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For a moment the grin on Iago's face faltered. But it was back in a flash, and he flew out of the cover of leaves, landing in front of the Tellian. "Well, hello there." He said smoothly.
12/3/2011 #61
Jackie the Giant

((Is Iago tall as in 6'4", or tall the way Jonrad is tall?))

12/3/2011 #62
((XD Oh, not as tall as Jonrad! 6'4" sounds about right. (:))
12/3/2011 #63
Jackie the Giant

((Okie-dokie. (: ))

"Wow. You sure are good at climbing trees." Jonrad complimented. Despite the other boy being very tall by human standards, the Tellian still loomed four feet taller than him.

Jonrad held out one hand to shake. "My name's Jonrad. What's yours?" He asked sociably. He grinned affably.

12/3/2011 . Edited 12/3/2011 #64
Iago glanced at his hand as though he were unsure, but slowly reached out to shake it. "Well, it's not so hard if you are a demon like me." His smile widened revealing his sharp, pointed teeth. "But anyway," he continued. "My name is Iago. Just Iago." He paused. "But you may call me 'Iggy' if you like." ((Okay, just wondering, what times do you usually RP here? Just in case I have to leave at any time.))
12/3/2011 #65
Jackie the Giant

((My times vary, due to homework, outings and family, I'm most often on at night 6-12, sometimes I go as far as 1 or two, but not often.))

"Wow, you're a demon?" Jonrad cocked his head down at Iggy. "I thought demons were scary." He said, child-like as usual. He had met plenty of nice people with sharp teeth, so those didn't scare him.

12/3/2011 #66

((Okay. Mine too, but I usually am on around 6 most days, then much later if not at all others...I stay up late too sometimes. But usually no later than 12. [My school gets out at 5...]))

Iggy pointed to the ram horns sticking out from his hair, looking slightly disappointed. "Ah well," he sighed. 'I can't blame you. I'm not like most other demons I know." He suddenly perked up again. "So! What exactly are you doing out here?"

((Sorry if I didn't make the horns thing clear. DX))

12/3/2011 #67
Jackie the Giant

((No, the horns were clear.))

"Oh. Those are real?" Jonrad blinked. "Okay. We were just going to that village." He pointed to a rather village that was split down the middle, making it more like two villages that were very close to each other. "I wouldn't suggest going into that side of the village." He pointed to the left half. "That's the human half. A friend of mine named Gringor went into that half one time and he got stoned."

12/3/2011 #68

Iggy glanced over the village, then at the split, then he scratched the base of one of his horns like he usually did while thinking. "You know, sometimes I wonder if there were ever days when things were peaceful in this world." He said glaring at the left half of the village. "When will humans keep to themselves and not meddle with magic and the supernatural or torment the creatures." His voice was becoming harsher each word he spoke. He looked up at Jonrad. Then he sighed. "Stupid humans..."He muttered, kicking a pebble across the dirt. "I suppose I'll head over there myself. Nothing else to do."

12/3/2011 #69
Jackie the Giant

((Sorry, did he mean that he was going to head over to the village in general, or to the left side, where the humans are?))

12/3/2011 #70

((He meant he was going to the village in general. Sorry. [But who knows really? He's a bit mischievous. (:]))

12/3/2011 #71
Jackie the Giant

((Okay. Thanks for clearing that up. :) ))

"Great." Jonrad grinned. "Hey, momma's making dinner right about now, you want to join us?" Jonrad's mother had been meaning to talk to him about his habit of brining random strangers home for dinner (including one scary instance when the guest turned out to be a human in disguise. They thought they were going to have a mob at their door) but she never got around to it. "She's making corn chowder. We have that a lot, because its so hard to get meat, but corn chowder's really good, so I don't mind." He smiled happily.

12/3/2011 #72

Iago's head snapped up at the mention of food. Now that he thought about it, he was starving. All he had had to eat that day was an apple and a strange green plant that glowed. He recalled the plant and wondered if he should have made sure it was not poisonous...but that was all behind him now. "Sure." He replied. He lifted his feet off of the ground and floated up next to Jonrad's head. "Lead the way."

12/3/2011 #73
Jackie the Giant

"Wow." Jonrad looked down at Iago's feet, which were nowhere near the ground, then up at the demon's face. "That was cool!" He said, grinning at the demon. "So what about you?" He asked, once he had gotten over how cool the floating trick was. "How come your all the way out here? Not many people come to Adobencha unless they have relatives here."

12/3/2011 #74

Iago shrugged and smiled. But his smile faded slowly as he answered the Tellian's question. "Uh, I'm actually looking for my brother. He's been missing for a while. But, um...I also have some business to take care of." Then he was silent. The breeze blew through his red hair as he floated towards the village.

12/3/2011 #75
Jackie the Giant

"Oh. Um sorry." Jonrad said, ducking his head awkwardly. Just then, a he spotted a woman waving to him. "Momma!" He called out, his face lighting up, and he ran to give the woman a hug. Surprisingly, the woman was only seven feet tall, much closer to Iago's height. "Momma, this is Iago." Jonrad said, motioning towards the floating demon. "I invited him for dinner."

"Well, its a good thing I made extras." His mother said, smiling at Iago. "Glad to meet you young man." She added sociably.

12/3/2011 #76

"Ah, good evening, miss." He dipped his head politely. He let himself drop to his feet. "I hope I am not intruding."

12/3/2011 #77
Jackie the Giant

"Um, Iggy?" Jonrad whispered, tapping the demon on the shoulder. "It's 'Missus'. That's my momma."

"You're not intruding at all." Jonrad's mother (whose name was Chi) said. "Come in. I've made plenty." She led the way into a hut which was made up of the living room (taken up mostly by a large, low table), bedroom and loft. It was very cozy and clean though, and very livable. "Just make yourself at home." She said kindly.

12/3/2011 . Edited 12/3/2011 #78

((I accidentally typed 'miss', sorry. D:))

Iago gazed around the hut. He walked over and sat in small wooden chair. "Homey." He said contentedly. He thought for a moment, then beckoned Jonrad toward him.

12/3/2011 #79
Jackie the Giant

Jonrad came over and bent over so that he wasn't looming over Iago. The house was small, but tall enough to allow him to stand up straight. "Yes?" He asked, blinking curiously at the demon.

12/3/2011 #80

"Do you..." He whispered. "Do you have a...father?" Iago stared at him intently.

12/3/2011 #81
Jackie the Giant

"I assume so." Jonrad said. "I never met him though. Momma doesn't talk about him. Why?" The young Tellian was not at all sad or ashamed of having no father, because his mother had never seemed sad or ashamed of it. He never found her crying, and she pretty much acted as if he had never existed.

12/3/2011 #82

"Interesting." Iago said, his eyes visibly brightened. "I've never met my father either. My mother told stories about him when I was young." He frowned. "Though, she always changed them. I wonder if she even knew him." He rested his head on his hand. "My reason for asking is just that I was wondering what having a father is like. My brother was really the closest thing I had. That's why I'm trying to find him." When he finished he looked up at Jonrad with a small smirk on his face.

12/3/2011 #83
Jackie the Giant

"Oh." Jonrad blinked at him, before sitting down in another of the chairs. "I think the closest thing I have to a father is Gundo. He's an old elf who looks out for me at work. He was a real life-saver when I hit puberty and thought I was going mad because of my hormones." He chuckled. He sobered slightly when Iago mentioned finding his brother. "I'll help in any way I can." He offered.

12/3/2011 #84

Iago raised an eyebrow at him. "You're sure you'd want to help me?" He smirked. "Getting involved in the affairs of demons can be dangerous."

12/3/2011 #85
Jackie the Giant

Jonrad blinked. How dangerous was he talking? "Um, how dangerous are we talking?" He asked nervously. Although he could usually take a hit with only minor damage, it was the supernatural stuff that really scared him.

12/3/2011 #86

The demon grinned. "Hmm...let's see...considering your size..." He made a motion as though he was calculating on his fingers. "If you were really insistent on joining me, I think you'd be just fine." He laughed, reaching up and patting him on the shoulder, reassuringly. "But hey, we can talk about it after supper if you like."

12/3/2011 #87
Jackie the Giant

"Oh." Jonrad visibly relaxed. He had thought that Iago was talking about magical dangers. While the Tellian did not like physical danger, he could deal with it if he had to. He didn't know how to deal with magical danger. He grinned at Iago. "Okay!"

As if on cue, Chi came in carrying two steaming bowls of corn chowder. "Eat up. You can have as many servings as you like." She said with a smile before going back to get her own bowl.

12/3/2011 #88

Iago's attention immediately turned to the hot chowder. When the bowl was given to him, he simply stared at it, as if he wasn't sure what to make of it. He cautiously picked up a spoonful. Iago had never had corn chowder to be honest. Though the creamy broth and delicious smell was tempting, he couldn't help but be a tad suspicious.

12/3/2011 #89
Jackie the Giant

Jonrad was not so hesitant. He had had his mother's corn chowder many times, and began to eat his with gusto, though he was smart enough to blow on it first.

"I'll eat yours if you don't want it." He offered jokingly to Iago with a grin.

12/3/2011 #90
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