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Jackie the Giant

Kovin dropped through the floor, then climbed up the inside of the wall until he was level with the floating demon. Then he threw himself out of the wall and caught his foe mid-air.

Hex fell backwards and through the ground, laughing as he did so. Rosemary tensed. "Watch it Klaxem!" She warned. "He could come up anywhere."

8/13/2011 . Edited 8/13/2011 #211

"Gah! Let go, you b***!" Xari shouted, the extra weight causing him to crash down to the ground. Dazed from the impact, he lay on the ground for a few seconds.

Klaxem stopped just short of the wall and looked around, keeping the ball of light around his fist. When Hex popped up again - which he would have to eventually - he'd be ready.

8/13/2011 #212
Jackie the Giant

Kovin rolled away from the demon and to his feet. He realized that his cane had fallen from his grasp when he grabbed Xari, and was now lying some feet away. He balled his hands into fists, and aimed a roundhouse kick at his foe's head.


Hex's hands came up from the ground and grabbed Klaxem's legs, pulling them into the earth.

"Klaxem!" Rosemary yelped, and grabbed his upper body to keep him from getting pulled into the grounf completely.

8/13/2011 . Edited 8/13/2011 #213

Xari's head snapped to the side as the foot connected with it. The explosion of pain compelled the half-demon to try and stand, but he fell back, the edges of his vision fading to black. Clearly, the vampire and struck him pretty hard...

The half-angel hadn't been expecting that, and he lost his grip on the ball of light in his hand, allowing it ti disperse into the air. He tried to pull himself out of the dirt, but it was no use.

8/13/2011 #214
Jackie the Giant

Kovin stepped back from Xari, breathing hard. He fervently hoped that the demon was down for the count, because fading three times had taken a lot out of him.


Hex rose from the ground like a nightmare phantom, his grin incredibly creepy. "Well, well." He mocked. "A piglet trying to dig up a donkey." His smirk dropped away however, when Rosemary dove at him with a snarl of fury. She wasn't as fast or strong as he was, but she made up for it by taking him by surprise.

8/13/2011 #215

Klaxem twisted wildly in his bid for freedom, but succeeded only in straining his muscles. Unable to really do anything else, he raised his arm and shot a beam of light at Hex when he had a clear shot.

8/13/2011 #216
Jackie the Giant

Hex had scratched Klaxem out of his mind as a viable threat, and this proved to be his undoing as the beam of light hit him square in the chest and sent him flying several feet.

(Did I do that right? Was that what it was supposed to do?)

8/13/2011 #217

(Yeah, that works. For future reference, though, in my mind, a light-based spell would have further detrimental effects on 'unholy' creatures (vampires, zombies, demons, etc.), including draining their energy and causing injuries similar to burns.)

Klaxem watched with a wide grin as the light attack struck Hex, and raised his fist in the air in a silent declaration of "Yeah!"

8/14/2011 #218
Jackie the Giant

(So they're both defeated now?)

"Here. Let me help you up, Angel-Boy." Rosemary said, holding out a hand to the angel.

8/14/2011 #219

(For now, it looks like)

"Thanks." Klaxem replied, grabbing Rosemary's hand and allowing her to pull him up out of the ground.

8/14/2011 #220
Jackie the Giant

"How you doin' Master Kovin?" Rosemary asked.

"He burned my cravat." Kovin said said sourly, his voice border-line pouting. It was true. His cravat had been burned nearly entirely off by Xari's fireball and there was scorch marks on his shirt.

8/14/2011 #221

"Don't worry, I'll make sure Xari pays for that." Klaxem said to Kovin, shaking dirt and pebbles off of his pants. He turned to where Xari had been laying - and saw that the tricky devil had vanished, with nothing to show that he had been there. "...Once I find and subdue him again, that is..."

8/14/2011 #222
Jackie the Giant

"Well, you seem to have gotten Hex at any rate." Kovin said, walking over to where his enemy lay.

"Hermona!" Rosemary suddenly gasped and ran to where her friend was lying. Now that Hex had been knocked unconscious, his hold on the girl had evaporated, allowing her to fall to the ground. The Virgin quickly scooped her up and carried her back to Klaxem and Kovin. "She has some major blood loss, and I think some malnutrition too." She reported.

8/14/2011 #223

Klaxem still looked displeased, but Kovin was right - stopping that vampire had saving Hermona was something. He looked with concern at the girl in question. "I can help a little," eh said, laying his hands on Hermona's stomach, "but she'll have to eat for the, uh, milnutritin." the palms of his hands started glowing bright blue, and the the light suffused into the girl's body and faded under the skin, restoring whatever it could find and fix, including replacing the blood that was taken by the evil vampire.

8/14/2011 #224
Jackie the Giant

"Malnutrition, Klaxem." Rosemary corrected. "It means that he wasn't feeding her the proper foods so her body wasn't getting what it needed. It came on faster due to his constant bloodsucking. Of course, the fact that she's half troll doesn't help, since trolls have notoriously high metabolisms."

(I didn't know if that was a typo or a genuine misunderstanding on his part. Sorry if it was the former.)

8/14/2011 #225

(Yeah, twas the latter. if you see something like that again, assume it was a mispronunciation, not a typo)

"Okay..." Klaxem said, confused a bit by the explanation, and stepped back to let the magic do its works. Any injuries that Hermona suffered during her time as a hostage were healed, and the blood was quickly replaced. However, the process of replicating the nutrients that the girl needed was too complex, so that would still be an issue.

8/14/2011 #226
Jackie the Giant

Hermona's eyes fluttered open. They were golden yellow, and the only thing that showed that showed that she was half troll.

"Rosemary?" She whispered. "Is that you?"

"Yeah. Yeah, it's me." Rosemary said. "It's okay. You're safe now."

8/14/2011 #227

Klaxem breathed a sigh of relief - he hadn't been fully sure that the spell would work as he had hoped. He looked over at Hex and scowled. "What are we going to do with him?" he asked, jerking his head in the dark vampire's direction.

8/14/2011 #228
Jackie the Giant

"I'm supposed to take him back to the counsel." Kovin said. "They'll decide what to do with him from there."

"I wasn't actually supposed to come along at all." Rosemary said once Hermona had slipped into a more natural sleep. "I'm only here because Hermona's my friend."

8/14/2011 #229

Klaxem nodded. "Well, I need to get back to chasing down my half-brother." He said. "Even if I can't bring him back home, I should at least make him pay for all the things he's done. Thanks for your help, I'm glad I could repay the favor with getting your friend back."

8/14/2011 #230
Jackie the Giant

(Um... okay, what now?)

8/14/2011 #231

(A new plot with new characters? I have a few more villains that could be used)

8/14/2011 #232
Jackie the Giant

(Um... sure. I'm not all that good with villains, but I've got hero characters by the bucketload.)

8/14/2011 #233

(Awesome. Would you like to stay in this time and world, or shall we change the location to somewhere else? I can go either way)

8/14/2011 #234
Jackie the Giant

(Maybe we should change worlds if we're going to make our own story. Somewhere that will fit our characters.)

8/14/2011 #235

(Okay, then. I'm thinking about using a pair of cruel, tyrannical rulers as the major antagonists in this one. You can choose a world, seeing as how these characters were thrust from their own world. It can be Earth, a canon world, or one that you made up)

8/14/2011 #236
Jackie the Giant

(Um... how about a Robin Hood -esque medieval world? I'm not very good in the more modern type worlds.)

8/14/2011 #237

(Awesome, I won't have to change anything on the sheet! Right, let's do this.)

8/14/2011 #238
Jackie the Giant

(Does my character/s need to be human, or can they be any species?)

8/14/2011 #239

(Any species is applicable, even giant single-celled organisms, though I don't know how useful something like that would be)

8/14/2011 #240
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