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Zeek-King of all Dragons


Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Human


Clothing: Black robe with a hood which he keeps up most of the time. Underneath the robe, he wears black jeans and a black t-shirt with slashes across the chest portion of it. The slashes are about 3 inches long and about an inch apart from each other. Carries black glasses that have little glass pieces on the sides, so he can use his peripheral vision. He normally only wears them if he has the hood down.

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Constantly spiked ruby-colored hair.

Skin Tone: Slightly pale, due to wearing the Robe a lot. His build underneath the robe is somewhat muscular, due to his back story with his partner.

Interesting Facts: Besides the slashed across his shirt, he also possesses two small inch and a half scares across his left cheek. His two arms have various scars running along them and look almost natural. His legs sport several long scars that run for about 3 or 4 inches down either leg. His knees are slightly bruised, but don't effect his movement. His feet and hands are extremely calloused and have seen better days.

Bio/History: Never really knew his parents...Being out and on his own at age 7 does that to a kid. Makes them forget things...things that they would rather not remember. Like the death of his parents...forgotten...doesn't even remember what they look like. He agrees that he had parents at some point, as everyone does, but he disagrees that they should be worried about and remembered...he couldn't even call up a pleasant memory of them. At 7, alone on his own, he tried desperately to survive. Being hungry all the time and being worried about your own survival really gives you a whole new perspective on life. He had to be strong to survive...there was no room to be weak. Battered by the results of living a harsh couple of years in the wild, he had stumbled upon a hatchling dragon. hatchling, as in, about the size of lion, and ferocious.

Kukouru was alarmed by the fiend. He attempted to plead with the beast, mainly not to eat him. He backed away at first, warding the dragon away with whatever he had at hand; a stick....a branch...anything... The dragon only snarled and slashed at him, earning him the slash across his shirt. He yelped and then tried a different approach. He pulled out a piece of meat and baited the dragon. The dragon glared at him calculatingly, but after about an hour of him watching Kukouru and the meat, the dragon finally decided that he would trust the boy only enough to take the meat. He tentatively reached forward and took it with his jaws and retreated a few feet away and sat down on his haunches, watching the boy meticulously. He swallowed down the chunk of meat and, deciding it wasn't poisoned, let out a sort of sigh of relief. The boy took this as a good sign and bowed his head slightly. The dragon then came over to the boy and the boy fed him more chunks of meat. They were friends...almost family, after that.

Family/Friends: His partner is his only living family/friend, or at least that's the way Kukouru feels.

Abilities/Weapons: He has real abilities...he is hardy and has a little physical strength from being in the wild and such, but besides that, he has nothing but his fists.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Normal weaknesses for a human.

Partner Profile

Name: Shurikan Ferthir

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Dragon

Appearance: Extremely muscular. His scales are dark as night and his wing membranes are a mesmerizing obsidian. His serrated talons are colored like ivory and his teeth are white. His eyes are a somber ocean blue and he has two horns that run from the back of his head diagonally, for about a foot and a half. They are the same color as his talons, as are the spikes that range anywhere from a foot and a 1/4 to a fraction of an inch that run along his spine. The start out large by his head and progressively get smaller as the move toward his tail. There is a small gap in spikes between the dragon's neck and his wings that is used for mounting on by Kukouru. He is rather large now, about 10feet to the spot where Kukouru sits.

Personality: Friendly toward Kukouru, but extremely protective of him and his very hostile to others.

Interesting Facts/Talents: Bears a few scars of his own, from a 4 inch line running down his left side, to a few small scars scattered across his legs.

Bio/History: Was raised to be self-sufficient. He was kicked out of his nest...or so that was what the dragons called about 1 and a half years of age. He then set out on his own, growing mistrust for everything that wasn't himself. He eventually came across Kukouru when he was about two years of age.

Strengths/Weaknesses:Fire-breath and, well...strength from being a dragon./Resistant to fire to some degree. Tough scales, but they can be penetrated...especially the underbelly.

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Imagination 5

Approved, Zeek. Just add Kukouru's abilities/weapons and you're set!

9/28/2008 #32
Zeek-King of all Dragons

Kayz ^_^.

9/28/2008 #33
Imagination 5

(Great! Jump right in! ^^)

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Zeek-King of all Dragons

(Alrighties ^_^)

9/28/2008 #35
Imagination 5

Name: Topaz (Ms Halstad)

Age: 55

Gender: Female

Race: Witch

Appearance: Tall, and slightly large, with red, greying hair, blue eyes and pale skin. She wears red robes and a red dress.

Abilities: Light and elemental magic.

History: Taught Summer and Rowan and was distraught when they turned to dark magic, as they had been promising students.

Weaknesses: Dark magic.

9/30/2008 #36

Name: Edwardo Marquez

Age: 26

Race: Human

Appearence: Dark brown hair, cut short. Lightly tanned skin and dark brown eyes. 5ft11inches.

Weapons/Abilities: He's handy with a knife, and is quick on his feet.

History: A thief and mercenary. Edwardo kills for money, no matter who's hiring.

Strenghts: He doesn't view people as human beings, and kills without a qualm.

Weaknesses: He has many enemies out for his blood.

((I hope it's okay...))

10/1/2008 #37
Imagination 5

(Perfect! I'm thinking he can run a club and own this girl.

Name: Yelena

Age: 16

Race: Human

Appearance: Tallish, with dark brown hair, though dyed with red highlights. Her eyes have blue contacts and she wears a red dress, a skirt when she is on stage in the Dark Blossom.

Weapons/Abilities: Always carries a knife and has hidden elemental and magical powers that only come out in extreme danger.

History: Was kidnapped by Edwardo at a young age and can't remember her past.

Strengths: Quick

Weaknesses: Is afraid of Edwardo and is only human.

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((KK ....))

10/2/2008 #39
Imagination 5
(Here for a little while.)
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Name: Edmond

Age: 37

Race: Human

Appearance: 6 feet tall , carries several custom-made playing card decks with him, along with several Joker cards hidden in pockets. Wears a flowing, full-body dark grey robe, & sports shoulder-length jet-black hair with a single streak of white on the left side, due to a earlier head injury.

Weapons/Abilities: Elemental Magic Powers, weak on their own, but very strong when channeled through playing cards

History: An Archmage in possession of large amounts of power when channeled properly, his training began when he was 10, after a group of mages coaxed his family to letting him go with them, after one sensed his great potential. At first, during his training, the amount of magic he could call up was so little, that many were beginning to think it was a mistake to take him in. That was until one day, almost 4 years after his training began, when the mage who sensed his potential, asked him to play a quick card game. It had interesting results; out of impulse, he took a Ace of Hearts between his middle & forefinger, and tossed it into the air. In a few seconds, it had transformed itself into a fireball, but due to his lack of training, he was unable to control it properly. It was only thanks to the mage that accompained him, that managed to stop the spell before it went out of control. From then on, he was trained properly, after seeing where his ability lies, becoming very powerful. He still visits his family when he can, however.

Strengths: Elemental Magic when channeled through his cards, has a strange amount of good luck, especially in card games

Weaknesses: He relies on his playing cards to channel his magic. When his stock runs out, he has to rely on his standard magic, which is very, very weak.  Also, apart from summon cards, when he uses a card and its power, it hovers stationary in the air.  If this card is destroyed, then Edmond will lose his powers temporarily; however the card in use is surrounded by a very powerful magic shield that will have to be broken first.

Card Analysis:

Clubs -Wind Elemental magic

Hearts - Fire Elemental Magic

Diamonds - Earth Elemental magic

Spades -Ice/Water Elemetal Magic

Joker - Shielding

The Card value determines the basic strength of the card, Ace being the strongest/weakest depending on the situation, while Jacks, Queens & Kings are minion summons; Queens are minor spellcaster summons & Kings are warrior summons. Jacks are a mix of both, but weaker in both senses. Edmond can use multiple cards at once, either combining their abilities to perform unique spells or control more than one of his elements.  When he uses a card, he gains the ability to 'Bend' that element (Like in Avatar if you  need an example).  The value corresponds to how much he can bend, and the strength of his bending.

(This guy might help out in the storyline, since we're in a city which is all out against magic at current)

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Imagination 5

(Cool! Approved!)

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Imagination 5

Name: Marcile

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Personality: Cold towards anyone with magic, but a good king and warm to anyone who doesn't use magic.

Weapons: Can bind magic and uses teleportation, neither of which he considers magic. He is a great swordsman, and uses twin scimitars in battle.

Appearance: Tanned skin, tall, short, dark, curly hair. Wears regal clothing and a gold crown.

History: His mother and father; the King and Queen, were killed by a dark witch when he was a child. He inherited the crown and banned magic use, putting hundreds of witches to death.

Weaknesses: Magic

10/25/2008 #43

Name- Guant

Age- 35


Race- Human

Appearance- 6'2 mucular both arms are mechanical. Green baggy pants tucked into black boots and a brown vest and for a hat he wears a black military style beret.

Weapons/abbilities- Can turn both arms into blades of different shape

History: Guant was born on a border town with nothing much to do with his life. Until the town was attacked and he lost both his arms he wandered around the wilderness for awhile until he fainted from blood loss. He was found and adopted by an ingenius inventor who made him new arms. Guant learned from the inventor then began to modify his arms so he could turn them into different weapons including a mace a gun and a blade. He now works as a bounty hunter

Strengths- His mechanical arms are much stronger then any human arms and he can turn them into different weapons

Weaknesses: Has to keep his arms in good repair otherwise he's useless.

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Imagination 5

(Ranting? APPROVED!)

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Imagination 5

Hi! Want to rp?

1/30/2009 #47

In a minuet, I just woke up. I'll be back in a bit.

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Imagination 5

OK, but only here for 20. I'm in school. T_T

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Where do I rp?

1/30/2009 #50
Imagination 5

In Valesine. Perhaps your character could be investigating the recent spate of murders in the area.

1/30/2009 #51

Name- Grif Bale

Age- 21


Race- human- Marksmen

Appearance- 6'2 muscular short dark hair blue eyes. fingerless gloves olive drab shirt tucked into matching pants that go down to just below he knees where they are tucked into canvas covered combat boots. Gear belt with a cantine knife and ammo around it. He's either smoking or chewing on a straw at all times. He has a 1940's style military helmet which he hangs over his back he normally wears a wide brimmed tan canvas hat.

Weapons- Bolt action rifle with a scope and fifteen round magazine. Cuttless carried over his shoulder knife in his belt. Six shot pistol with a forward chamber.

/Abilities- Amazing shot he can hit any target within the rang of his weapon.

History: Grif had a causal childhood living in a country town in the same country as Guant (steam punk style tech.) He signed up with his countries military where he met Guant after the war they both took up bounty hunting however Grif got bored with fighting and became a roaming gambler. He's a happy go lucky overly cocky kinda guy who'd rather gamble then fight but if he's pushed he'll kill yeah.

Strengths- Good at sniping and sword play

Weaknesses: He never takes anything seriously which can be a hamper at times. He also doesn't care that much about anything. Magic is his main downfall he can't use it and can't fight it. Tabaco isn't the only thing he smokes (if you know what I mean)

2/11/2009 . Edited 2/11/2009 #52

Name- Rin

Age- 19


Race- Human- Battle mage/ ninja

Appearance- Mid length violet hair 5'4 green eyes skinny some muscle. Black pants shoes black shirt that hangs to her knees with no sleeves. Occsainaly wears a ninja style mask.

Weapons- Katana

Abilities- can turn invisible, and do some offensive magic.

History: She grew up on the streets stealing for her food. When she got older and her magic abilities were discovered she was adopted by a group of bandits and assasins who trained her to fight for them. However her gang was attacked by rivals and she was almost killed except that Grif had stumbled on the scene at the last minuet. Since then they've been working together.

Strengths- Fast good with a sword and magic. Smart.

Weaknesses: lacks in brute force

2/11/2009 #53

I think Grif is over-powered because if jhe can 'kill his enemy before they know he's there' where's the fun in a battle?

2/11/2009 #54

Fixed (:

2/11/2009 . Edited 2/11/2009 #55
Imagination 5

Approved. Don't forget, you guys can approve characters too! You're mods.

2/12/2009 #56

((mind if I join? :]))

Name: Alica Erimeno

Gender: Female

Age: Appears 28 (real age unknown)

Type: Mage/Druid

Race: Immortal Human

Alliance: Good

Weapons: A long wooden Staff

Pets: A large Polar bear named Paw

Description: Alica is a fairly tall woman. She has long black hair which reaches all the way down her back and forms a V-shape at the end. Her eyes are emerald green and her face is sharp and defined. She wears a long, snow white cloak with bright, gold swirling designs which trails behind her as she walks. (But she uses magic to keep it nice and clean :])

Personality: Extremely kind and encouraging. Tries to get along with everyone and generally does. Her voice sounds like a lullaby which makes anything she says sound like the words of a wise oracle. She's modest about her traits, prefering to use them to help others and doesn't think she's above anybody. She has a flip side however. When facing something which she considers to be evil she is merciless and will do whatever it takes to protect herself and anybody who needs it.

History: Alica was born to the Erimeno tribe of mages with many long standing traditions and rules. Every child was given a polar bear cub at the age of six which was to be their lifelong companion. The cub was bound to the child with magic and would live as long as the child lived unless killed un-naturally. When the child was 16 she was put through a series of trials, testing their magic skills, personality and their intelligence. If they passed, they became a senior member of the tribe. If they failed, they must repeat the following year and remained a novice. Alica went through the same process and showed amazing potential from an early age. When she was 28 she became the youngest elder in the history of the tribe, but over the next ten years she didn't seem to age. Nobody knew how she achieved immortality, not even herself but the tribe didn't except it and falsely accused her of practicing dark magic. She was cast out as an exile and so has been traveling with Paw ever since. She's settled many times when she thought she was needed but never stayed forever.

Abilities/skills: She specializes in magic which aids other people. Such as healing and shields but is also powerful in offensive magic. Recently she has begun to study summoning but is not very experienced in it. She can communicate with animals and plants and manipulate them to aid her (though she prefers not to manipulate animals unless completely neccesary). However, if an animal already has a master she has no control. Although she prefers to keep a distance from her enemy she has a staff for close quarters.

2/17/2009 #57
Accron Lyuis

(Don't forget about me :D Tell me if I need to change anything.)

Name: Simone (I kinda hate last names...)

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Race: Elf

Appearance: (Base image: Slightly darker hair with a bit of a purple hue. She also has green eyes. Other than that, no notable changes.

Weapons/Abilties: Possesses strong,prodigious magical powers that are supposedly god-given, as they cannot be sealed by other spells. Mostly manifests itself in nature and fauna. Sometimes, it will act on its own accord, if it will protect Simone herself.

Personality: Generally sweet and innocent. She loves nature, and is often seen tending to plants, especially with her powers. She is a bit naive, and knows little about fighting. However, that doesn't stop her from being optimistic and playful around others, especially her friends.

History: Simone was orphaned at a young age, never even knowing who her parents were. A young man named Darius took her in, and she looks up to him as her older brother.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Simone dislikes fighting, and most of her abilities are highly defensive. She can alter the land mass around her, although without a form of earth near her, she's practically a sitting duck. She also hates fire, naturally because it burns nature.

2/17/2009 #58
Accron Lyuis

Name: Darius

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Race: Half-Demon; Originally Human


Human Form: (Base Image: Pretty much the same, except no CD player (lol...?), he wears a black collared shirt instead, and he has a black wristband on his right wrist. He is also 5"4 which is notably shorter than many other people.

Demon Form: (Base Image: Darius doesn't wield a scythe. Instead, in this form, his nails become elonguated and look like claws. His black wings are slightly smaller, and the wristband he wears on his right wrist becomes white. He grows by at least half a feet in this form. His eyes also become red, and he carries a worn out brown pouch on his left hip.

Weapons/Abilities: In his human form, he doesn't have many strengths. He seems to be pretty strong, and an avid practicioner of martial arts. However, in his demon form, he can fly and fight with his claws. He can also use the souls he has captured in that small brown pouch of his.

Personality: Darius is generally very caring, and he's a patient, friendly man. This heavily contradicts his demon form, which is incredibly aggressive, even to the point of being bloodthirsty.

History: Daruis wandered into a small cave when he was little, and he drank a goblet of demon's blood. After that incident, he began to be able to see the soul spheres of the departed. He is now the demon soul-keeper, although he holds the souls of many beings in general. He took a young girl named Simone in a few years back. He loves her dearly.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Darius' caring nature tends to keep himself from attacking the ones he loves. He can fight using the souls he has captured, and he is willing to pull any strings, if it doesn't endanger his friends. He also keeps his demon self a secret from Simone.

2/17/2009 #59
Imagination 5

Both approved. Welcome to the RP!

2/18/2009 #60
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