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............are you on speed??? or just REALLY happy?

2/16/2009 . Edited 2/16/2009 #91
Accron Lyuis

Read my profile. Ohkay, nvm. I like to think of myself as... bipolar. But ya, I'm just really idiosyncratic. No, I'm not old enough to take drugs (legally. Wait, isn't it still illegal?) So no, I don't take puff puff drugs. And no, I'm not exactly happy. I'm pretty dark sometimes. But yea, my moods shift a lot, so..........................................................

2/16/2009 #92

............ umm they remain illegal in the states at least. So unless there's anything I can help you with I'm gonna get a beer and go back to watching pulp fiction.

2/16/2009 #93
Accron Lyuis

Oh, you can go do that :) I jus kinda wanna rp so if anyone can tell me the story thus far, that would be greatly appreciated.

2/16/2009 #94

Direct your attention to the story line thread for further questions ask one of the mods. See you round.

2/16/2009 #95
Accron Lyuis

Hnn... Thanks anyways. And maybe we will ;)

2/16/2009 #96
Accron Lyuis

Okay, Mr./Mrs. Imagination 5, horrorjunkie666, and Fox-Lover-Tori, let me see if I got the plot so far straight...

There are these two... Poke'morphs...? Is this RP tied in with poke'mon by any chance? Anyways, there are these two girls, Leaf and Seri. Those two are like the trouble twins, or something. Trouble always seems to find them. Anyways, there is this male witch, Caleb, who just so happens to be Leaf's love interest. And then something about a girl named Rose being master of all...? I don't know, but this small close-knit group of people seem to be battling an evil force of witches which originally was just one person (Allison) but then evolved into Summer and her sister, Rowan? Now, along the way, some trouble happened to Leaf and them, Caleb is all reluctant with his feelings, and they're stuck on a ship for a pretty long amount of time. The person who just so happened to give them the ship is a warrior named Rizenburg. And then they're doing their little sailing thing while dealing with Caleb and Leaf's relationship issues. And then there was this bad guy named Xelos who was originally hunting Leaf. But then, he met Rose and they are sharing some kind of not-so-secret relationship. Which proved that Xelos had some good in him, although he's not planning to join the good side, instead, he's a drifter. And then something about Leaf finding a ring, that just so happened to be some important plot device. Then there is this birdman who is all like "Give me that ring!" and Leaf is all like "No wai, Loser!"And then, a little more trouble and ya... Oh, did I forget to mention the part where Leaf died, but was brought back to life..? Anyways, yeah, I got that much all up until the medivial part. Not so sure...

Did I get that all right? It's... very creative. And just a bit sketchy. But it seems interesting. :D

2/16/2009 #97
Imagination 5

So far so good!

After that, the group, including the anthro Jet and the princess Elizabeth were sucked into Halis, where they met Summer and Rowan's former teacher, Ms Halsted. The school suffered an attack by Summer and Rowan, and Ms Halsted was kiled. Afterwards, they went to a club called the Dark Blossom, where an uninitiated good witch named Yelena was living with a lecherous, cruel man named Eduardo, who was using her for sex. Soon after that, Yelena's powers came loose and she badly injured Eduardo. Rowan later made him a vampire. After going back to the ship, they were immediately sucked into a black hole that led them to Valasine, a town forbidding magic in all its forms, led by a King who could bind magic. A spirit, Rika, made a prophecy during a festival that one person would die and the other would disappear before killing Alison for breaking into the city. Rowan appeared and took all of Alison's magic.

Yelena was arrested by the King Marcile's men for using magic, and was tried and found guilty. The others broke in, but Marcile bound their magic, so Rika summoned her friend, Hanyu to knock Marcile out and they saved Yelena.

At the festival ground, Rika was killed by a spear trap, and promised that she would return before dying. Marcile tried to arrest the group, but was killed by Rowan.

They returned to Valasine and the inn, where it was revealed that Alsion had possessed Rose and was taking over. After a few attacks by Alison, Yelena, Summer and Caleb exorcised Alison as Rika resurrected.

A dark poke'morph kidnapped Leaf and Seri as Yelena made a dark prophecy. They went through a portal to the Dark Crater, but Seri and leaf had become Dark Princesses

I hope that helped and I hope you join our little RP! Welcome Accron!

2/17/2009 #98
Accron Lyuis

AUGH!!! I'm being stalked! Ah well, introductions I guess... People who I don't really know, this is Alexron. Also the person I share my dual account with. Alexron, people... BTW, Alex, if you gonna play with usi n the rp, at least put up your character and have it approved by a mod first...

2/25/2009 #99

Hey imagination, if its okay with you I can create my oc's home country, you can blow it up if you want.

3/11/2009 #100
Imagination 5

Oooh! Great idea Ranting, that'd be great!

3/12/2009 #101

Okay I'll get on it when I got a sec.

3/12/2009 #102

All done destroy when ready!

3/13/2009 #103

I just added a new rp forum called high school rp if interested

4/1/2009 #104

wow, this forum pretty much died

4/19/2009 #105

Anyone here?

5/27/2009 #106

Me .... but I haven't been anywhere in ages ...

5/28/2009 #107
A Soldier's Sister

Um.....I'm here (I think)

5/31/2009 #108

Cool, the place has been dead for months. Teh mod hasn't been around much either but they'll probably come back.

5/31/2009 #109
A Soldier's Sister

Maybe I should change my username to My-brother's-an-Army-Ranger

5/31/2009 #110

Hello. I'm back.

5/31/2009 #111

Hi Horrormovie!

That's badass, I'm going into the Corps after college.

5/31/2009 #112

Names horrorjunkie, or HJ. Hello to you too.

5/31/2009 #113


5/31/2009 #114

S'okay. So, how ya been? I haven't been on the internet is ages.

5/31/2009 #115

Mostly okay, you haven't missed much.

5/31/2009 #116

Oh. Okay ....

*Watches tumbleweed roll by*

Now what?

5/31/2009 #117

Dunno no one else is online so we can't really rp...

5/31/2009 #118

Yeah ... that's true.

5/31/2009 #119


5/31/2009 #120
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