Magic School
A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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Xeverus E. Miller

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Hogwarts, Home of many Legendary Wizards and Witches. It provides the outmost knowledge of wandlore but its depths are ridden with many secrets. The students are divided into Four houses, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin

Hogwarts is the rival school of The Magic school and they often embark on 'field Trips' to know which one is better than the other

Currently the Home of Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger and Ronald Weasley.

2/4/2009 #1
Xeverus E. Miller

((We'll call our snape Msnape so hat we wont get confused))

as they stopped in the entrance of the great hall Msnape said to them

"now I want all of you to show them that you're better than them even though this is only a field trip"

MCgonagall cmae out and greeted them

"Welcome to Hogwarts. Now, in a few moments you will pass through these doors and join your classmates. But before you take your seats, you must be sorted into your houses as if you were goingto be a hogwarts student. They are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Now while you're here your house will be like your family for the time being. the ceremony will start in a moment follow me"

2/4/2009 #2

I don't think Zina would mind this at all xD))

2/5/2009 #3
Zina Nevirone


Jams, Kayt and Danni nodded.

2/5/2009 #4
Xeverus E. Miller

"I can't we're finally here after that cheezy train ride" Yawned Marcus who after wiping his eyes.

Ruenis was munching down Chocolate frogs "atleast I've brought some toys along!" he said showing his action figure

2/5/2009 #5
Zina Nevirone

"Okay..." Jams raised an eyebrow.

Kayt whispered, "If you don't be nice I'll tell them all, especially Danni, what you used to carry around with you."

This shut Jams up.

2/5/2009 #6
Xeverus E. Miller

"I really should've brought Cereberus with me" Gilgamesh turned to them crossing arms. Mcgonagall tapped his shoulder and opened the door of the great hall.

"Now entering enemy lines" Marcus adjusted his collar before he entered the great Hall with the others

2/5/2009 #7
Zina Nevirone

Kayt laughed quietly and followed.

2/5/2009 #8
Xeverus E. Miller

The hogwarts students were seated in four different tables according to their houses and were staring at the newcomers Marcus caught a glance of The boy who lived.

" Will you wait along here please. Now

before we begin, Professor Dumbledore would like to say a few words." They stopped on where Mcgonagall pointed and waited for Dumbledore to answer((That's your line)) 2/5/2009 #9
Zina Nevirone

((In true Dumbledore style, but tweaked a little.))

"Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin. I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!" Dumbledore said, with his mysterious smile, that unnerved Kayt.

2/5/2009 #10
Xeverus E. Miller

((the curse has gotten through his mind did it?))

"....... and I wonder Why they used wands" Whispered Gilgamesh.

" When I call your name you will come

forth, I shall place the Sorting Hat on your head, and you will be sorted into your houses." Mcgonagall rolled out a long scroll

Ruenis nudged James "I feel sorry to the jerk to be called first"

"Ruenis Kyrielle" Mcgonagall called out.

"Ruenis eh? wonder who that is?..... oh no" Ruenis was surprised.

2/5/2009 . Edited 2/5/2009 #11
Zina Nevirone

((It's what he said before the banquet in Philosopher's Stone.))

Kayt smiled encouragingly at him.

2/5/2009 #12
Xeverus E. Miller

((Well take turns in the sorting hat))

"well I feel sorry for you" said Marcus, Ruenis reluctanly sat in the chair just to wear a stupid hat.

"ah!" Shout the sorting hat "hmmm..... yes, hmmmm.... you could be a great hogwarts student if you were. a mind so pure but at the same time brave and at the same time..... you want to prove yourself.... better be..... Gryffindor!"

The students cheered and Mcgonagall took out the sorting hat as Ruenis went to the Gryffindor table and was greeted by Hermione.

"Gilgamesh Evangelion".

Gilgamesh was about to seat on the chair "Slytherin!" shouted the sorting hat.

the slytherin students cheered and Gilgamesh grinned before sitting beside Draco.

"Kaytlyn Parker" Called Mcgonagall.

2/5/2009 #13
Zina Nevirone

Kayt looked at Jams who nodded.

Kayt walked forward and sat on the stool, trying to blank out the people watching her.

She didn't hear anything as the Sorting hat sat on her head. It just sat there for ten minutes before announcing Ravenclaw, Kayt the realised she wouldn't be in the same house as Jams. She walked over to the table only to have a complete randomer pull her into the seat beside her and start talking about nargles.

2/5/2009 #14
Xeverus E. Miller

"Jenova Evergrande"

Jenova walked forward and sat on the chair.

it did not take long before the sorting hat also annouced that she was to be in Ravenclaw. She sighed as she thought that she wont be in the same house as Marcus and sat beside Kayt.

"Danielle Thomas"

2/5/2009 #15
Xeverus E. Miller

((you sure are taking your time are you?))

2/5/2009 #16
Zina Nevirone

((Nopes, I was posting a story of my friend's onto our ff account.))

Danni squeezed Jams' hand before she skipped up and sat on the stool. The hat sat on her head and rambled on about how she risked her life every day before telling the school she would belong to Gryffindor.

Danni skipped over to the table and sat beside Ruenis, trying to ignore the ginger haired boy who was eyeing her up.

2/5/2009 #17
Xeverus E. Miller

((Oh...... sorry))

"James Peterson"

"well I hope that hat's not like its owner" Marcus said to James

2/5/2009 #18
Zina Nevirone
((Can you explain what Marcus said please?))
2/5/2009 #19
Xeverus E. Miller

((He meant goodluck....... with a talking hat XD))

2/5/2009 #20
Zina Nevirone

Jams nodded and smiled and sat on the stool. It was obvious the hat didn't trust him, but who cares. He just smiled abnormally and eventually the Sorting Hat gave in and let him be in Gryffindor, with Danni.

He sat beside her and put his arm around her, much to the disappointment of the red head.

2/5/2009 #21
Xeverus E. Miller

"Marcus Ciello"

The students began to whisper and the teachers looked expectantly at Marcus

"He's Marcus Ciello?" Asked the boy with a scar on his Forehead to James

Marcus was iritated at this kind of thing and and couldn't help himself "That's right! The Human Slayer's here to end the party so Back up People!" He shouted

The Boy with the scar smirked "definitely going to be in Slytherin"

Ruenis took offence and touched the hilt of his wand and the hilt of his dagger

2/5/2009 #22
Zina Nevirone

Jams frowned, but kept his mouth shut and shook his head to Ruenis.

The read headed boy whispered "They really are trying to kill us this year, aren't they?" to scar head.

2/5/2009 #23
Xeverus E. Miller

it be one thing if it was me.... but this is brother they are talking about

Marcus sat on the stool and the sorting hat was placed on his head

"Hmmm... Difficult, very difficult. Plenty of courage, I see. Not a bad mind either. There's talent, you have the attitude of a Slytherin but the bravery of a Gryffindor"

Marcus sighed "just pick a house already, it won't matter anyway"

"you have the desire to avenge.... but the instinct to save eveyone.... very well.... Gryffindor!"

"Bloody Hell!" shouted Scar Head, as the Slytherins cheered for Marcus knowing that Gryffindor could be destroyed from the inside, The Gryffindor Table was Silent, Ruenis was ready to take down Scar head but when Marcus sat Beside his target he restrained himself.

2/5/2009 . Edited 2/5/2009 #24
Zina Nevirone

Jams whispered to Ruenis. "If scar head does any thing...I'll just go back on a years worth of restraint and kill him."

2/5/2009 #25
Xeverus E. Miller

Marcus and Scar head eyed each other, the latter was feeling his wand on his uniform while Marcus was onfident enough to just fight him with his stare which was working perfectly well.

"I heard nasty stories about you" said Scar head, a blonde haired Girl nudged him from behind "Harry..." she whispered "you do remember that this is Marcus Ciello right?"

Reunis glared at the woman

are they really this mean to other people?

2/5/2009 . Edited 2/5/2009 #26
Zina Nevirone

Jams stared at Scar head and pointed out. "And we've heard some really dumbassed stories about you!"

Kayt glanced over at them, she'd finally got her powers back. Jams be nice.

2/5/2009 #27
Xeverus E. Miller

Harry tried to draw his wand but it wasn't in his pocket "where's my wand?"

"Right here..." Marcus pointed the tip on scar head's neck before giving it back "I guess that serves as a warning Harry"

Harry couldn't believe himself, if that was you-know-who he was facing he'd be dead by now

2/5/2009 . Edited 2/5/2009 #28
Zina Nevirone

You be nice to Harry...even if he is a pompous git and all.... Kayt turned back to Luna with that, she really wanted to find out more about these nargles.

Jams smirked at Harry.

2/6/2009 . Edited 2/6/2009 #29
Xeverus E. Miller

((To Marcus? dont you mean harry?))

2/6/2009 #30
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