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Zina Nevirone

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This is where Kerri 'grew up' as a spirit with no physical body. There is an iron cage in the corner of the big white room. It has a curse on it that anyone who tries to escape from it will lose their physical body and Kerri usually destroys the body.

The purple mist you see is the spirits of those who Kerri has killed over the years because she has used their bodies. This is what Kayt will become eventually according to Kerri.

The room is otherwise empty.

Kerri can only speak to Kayt in this room when they are seperate from eachother.

2/2/2009 . Edited 2/2/2009 #1
Zina Nevirone

((From Yellow Dorm.))

Kayt walked into the room and Kerri's spirit was pulled from her. Of course it only joined the purple mist as black.

"Come to die again." Kerri's voice resounded off the walls in the room.

"I want answers, that's all." Kayt blinked and when her eyes reopened she found herself inside the cage. Having seen people punished in this cage Kayt knew just to sit back.


"Yes." Kayt inhaled deeply. "I want to know how long I have before I die?"

"That is unknown." Kerri spoke indifferently. "But as you are here..." Kayt suddenly got drowsy and passed out. " might as well be now."

2/2/2009 #2
Zina Nevirone

((From Blue Dorm.))

When Jams and Marcus reached Kerri's home they found the door closed, but all Jams had t odo for it to open was to touched the red hot door handle, which he did as it didn't really matter to him.

Before he stepped inside he turned to face Marcus. "Are you sure we can do this?"

2/2/2009 #3
Xeverus E. Miller

"we should do what we can, I don't mind dying I felt it once and feeling it the second time will not change it. punch me in the face... hard" He said to James

2/2/2009 #4
Zina Nevirone

"I'm not going to punch you." Jams shook his head.

2/2/2009 #5
Xeverus E. Miller

"if you want to have higher chance of saving Kayt then you should... don't worry he seems familiar with Kayt. NOW PUNCH ME IN THE FACE YOU VAMP!" the taunt wasn't necesarry but it was the only way he could get James to punch him.

2/2/2009 #6
Zina Nevirone

Jams raised an eyebrow, but raised his fist and punched Marcus, not with his full strength of course because that could more or less knock his head off.

2/2/2009 #7
Xeverus E. Miller

Marcus took the blow unexpectedly it didn't matter if James didn't used his full strength. A drop of blood came out Marcus' mouth he then lowered his head and closed his eyes

Red energy was coming out of Marcus' body as the seconds passed it became thicker. Marcus suddenly opened his eyes but it wasn't and the red energy was violently dispersed.

He wiped his mouth before looking at James with his eyes but it wasn't green anymore but Crystal Yellow "the taunt wasn't necesarry you know, you just have to punch me " he said but his way of speaking was different from before

2/2/2009 #8
Zina Nevirone

Distracted by Marcus' changing eye colour, he was used to only Kayt's eyes changing, Jams nodded.

2/2/2009 #9
Xeverus E. Miller

"don't worry, its still me. only much more violent....and I'd prefer you to call me Marky" His necklace began to give out and eerie glow. Marky retracted a claw from his arm and it was releasing the same red energy

2/2/2009 #10
Zina Nevirone

Jams nodded again, then said, "The purple mist in there...that's what Kayt is destined to become. They were all girls like her, died young."

2/2/2009 #11
Xeverus E. Miller

"I'm not going to let that happen, she saved my life and its right that I should do the same for her... after you" Marky took out a mentos from his pocket and ate it.

2/2/2009 #12
Zina Nevirone

Jams stepped into the room and shivered, although he can't feel the cold. His eyes immediately found the cage in the back corner, and watched the unconscious Kayt.

2/2/2009 #13
Xeverus E. Miller

"Kayt!" Shouted Marky as he rushed to the cage

2/2/2009 #14
Zina Nevirone

"She's out of it." Jams walked over to the cage as the black mist swirled towards him.

"And so the vampire returns..." Kerri's voice drifted to them. "And what's this? He brought a friend?"

Jams stepped backwards, away from the black mist.

2/2/2009 #15
Xeverus E. Miller

Marky looked at the mist but he could see Kerri's true form with his eyes

"actually no, the vamp brought an Aftersoul with him" Marky was unnerved. Ender was far more scarier than Kerri

2/2/2009 #16
Zina Nevirone

"How sweet." Kerri hissed.

Jams bit his lip.

2/2/2009 #17
Xeverus E. Miller

"tsk, you know you kinda piss me off..." Marky looked at the unconsious Kaytand decided he should use that power "I don't think i'll have second thoughts at using it...... AZRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Demon Form Activated.

I promised that I'll protect her and I plan to keep that promise

Marky activated his Rave blades and looked at James, asking on what to do next

2/2/2009 #18
Zina Nevirone

((How's Jams supposed to know?))

2/2/2009 #19
Xeverus E. Miller

((um.... attack maybe? better yet materialize Kerri so that she can reveal her true form to Jams but still hasn't got a physical form))

2/2/2009 #20
Xeverus E. Miller

((what? too much of a suggestion?))

2/2/2009 #21
Zina Nevirone

((Soz, I got distracted in the middle of posting this.))

Jams shrugged to Marky.

A laugh moved around the room. "You've forgotten James? How killing me will end Kayt's life sooner than anyone wishes? I've fought you so many times, but you have never fought me. You have always fought your sister and so you've always been gentle. I was always gentle too, I never wanted to hurt someone important to Kayt. Now I have no need for either of you."

A ghost-like girl suddenly stood in the centre of the room and the black mist was gone. The girl was taller than Kayt with pure white hair and purple eyes. She tilted her head, and then in a flash she had Jams pinned against the wall by his throat.

Jams tried to push her away.

2/2/2009 #22
Xeverus E. Miller

Marky pushed her to the side releasing James and pinning her to the ground by the neck. The Crystal Yellow eyes met the Violet.

2/2/2009 #23
Zina Nevirone

Jams watched them as he tried to catch his breath.

2/2/2009 #24
Xeverus E. Miller

You alright James?

Marky tried his best not to accidentally do the inevitable to kerri.

2/2/2009 #25
Zina Nevirone

Jams nodded.

Kerri pushed Marky backwards.

2/2/2009 #26
Xeverus E. Miller

Marky stood up and went to James' side

if it weren't for Kayt I could've consumed that Kerri, I have to say she has a lot of darkness.

2/2/2009 #27
Zina Nevirone

"So?" Kerri stood up quickly. "You won't let me kill you, but you won't kill me?"

2/2/2009 #28
Xeverus E. Miller

Marky rolled his eyes and gave her the 'thank you captain obvious' look

2/2/2009 #29
Zina Nevirone

"What will you let m do then?" Kerri asked, "She's going to die anyway, you know."

2/2/2009 #30
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