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Banpaia Bara

( ok quick note before I post the start up here. Please use brackets when out of character. If joining please post a small character bio: name age gender race... and excuse some spelling mistakes cause I have retched spelling when I dont use spell check and I dont do so on forms, and please no txt typing{ ooc brb g2g are ok})

( Name: Azreal Race: Durmern, or Drow elf Age: 78 Gender: Female appearance: 6ft tall, long white hair, red eyes, ebony skin, looks about to be in her teens, carries a steel longsword and wears leather armor, and over all has pretty features)

The night was hammered with the heavy rain that had been falling consistently since that morning. The lanturnes in the town were fighting to remain lit and the dirt streets were more akin to a mud pit. Anyone who was outside was hurrying for a door way or poarch with an over hang to avoid becoming soaked. Azreal walked slowly to the tarvern, since she had gone topside she was enjoying every sensation the world of light and life had to offer. She was a Durmern( aka Drow elf) white hair that shone as mithril and ebony skin which rivaled the finest charcoal. But that was on a dry day, today she looked beraggled, her hair was wet and matted to her head, her skin caked with mud where it was exposed. Her light leather armor was soaked through constricting around her, her boots bore five pounds of mud and horse fesies. Yes she was as splended as a farm cow at the moment. With a small sigh she walked into the tavern that promised warmth and rest. Entering the tavern she looked around at the bussling crowds, everyone had herded into the tavern avoiding the wet. Azreal never ceased to be amazed at the sheer number of races that were able to coesist the main races were humans, elves, orc, acarzak( a sort of lizard/serpenting humanoid). And within each race there was hundereds of subsects, as an elf Azreal was one of these subsects rarely seen above ground. She was slightly taller than a nord human( tall mountain dwellers ranging from 7-8 for men 5-6 for women) She was an odity and heads turned to stare as she took off her leather traveling cloak shaking the water off and tossing it over her arm. She weaved through the trong of people to the bar where she perched on a stool and ordered a pint.

1/13/2011 #1
Jackie the Giant

[Okay, I'm just going to jump in, because I didn't see a rule that said I couldn't. If I'm wrong, then you can take the character off.]

(Names: Oliver Kovin and Rosemary Coffin. Ages: approx. 500 years and precisely 20 years. Genders: male and female respectively. Appearances: Kovin: raven-black hair and ice blue eyes. Dresses in powder-blue victorian suit with an extremely frilly, white cravat. Rosemary: petite, with sandy-blonde hair and brown eyes. Dresses in tatty jeans and a red hoodie.)

A bright blue portal appeared in the drowning street and two humanoid figures stepped through it into the pouring rain. The smaller of the two, a young woman whose sandy-blonde curls were immediately flattened by the sudden wetness, gave a squawk of surprise and hunched over in protest. That water was cold! The other figure didn't seem to mind though. He stood straight and tall, still as regal as ever despite the downpour.

"Master Kovin, what are we doing here?" She shouted over the noise of the rain. She was already soaked through, and her tennis shoes were heavy with mud. She hadn't spent five minutes in this dimension and she already wanted to go home.

"You know why we are here, Rosemary" Once again, the girl's master showed her up by being heard above the storm without shouting. When she stared blankly at him, he sighed and rolled his eyes. "Look, there's a tavern. We can talk in there. I'm starting to get wet."

This time Rosemary's stare was one of incredulity. They had been out in the rain so long that her clothes weighed a ton from all the water in her pockets, and he was just starting to get wet? Not for the first time since becoming his Virgin, she wondered whether she would be like him when she became a full-fledged vampire. The two hurried into the tavern and stood dripping in the doorway as even Kovin was awed by the sheer diversity of the crowd.

"Okay, explain why we're here again?" Rosemary asked as they made their way to the bar to sit next to a woman who, judging by her muddy skin and wet clothes, had gotten there only minutes before them.

Kovin calmly straightened his top hat before answering. "You weren't listening before we left?"

"I was, but I want to here it again. I want to hear what brought us to this God-forsaken mudpit." She whispered that last part, in case the nearby patrons should take it as an insult. It was an insult, but she didn't want them to take it as one.

"Very well. You are aware of my nemesis, Hex?" The question was asked in sarcasm, since Rosemary had met the evil vampire many times, but he recieved a nod anyway. "You are aware that he is here, in this dimension, with Hermona Fender?"

Rosemary nodded. Hermona had been shown to have an extremely rare blood type that gave vampires a power boost if they drank it. The catch was that Hermona was half troll, and whereas her blood type came from her human mother, she got nearly unbreakable skin from her troll father.

Kovin took a map from inside his coat and laid it on the bar. "We are here." He pointed at a spot on the map. "The Ichigo Springs are here." He moved his finger a little to the south so that it rested about five days journey higher on the map. "We shall rest here tonight, then set out after them."

6/24/2011 #2

(Characters: Look in the Character Registration)

Through the immeasurable sheets of rain came another figure. His height indicated that he was about 18, though he was actually two years younger. His hair was about shoulder-length, and was the same shade of black as his eyes. His clothing - it looked like leather armor - was dark-brown and black.

As the boy ran through the streets, every raindrop that fell on him immediately turned into steam with a hiss, leaving him completely dry. Ducking into an alleyway, he crouched behind a stack of wood and waited. Sure enough, there was the sound of rushing wings going past the alley, signifying that his pursuer hadn't seen him hide. He smirked and took a small box from the pouch on his side, sliding a cigarette out of it. 'What a dope.' he thought as he snapped his fingers, causing the thumb to burst into flame, and lit the cigarette with it. The small roll of tobacco was just as unaffected by the rain as the boy was.

Taking a long drag, he noticed two people run into a brightly lit tavern. Figuring that going in there would be better than staying in the pouring rain and expending mana, he finished the cigarette, dropped it onto the wet ground, and ran across the street and into the building.

8/5/2011 #3
Jackie the Giant

Kovin and Rosemary both jerked their heads up at the smell of magic that eminated from the newcomer in the doorway. Neither one had an especially good nose for magic, Kovin simply having a bad nose in that regard and Rosemary because she was still only half vampire, but even they could smell the mana on him.

Rosemary went back to reading the map after finding the newcomer to be nothing but a boy, but stopped when she saw that her master was still giving the mana-user a suspicious stare. And when a vampire is suspicious of someone, it was a good idea for you to be suspicious of that person too. She tapped Kovin on the shoulder, and he turned back to the map. They both continued to find themselves almost unconsciously throwing distrusting glances at the long-haired youth.

8/5/2011 #4

The boy took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink. He noticed the two glancing at him, and instantly sensed the aura of undeath around them - they were vampires. The next time they looked at him, he gave them a scowl that would have chilled the blood of most mortals, and took a sip of the drink that had been placed in front of him by the barkeep.

It had been a while since he had ran off; his mother was probably worried sick. No doubt it didn't help that his brother - half-brother, he reminded himself - had also left to chase after him. That idiot couldn't find him if he lit a town on fire - which he had done at one point, actually.

8/5/2011 . Edited 8/6/2011 #5
Jackie the Giant

Kovin was unaffected by the boy's scowl, but Rosemary shivered slightly at it. This kid was wrong somehow. For the first time since Kovin bit her neck and initiated her transformation into a Virgin, she wished she was fully vampire so that she could have her master's unflappable poise in all situations. She felt a gloved hand on her shoulder and turned to look at Kovin, who was giving her a raised eyebrow.

"Don't look at him." He whispered. "You'll only invite trouble if you do. Please recall that we are trying to keep a low profile."

Rosemary nodded, but couldn't help one last peek over her shoulder before rejoining her master in looking over the map.

8/5/2011 #6
Jackie the Giant

(Sorry, I know we just started this, but I'm going on a trip today and won't be back until Wednesday. I don't know how much Internet access I'm going to have. Just telling you so that you don't think I've abandoned the forum. ^^; )

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(Alright. Do you think we should wait for the original maker of this thread, or just try and make our own plot with our characters?)

A few minutes in relative calm - the boy listened to the rain pounding against the roof and walls, and caught snatches of a few conversations. A shipment of gold from a nearby mine was coming through, going for the nearby castle. He smirked, quickly planning how he would rob that convoy. The smile faded when he felt an angelic presence approaching the tavern. 'S***.'

"Hey, do you have a back exit?" he asked the barkeep. Looking uncaring about the odd question, he pointed with a rag-covered hand at a door that was partially hidden by tables and boxes. Moving quickly, the boy ran across the tavern, pushing more than a few people out of his way, and left through the door just as the front door opened, revealing an attractive, water-soaked boy. Unlike the guy that had just left, this one was muscular and tan, and had blonde hair and blue eyes, and his clothes were light-colored.

Ignoring the water puddling around his feet, he scanned the room, but apparently didn't see what he was looking for.

8/6/2011 . Edited 8/6/2011 #8
Jackie the Giant

(Considering I waited six months for a reply from the person who made the original post, and never got one, I think we should just make our own plot.)

Kovin and Rosemary once again looked up at a mana-filled person entered the tavern. However, neither got the creepy sensation that came from the original boy, and merely gave him a curious look.

"Awefully active place, isn't it?" Rosemary smirked at Kovin. "What is this, Mana Central? At least this guy isn't creepy like the last one."

"Might I remind you, Rosemary, that a lot of people consider us to be 'creepy' as well?" Kovin reminded her calmly. "Let's finish this so that we can go to bed."

8/6/2011 #9

(Alright, then. You have anything in mind? We could focus on the conflict between my characters, but that would centralize all the focus on them, leaving your characters out of the loop. I could bring in some more characters, if need be)

The boy, looking disgruntled, walked over to the bar and stopped near Kovin and Rosemary. "Excuse me," he said, "Have you seen a person with long black hair and eyes, probably with a creepy aura and dark clothing?"

8/6/2011 #10
Jackie the Giant

(Well, Kovin has a rivalry with another vampire named Hex, and he and Rosemary are trying to save a girl named Hermona Fender from him at the moment. Do you have any idea how that could mesh with your characters?)

"You mean the guy with the shiver-worthy glare? He went out the back door." Rosemary pointed at the door in question. She couldn't help but notice that this guy was good looking, but quickly turned away when Kovin gave her a nudge and told her "no" in sign language. She sighed. Virgins with a big V had to stay virgins with a little V as well, which meant that vampires kept their Virgins away from potential boyfriends with a vengence.

8/6/2011 #11

(Hmm... Xari (The first guy) could also take an antagonistic role and ally with Hex, if only for the promise of getting Klaxem (The attractive one) off his back. Klaxem would counter by teaming up with Kovin and Rosemary)

"Thanks." he said, making for the door. He stopped after one step and turned back, flashing a brilliant smile at Rosemary. "My name's Klaxem, by the way." he said to her before going across the tavern - moving much slower than his quarry had, due to being more polite - and out the door, back into the heavy rain.

8/6/2011 #12
Jackie the Giant

(Sounds good to me.)

Rosemary nearly fainted right out at the brilliant smile, but quickly hid her giddiness at her master's disapproving look. Needless to say, the young Virgin would not be averse to meeting that young man again, though her master might be a little peeved.

"Ahem." Kovin tapped the map to get her attention. "Perhaps now would be a good time to call it a night, since you obviously do not have your head in the task at hand." He said sternly.

Rosemary nodded, and Kovin went to get them a pair of rooms.


Hex stood calmly in the rain, as unaffected by the tons of water as his rival, Kovin, would have been had he been there. Of course, if Kovin had been there, he would have had other things to worry about than getting wet. Things such as getting killed.

Beside Hex was a young woman, who sat on the ground at the vampire's feet and simply stared off into open space. Her troll genes had made her especially easy to hypnotise, so Hex had had no need to bind or gag her. Deciding that it might be best to get out of the rain before his walking blood-bank drowned like an especially stupid turkey, he bid her rise and led her into a nearby stable. Hardly a fitting place for someone like him, but he did not wish to mingle with those beneath him and so avoided the taverns and other crowded buildings.

8/7/2011 #13

A flash of lightning briefly illuminated the dark streets, allowing anybody watching to see Xari being pursued by Klaxem. Looking back, he saw the physically superior half-angel gaining on him, despite being weighed down by his water-soaked clothes, a problem Xari didn't have due to the spell he had cast on himself, causing any water to evaporate among contact. He shouted a single word in Greek, waving his hand, and a wall of fire rose up between him and his pursuer.

Caught off guard, Klaxem skidded to a stop, nearly touching the roaring flames, and wracked his mind for a spell that would counter this. The precious seconds he took to remember an appropriate air spell and cast it were enough to allow Xari to escape and hide his presence - no spell that the half-angel knew could help him find his quarry right now. Frustrated, he turned back and plodded back to the tavern.

Having taken refuge in what appeared to be a stable by leaping through the window, Xari breathed a sigh of relief - maybe now he could relax, though he would have to move again when day came; his concealing spell, being based on darkness, had no power in the light of the sun

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Jackie the Giant

Hex did not move when he heard someone come through the window. Although he never made the mistake of underestimating his enemies, he refused to be reduced to hiding from them either. He remained where he was, waiting for the intruder to make the first move.


Rosemary looked up from where she was waiting for Kovin to finish haggling with the barman when Klaxem returned through the door. She was delighted to see him again, but was slightly disappointed that he hadn't been able to catch the creepy guy he had been chasing. She hoped he would come and talk to her again, but rather doubted he would. Although that smile he had given her earlier kept a bit of hope for it alive.

8/7/2011 #15

Xari turned and jumped, surprised by the presence he felt and saw. Acting quickly, he snapped his fingers, making a ball of fire in his hand, and held it out menacingly. "Who are you?" he asked. "What are you doing here?"


Klaxem walked in and almost immediately noticed the girl he had talked to earlier and smiled - she was attractive, though there was Unlike Xari, he lacked the skill or experience to be able to tell just what she or her friend was, but he didn't really care. He walked over and took a seat next to her. "This doesn't seem like the kind of place someone like you should be hanging around." he pointed out.

8/7/2011 #16
Jackie the Giant

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" Hex returned calmly. "After all, I was here first." There was no challenge in his voice, merely a statement of fact. He had better things to do than pick fights with random strangers. "I myself simply came in here to keep her from drowning." He motioned towards Hermona, who was still in her trace on the floor. "I'm afraid that in this state she is less intelligent than a brainless turkey." He scowled at the girl. It was a bloody nuisance. "I won't bother you if you do not bother me or my foo - companion." He almost said food, but caught himself just in time.


Despite being delighted at the prospect of talking to the short-haired boy again, Rosemary gave a quick check to make sure that Kovin wasn't coming back before returning Klaxon's smile. "I can take care of myself." She said. "Besides, you don't exactly fit in with the locals either."

8/7/2011 #17

Xari regarded Hex with suspicion, glancing at the girl on the floor for a brief second. A few tense moments passed before he dropped the ball of fire, letting it fizzle into nothingness on the ground. "Fine." He said, turning away from the vampire. "But if you try anything, I'll fry you and your little...retard alive." he added, taking some of the loose straw and hay and bundling it into a bed of sorts - not perfect, but it would have to do for tonight.


Klaxem chuckled at that. "That's true, I don't." he said. "That guy you saw does, though, and I've been following his trail of destruction for weeks. That little pit-spawn thinks he can just run away from home, and break Mom's heart...?" this last sentence was spoken quietly, but not quietly enough - Rosemary could hear every word.

8/7/2011 #18
Jackie the Giant

Hex simply took Hermona and moved her farther from the stranger. He made her sit and did the same, placing himself between her and the long-haired youth.


Rosemary looked down at her feet. She had not seen her own mother since Kovin turned her into a Virgin a full year ago. 'She must be worried sick about me.' She thought sadly.

"Talking to strangers again, Rosemary?" Kovin's voice behind her made her leap up with a squeal of surprise. She turned, red-faced, to glare at him as some of the patrons laughed at her expense. She hated it when her master used his ability walk through walls against her.

"Don't do that!" She snapped. "I hate it when you sneak up on me like that!"

8/7/2011 #19

Xari shot another mistrusting glare at Hex before laying down and closing his eyes, trying to get sleep to overcome him. It wasn't easy, but he was used to this kind of arrangement - inns and taverns rarely gave him a room, and even if they did, Klaxem usually found him quickly, no doubt because of the sheer publicness of the place, and possibly some dumb luck.


Klaxem looked at Kovin with a look of surprise. "Oh, I'm sorry." he said, standing. "Is she your wife?"

8/7/2011 #20
Jackie the Giant

Klaxon's question was enough to draw a stare of surprise from both Rosemary and Kovin. "His... wife?" Rosemary rubbed her ear and turned away to hide the grin that was forming on her lips.

Kovin was less amused than simply surprised. "I must say that is a new one." He said. "Rosemary has been mistaken for a lot of things, including my slave in the less civilized areas, but the word "wife" never came into it."

"I'm his... apprentice, of sorts." Rosemary explained. "He watches me like a hawk to make sure I don't get too close to anyone of the opposite sex. At least until I 'graduate'." She saw the warning glance that the vampire threw her at the audible quotation marks around the word "graduate", but she ignored it.

8/7/2011 #21

Klaxem's eyebrow arched at that. "Okaay..." he said, sounding quite perplexed. "Well, I hope you don't wait too long before graduating," he added, regaining his composure, "lest your beauty fall to the ravages of time." (Dumb, yes. But also smooth - part of being half-angel, I guess)

8/7/2011 #22
Jackie the Giant

Rosemary blushed crimson at the idea that she was a beauty, but Kovin gave Klaxon a warning look. "Kindly do not flirt with my apprentice." He told the angelic boy. "The last thing she needs is a distraction."

"Oh, lay off Master Kovin." Rosemary told him. "Let me enjoy being called a beauty while it still means something."

"And by that you mean before you become 'creepy' like me." Kovin translated. "Is it really so bad to be like me?"

"Your 500 years old!" Rosemary blurted. "I don't want to live to see 500 years. I want to grow old and die surrounded by loved ones!" By now she had climbed back onto her seat and was leaning against the back to that her nose was touching Kovin's.

8/7/2011 #23

(It's Klaxem, not Klaxon. Are you using something with an auto-correct feature?)

Klaxem watched the exchange, his eyes widening and eyebrows going up at the mention of '500 years.' "You...You're a...a vampire!" he said to Kovin, his voice rising. "And you're in training to be a vampire?" he asked Rosemary, his voice softer, but still louder than necessary.

8/7/2011 #24
Jackie the Giant

(Oops. Sorry. No, I'm not using an auto-correct, but they sound similar and my brain sort of translated one into the other.)

Kovin sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "So much for keeping a low profile..." He sighed tiredly.

"Oops?" Rosemary raised her arms helplessly at her slip-up and her master took the initiative.

"Yes, I am a vampire." He said evenly. "However, although Rosemary is in training to become a vampire, it was not her decision to do so. She is what we vampires call a Virgin (with a capitol V, not the traditional definition), a person who is half human, half vampire. I am training her for when her vampire half takes over so that she does not hurt herself or others when it does." He noticed that several people were giving them somewhat scared looks, some of them even backing away from the two vampirical persons, and turned to his protege. "And now I think we had better leave."

8/7/2011 #25

Klaxem looked around, realizing that he had attracted quite a bit of attention to himself and the two vampires. "Oh, sorry..." he said, looking down in proper embarrassment. "I'll, um, I'll help you find somewhere to stay for tonight..."

8/8/2011 #26
Jackie the Giant

"You need not help us simply to ease you conscience." Kovin told him, still feeling a little miffed at his protege's slip-up though his face showed not this emotion. "If our statis as vampire and vampire-to-be upsets you, then we shall find our own lodging."

8/8/2011 #27

"No, no, of course not." Klaxem replied, shaking his head. "I was just...surprised. Besides, I'd like to help out." he added, smiling weakly at Rosemary.

8/8/2011 #28
Jackie the Giant

"Really?" Rosemary asked, surprised and slightly doubius. "You don't mind? Most people are pretty scared of us when they find out."

"Case in point." Kovin motioned towards the villagers, who were discussing something in whispers behind the bar. "We should probably leave before they break out the wooden stakes and the garlic."

"The garlic doesn't hurt us, but a stake through the heart would kill just about anything." Rosmary added, putting her hand over her heart with a wince as Kovin pushed open the door. "Oh well, at least it stopped raining."

8/8/2011 #29

Klaxem shot a glare at the villagers, which silenced them for a few seconds, as he followed the two outside. He tried to sense Xari's presence, but the spell was still concealing him, making such attempts useless. "I passed another in on the way into town." he said. "It's not as nice as that tavern, but it should do."

8/8/2011 #30
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