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Imagination 5

Just a few simple rules. Any problems can be discussed here and general chat too. If you're reading this and the forums been dead for months, I can revive it if you make a post.

1: No bullying.

2: No god modding. Instead of saying: She stabbed the sword through his chest, try, she stabbed the sword at his chest.

3: Help newbies settle in.

8/12/2008 . Edited 8/12/2008 #1

I've read through most of the story in the forums, and I noticed that Caleb has gotten two masters now; Rose and Summer.

I'm gonna say a hairbrained idea that I thought up during English class today, you guys don't need to accept it, just wanna post my thoughts.

I'm thinking of a 'Blood Pact', a pact similar to that with Caleb's two masters, except this pact is one of the strongest; erasing all other pacts before it and making it almost impossible for any other pacts to be made with this person.

I'll take Rose as an example. If Caleb makes a Blood Pact with Rose, his standing pact with Summer will dissapear, and the pact with Rose become strengthened. If anybody tries to make a pact with Caleb again in the future, it will be almost impossible to do it. The only easy way, is to kill Rose, thus ending the Blood Pact. However, it will be quite difficult to do this, as the Blood Pact links together the two people's minds; in the way that Leaf and Seri do; they can feel each other's pain and emotions, so to try and Kill Rose would mean immense pain for Caleb, unless he tries to stop the attempted killing of Rose.

What I'm thinking of, is that the Blood Pact needs both participants , i.e. the master and the servant, to slash their palms in an X formation, and let their blood drip into a cup at the same time. The two bloods will mix together, and both participants must now drink the mixed blood together, at the same time, with different cups.

Now this bit's the extra embellishment: Caleb first needs to choose a new master. What if he chose Leaf, but recieved a bit of 'misinformation'; the new master must mouth-feed the servant; i.e. Leaf has to hold the blood in her mouth, and kiss Caleb, letting the blood flow into his mouth.


9/11/2008 #2
Imagination 5

Pretty interesting idea. I think it can definitely fit into the story somewhere. I'l see what the others think.

9/11/2008 . Edited 9/11/2008 #3

It sounds ... um ... quite interesting. And it does stand to reason that it would be a good way to break the pact. I'm probably late with this, but as he's my character I feel I should just give y'all permission to do it. Awesome idea, by the by.

9/11/2008 #4

Ok, now since we aren't allowed to double post (Or at least I THINK we aren't _), I'll edit my last post.

Because my Bloodpact Idea caused Summer's reason to help Alison in the story become hollow, I came up with something else to keep her in the story.

I told everybody that the bloodpact was close to unbreakable, and only a few other pacts can break it. Right now, I'm thinking of a stronger type of pact, similar to the Bloodpact, except the major difference is, is that the Bloodpact I told you guys about is the more common version. The more rare and stronger version, has the two participants cut their wrists, and let the blood seep into a large bowl. Both have to cut their wrists, and once they are cut, both must submerse their wounds into the bowl, with the blood and all. Technically, at least in this world (not in the real world), the mixed blood will seep into the wounds, and replace the blood lost. Both participants must do this for a minimum of 3 hours total; both remaining still and concentrating on completing this pact, to allow the blood to circulate into each others bodies. Because both participants need to remain still, this marks both people's willingness for this pact to go ahead.

Because we all know Caleb doesn't WANT to go back to being Summer's lapdog, we can remember the point where Xelos 'tweaked' Seri's personality. If Summer/Alison casts the same spell on Caleb, then that'll help complete the pact, as they can tweak it so Caleb WANTS to become Summer's lapdog again....That is, if you really want to put this to the test.

What makes this pact stronger, is the fact that both participants actually carry the blood of the master/servant in their veins. Because of this, ALL previous AND future pacts are made impossible, except when sharing servants/having multiple servants. The only way to reverse this, is when you do a blood transfusion to suck out all the blood in the person's body, and put back pure blood into him again....This way is very risky, as you need to suck out ALL the blood before you can put the blood back in...and that can mean close to death...We all know that is impossible in the real world, BUT in THIS kinda world....You got no idea what can happen XD.

(I haven't actually thought of a proper way of reversing this just yet....XD)


(BTW, since this version is a rare version, I'm thinking of making perhaps Rose and Riz know of it only; Rose since she's knowledgeable, and Riz cause he actually went under this version with his master...If it doesn't sound good, just say. In this way however, since Riz's still sleeping, Summer could 'delve' into his mind and uncover that info. Just extra spices. XD.)

9/11/2008 . Edited 9/15/2008 #5

I'm sorry but...I don't really like this idea of yours, there are too many pacts and it gets confusing, so I have to give it a thumbs-down :{

9/15/2008 #6

It is kinda confusing ... and Summer is petty anyway. She'll kill Caleb now that she can't have him. Thumbs down as well ... Sorry. :(

9/15/2008 #7

OK, that's fine.

9/15/2008 #8
Imagination 5

Yes, I'm sorry. It's a very original idea but I think that at least for now we should steer away from the concept of pacts. All the rituals, bonds and interweaving pacts will only cause your confusion. I like your ideas, but maybe a new plot would be a little better.

9/16/2008 . Edited 9/16/2008 #9

OK, We'll see what we can come up with then!

9/16/2008 #10

KK. You gunna post in the RP?

9/16/2008 #11

Hmm...not sure; not a really good time to come back again XD, since the fight's already over.

9/16/2008 #12

I knows. I missed it too. But com,e on! Shed some light on Xelos' freaky fetish!

9/16/2008 #13

I got no idea about that! XD

Only Fox-tori'll be able to shed light on that subject....XD

Hmm...Xelos probably isn't as young as he seems.....

9/16/2008 #14

Probably not .. but come in anyway. *Puppy eyes*

9/16/2008 #15

......*sweat drop*

Fine, I'll come in, but I won't be in for too long.

9/16/2008 #16

KK. Thankies!

9/16/2008 #17

Ok, new idea.

We remember when Seri and Leaf had that minor 'tweak' in their personality, and that Seri, if you want to, fox-lover, I'm thinking of a idea to get Xelos out of her mind. If you want to keep him inside, it's alright. Just posting thoughts again.

It's kinda shaky, this idea, but we firstly need a way to get into Seri's mind; I'm guessing that we can only tweak the minds of people via spells, and that the only way to properly cure somebody of this, is to use some kind of medium to directly insert the conciousness of Seri; kind of like a 'shared dream'. I'm thinking of using Caleb, since he is Seri's servant, and perhaps has the closest connection to her. What he'll have to do, is firstly go to sleep, along with everybody else that wants to join in this endeavour. Then, using mental bridges, and Caleb's link to Seri, we can open her mind up for everybody to step inside; Caleb'll be the 'gatekeeper' in this case; he has to keep the door to come outside open. So if his dream self dies, or his real body dies, then everybody is trapped in Seri's mind. What I'm thinking, is that Seri has to go to sleep first, and using Caleb, we need to enter Seri's mind. When we do enter Seri's mind, what we'll see is what she is dreaming about...She won't appear in this scene section as we are in her mind, but Caleb, and any other people that joins in will. Now, in Seri's mind, that there is a source for Seri's dark nature (or her evil side) somewhere in her mind. You'll have to decide what it is could be an extra-evil version of darkrai, another pokemon, or something else altogether; everyone just needs to go inside and kick it out of there, or kill it. i.e. we'll be fighting in Seri's mind...She'll likely wake up with a splitting headache, but there is no likelihood of she becoming evil again, if it suceeds. Also, since this is Seri's mind, she can control the world she shes at will, but she shouldn't appear in the dream itself.

Now, as you can guess, since everybody is asleep, they are vulnerable, so we'll need somebody to stay by and watch in case Summer comes's a perfect time to kill Caleb in this kind of case.


9/18/2008 #18
Imagination 5

Sounds like a good idea.

Also, could one of you guys update the storyline for me please? I'd appreciate it. See you tonight!

9/19/2008 #19

I've posted the updates for the storyline; somebody needs to go copy & paste it into the storyline, & delete my own post.

By the way, can Riz be the one to stay back and fight Summer and Rowan, and Alison, if she tags along? And if we are gonna carry this out in the first place. I got a couple of battle magics up my sleeve I've been wanting to try out, and we haven't been 'properly' introduced yet. Pretty please? :3 (XD; not sure if we can find a synchronized time for that though...)

(Not sure if that counts as gary-stuing, but I read somewhere that it counts if he can defeat 4/5 ++ people alone.)

9/19/2008 #20
Imagination 5

(Ok guys, I heard the best two poems ever today and I thought I should share them.)

Behind the scenes

In my dreams

You lie awake

You begin to shake

Thunder, smoke

You begin to choke

Darkness calls

Darkness falls

Stay inside

And you'll stay alive


Some say the world will end in fire

Some say in ice

From my experience of desire

I'd go with those who favour fire.

But if the world could perish twice

I think that ice

Is also great

And would suffice.

(Deep, dark poems and I love them!)

9/25/2008 . Edited 9/25/2008 #21

Have you ever felt the endless pain

when someone you love is taken away

have you felt your heart rip in two

when the one thing that matters is gone

Have you ever faced the rain

And seen the storm rage on

And just stand there

never moving away, never forgetting the pain

Have you ever felt that for just one minute

maybe you could forget

have you ever wished the pain would stop

and you could just start over again

But you know deep down your heavy heart

will never rise again

and a tear falls down your face

and you know things will never be set right

But still you try

search for some invisible meaning in your life

even though you know it's not there

you never fully admit it

You know it'd hurt so much if you gave up

to admit that it was gone

so you chase a long lost dream

and you never truly move on


Everything I’ve ever done has always been for you

All the times I never got mad was because you never knew

I try not to embarrass you in front of your friends

Though I would follow you to the earth’s end

I just sit back and wait to see your smile

You might not know it now but you make my life all worth while


My life is in ruins

My story cut short

My only hope

Was my last resort

An old photograph

Is all that I own

Faded with time

And memories out-grown

They’re all gone

And I’m all alone

My tattered heart

Can never be sewn

This pain is so great

Death must kinder

And I finally agree

That I was the one who was blinder

This is my life

Sad as it is

And it’s nobody else’s fault

Not even his

The ghosts assault me

Guilt is closing in

Their faces above me

Showing my sin

Suddenly its too much

My own life I end

And my last thought is

"What a lovely trend"


So are my favorite poems ^^

10/3/2008 #22

Personally, I don't really have any...never was a big fan of poems myself...T.T...more of a storybook/novel kind of person.

But I admit though, those 5 poems are quite good...if a bit on the dark & gloomy side XD...

10/3/2008 #23

xD Last one's suicide XD

10/3/2008 #24

I know that very well XD...hmm..what kinda ideas can we use...

OK, let's start from the beginning then; do you have a rough idea/preference of what genre your RP will be about?

10/3/2008 . Edited 10/3/2008 #25

Personally I lkike letting people have variety on what they're charactor is, so fantasy.

10/3/2008 #26

Hmm, ok, Fantasy RP...What time period would you like to set it in?

As in...Medieval, Modern, Futuristic, or like our current one, a mix of two of the choices?

10/3/2008 #27

Medieval, with you know, knights and princesses and kingdoms and all that stuff ^^

10/3/2008 #28

Ok, Medieval Fantasy...what else would we need...Storyline now...Do you want it to be

a) storyline which you set out, having a few major end-goals where player's actions affect the outcome

b) storyline like this forum where everybody gets to decide on what storyline to follow; people playing can branch out into different storylines different people create & not necessarily stick to only one storyline

c) any other ideas you may have

Each has its own good points & bad points; for a) you get a clear cut streamlined storyline but you probably need to be on a lot... for b) you don't need to be on as much, but the storyline can get confusing & a lot of things now depend on the creator of the current following storyline. for c), who knows XD

10/3/2008 . Edited 10/3/2008 #29

Well i was thinking liike....perhaps the Royalty of the major kingdom has died and the kingdom has been taken over by a Rouge, so the group of rebel warriors of this kingdom fight back against the kingdom, hoping to overthrow the rouge and return the kingdom to it's former glory.

10/3/2008 #30
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