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Jackie the Giant

"Yeesh. Is she a woman or a machine?" Sugar asked as he watched her.

"Isn't that my line?" Spice quipped dryly as she poked at the oatmeal. She wasn't particularly hungry, but remembered the boy from yesterday and ate. Sugar did the same.

8/16/2011 #301

The girl at the other table had been watching them since they had walked in, and didn't appear to have any food. When the couple was almost done with their food, she stood up, walked over, and joined them. "It seems this couldn't wait until noon." she noted as she sat down next to Sugar.

8/16/2011 #302
Jackie the Giant

"Um... well, actually it was just easier for us to find this place than the place we were originally going to go." Sugar said awkwardly.

"Hey, are you the same lady from yesterday?" Spice asked, squinting at her. She seemed similar to the girl, but Spice had never been very good with names and faces.

8/16/2011 #303

"Yes, I am." the girl replied. "Anyway, it is probably better that this meeting get taken care earlier - at noon, there would most likely be so many people in here that we wouldn't be aware of anyone eavesdropping.

"My name is Lisa Cret, and I am, as you know, a soldier in the Abumagi military. However, like most of the villagers here, my life is not very pleasant. I don't know why you two would decide to come here for training, but it may actually be a blessing."

8/17/2011 #304
Jackie the Giant

"Why is that?" Spice asked.

"If this is about that healer..." Sugar began at the same time.

8/17/2011 #305

"It is." Lisa leaned forward, lowering her voice. "I want you two to help me get of the current healer and replace him. If what you told my little brother is true, I have no doubt that this place would be much better for it."

8/17/2011 #306
Jackie the Giant

"That was your little brother?" Spice said, and Sugar saw the spark of anger in her eye. "Why did you let him get so skinny?" She was referring to the fact that the boy had been literally skin and bones, while Lisa did not look like she was starving, even if she was a little thin.

8/17/2011 #307

"He's not under my care." Lisa replied hotly. "I willingly became a soldier so that my family probably wouldn't suffer like the others, but my parents refused to take the meager money I get, and won't even let me help my little brother. Nonetheless, I try to help where I can, but it's really not enough."

8/17/2011 #308
Jackie the Giant

That shut Spice up, and Sugar quickly tried to appease the angry soldier.

"Please forgive my fiancee." He told her. "She often does not think before she opens her mouth, especially when it comes to the care of children." He was genuinely peeved at Spice, and she shifted uncomfortably.

"Sorry." She muttered.

8/17/2011 #309

"It's fine." Lisa replied, leaning back. "I suppose I would be upset, too. Now, you said you were having trouble finding your original destination?" she asked Sugar.

8/17/2011 #310
Jackie the Giant

"Yes. It is the house of Mistress Akiko Robinswann." Sugar said. "Unfortunately, we don't know what she looks like, or what her house looks like. All we know is that she keeps a red-breasted swan made of clay on her porch."

"All she gave us were directions to the city, and that she had a clay, red-breasted swan on her porch." Spice said. "And Father's never been to her house, so he couldn't give us directions."

8/17/2011 #311

"I think I've seen that before..." Lisa mused. "If you're finished with your meal, I can lead to the house you're looking for."

8/17/2011 #312
Jackie the Giant

"But what were you wanting to talk to us about?" Sugar asked. Surely she hadn't asked them here just to tell them that the city would be better with him as healer?

8/17/2011 #313

Lisa didn't seem to hear the question - or she just chose to ignore it - as she stood up and walked out of the tavern. She looked back and waved her hand impatiently, signalling them to follow.

8/17/2011 #314
Jackie the Giant

Sugar and Spice looked at each other, then got up and followed her. Spice purposefully bumped into him when she noticed his peeved expression. She was just glad that he was being peeved at someone besides her.

8/17/2011 #315

"I think it's this way." Lisa said, walking north and vanishing into the crowd. The bright color of her clothing kept her from being lost by the couple she was leading, fortunately, though the crowd did seem intent on getting between them.

8/17/2011 #316
Jackie the Giant

"You know, we probably would have been able to keep up with her if we weren't on our horses." Spice said grumpily.

"Well, what do you want? We couldn't leave them behind." Sugar countered. They were both focused foreward so that they could see their guide's bright clothing. "Good thing she wasn't wearing gray though."

"No kidding." Spice agreed.

8/17/2011 #317

After several minutes of wading through the crowd, Lisa finally came across her destination - the suburban district, where those that could afford lived in nice, comfortable homes. There wasn't as much traffic here as in the rest of the city. Outside one of these homes was a red-breasted swan made out of clay. "There it is." She said to Sugar and Spice when they showed up.

8/17/2011 #318
Jackie the Giant

"Thank you." Sugar said. As they approached the house, a young man with golden blonde hair came out of the house while wiping his hands on a rag. "We're here to see Mistress Robinswann." He told the blonde boy.

"Oh! You mean Mum." The boy said. "I'm Tamaki Robinswann, her oldest." He looked up at them in confusion. "Didn't you hear? She's not taking on any more students, deemed herself too old for it."

"But we have a letter from her." Spice showed him the letter she had sent Hyenasnake, asking for Sugar and Spice to train with her. "See?"

Tamaki looked it over. "Yeah, that's her handwriting all right... from when she was a lot younger." He handed her back the letter. "That is her handwriting, but her hands shake so much now that she couldn't write for herself even if she wanted to."

The two martial artists looked at each other in shock. If Akiko Robinswann had not sent that letter... then who did?

(Sorry. I really did not want to introduce a martial arts teacher, but it was the only excuse I could think of to have them come to Aesir. So yeah, this doesn't have to come to anything, I was just looking for an excuse not to introduce Akiko Robinswann.)

8/17/2011 #319
Jackie the Giant

(Hello? You still there?)

8/20/2011 #320

(I'm sorry, I honestly don't know how to continue this RP, so I gave up on it. We can still RP on Gingerwood, though)

8/20/2011 #321
Jackie the Giant

(Oh. Okay. Maybe I'll Sugar and Spice go over there. :) )

8/20/2011 #322
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