse is just what pushed me over the edge. You don't understand. Just go hate the world.

1/5/2009 #12

Ok getting a little concerned here...

I take it I on't have the whole story......

Ok so you probably hate the world mroe then I do, whoop de doo daa, it's not a contest...

I guess you can't tell me everything that's happened, heppening, or w/e... and I understand that, I haven't been totally honest with you either..

but still. i care about you and you know that. And you care about me.



I say I hate the world, but not the whole world, just.. alot of things in it. like how it's almost impossible for me to talk to you and cass anymore...

and a bunch of other things... I can't say... but.. what your horse did to you is what my cat did to me. a cat may not seem like much to you but... he meant as much to me as your horse did to you..

I know that may seem hard to beleive.

Your worse off then me, but that also means that you can most likely help me.. you've been through all of it before...

1/5/2009 #13
Zina Nevirone

I'm sorry, I was mean. I'm just in a really bad mood. Everyone was making fun of me in chemistry. Every single fucking one of them.

And no, you don't know the whole sotry, because there are things I should never tell anyone.

And my cats mean a lot to me, so I do understand.

1/5/2009 #14

don't worry if your mean to me.. You know I'l lalways be your friend..

but seriously, if I can put up with a whole class hitting me, yellign at me, and making fun of me...

I'm sure you can put up wit ha class making fun of you...

You weren't in my.. *shivers* grade 9 philosophy class.....

1/5/2009 #15
Zina Nevirone

Yeah...I suppose...

1/5/2009 #16

I'm serious that class was chaos, eSPECIALLY when the teacher leaves... it's like all they do is brawl...

1/5/2009 #17
Zina Nevirone

I know you're serious.

1/5/2009 #18


well... love you Zina.

Sorry I'm being so...... I dunno how to explain it but it seems wrong..

lol... what a thing to apologize for...

I feel like I'm being rude... somehow..

1/5/2009 #19
Zina Nevirone

You're being no more rude than I am.

1/5/2009 #20

k well sorry.. anyway.

1/5/2009 #21
Zina Nevirone


1/5/2009 #22

alright alright...

1/5/2009 #23
Zina Nevirone

God I'm screwed up today...

1/5/2009 #24

no kidding.. me too.. so much is happening...

anyway school is over, but I have my cellphone on me.

ttyl ..

or w/e use facebook if you want... which you probably don't...

but w/e if you wanna keep talking I got my cell on me.

just keep the messages a max of like.. 64(ish) characters (including spaces, every charter, etc..)

1/5/2009 #25
Zina Nevirone

k. I don't really know what I want.

1/5/2009 #26

oh.... k......

well... either way, I keep my cell on me 24/7 so you can easily contact me lol....

I figured it'd be a way to reduce woryying time for us, because if I worry about you too much I can just text facebook.

If you worry to much you can just message me.

And well... yeah.. we can like... check up on eachother..

1/6/2009 #27
Zina Nevirone

I'm fine, seriously.

I just made my life worse. Not only is there that one thing and my chemistry class hating me, but I just had a huge fight with Lewis and Rudgley. Well I didn't fight with Rudgley exactly, she just didn't come after me until Lewis did, so I told her to piss off and then walked off with Lauren.

I screw everything up.

1/6/2009 #28

*sigh* Now your talking like me too..

You don't screw everything up. Just some things. You've never screwed anything up with me lol...

1/6/2009 #29
Zina Nevirone

I have... I can't name anything right now, but I bet I have. Anyway, I'm sorry I was a bitch yesterday. I was really pissed off, but I'm trying to be better today, I dunno if it's working, but whatever.

Anyway, love you.

1/6/2009 #30
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