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(( Cool :] where're I jump in?))

2/18/2009 #61

We're in the dark crater at the moment ...

2/19/2009 #62
The Daniel City Heroes

This looks like an interesting forum, but I have a couple of questions.

1. Are modern characters okay to use here or would they look too out of place?

2. Would the "arrived in this world through a magically generated portal" entrance work to explain how they got there?

2/20/2009 #63
Imagination 5

Yes to both questions. It would be good for you to join.

2/21/2009 #64
The Daniel City Heroes

Name: Calvin Mitchels

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: Caucasian, green eyes, brown hair. Clothes: red hat with HM printed on it, red and white letterman jacket, white t-shirt, blue jeans, red and white sneakers

Weapons/ Abilities: Skilled in sports, has golf bag on his back filled with several types of equipment (which I hopefully don't have to list), limited knowledge of wrestling and karate

History/ Personality: Calvin is a junior year student at Harriet Marsh High School in New York City. He is best known as a jock and is the star quarterback of the high school football team, the Missiles. Calvin loves playing sports, though is best at football, and he is very energetic, confident, and high-spirited. On the other hand, he is also spoiled and short-tempered. He is used to getting his way most of the time and isn't above punching someone in the face (except his parents) if he doesn't. He was one of the competitors in a fighting tournament, where some of the competitors turned out to be magical creatures. Calvin made it to the third round in the tournament before being defeated by a kitsune named Talo.

Strengths: Good at hand-to-hand combat, can fight with just about any weapon.

Weaknesses: No powers, no strong weapons, basically a normal human teenager. Doesn't think that magic or magical creatures are real (thinking they're all just people in costumes using cheap tricks).

2/24/2009 . Edited 3/6/2009 #65
The Daniel City Heroes

Do I have to wait for anything or can I just start posting?

2/25/2009 #66

I do like him ... but what tournament?

2/25/2009 #67
The Daniel City Heroes

It's part of a story I haven't posted yet called M.A.S.T.E.R.

It's about an interdimensional fighting tournament with various types of competitors and Calvin is one of them.

2/25/2009 #68

Oh right ... Well, I like him as I said ...

2/25/2009 #69
The Daniel City Heroes

So, everyone's at the Dark Crater, right?

2/25/2009 #70


2/25/2009 #71

(i am sooooooo srry for all the confusion ive caused so far)

Name: Achilles

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Cyborg Humanoid

Appearance: Wears a Leather vest and baggy cargo pants, with a belt that has two holster of opposite sides. Kind of buff, brown hair with bandanna (like Cid in KH1 and 2)his left arm and left eye are both robotic.

Weapons/Abilities: Laser rifle, two laser pistols, many different katannas depending on the job he was chosen for (ex. holy katanna, evil katanna), and anything he can pick up

History: When was a young boy was mysteriously attacked, which caused him to lose his left eye and arm. Was replaced by a robotic eye and a robotic arm. His real name is unknown even to himself so he nicknamed himself Achilles because of his immense weakness. He has traveled the world trying to be the greatest warrior. Is an expert martial artist and weapon-ist (meh word for good with weapons).

Personality: He’s a loner, has strong sense of pride and glory, because of this can never back down from a challenge. To girls he is usually shy.

Strengths/Weaknesses: He is pretty fast, and good offensively. His weakness is taking defensive blows, but Is a good counter-attacker. His real and most deadly weakness is his cyborg eye. If the eye is shattered he will lose total control of his left arm, which is when limp is very heavy.

2/26/2009 . Edited 3/2/2009 #72

Name: Rider

Age: N/A

Race: AI Artificial intelligence.

Gender: male

Appearance: Rider is a Chopper/supped up motorcycle. He’s black with red and purple flames.

Weapons/Abilities: in his front he has two mounted machine guns and in his back a mounted laser rifle. He has many defensive functions, such as gas, spikes, ink jets and nitro.

Personality: usually very kind, except when it comes to harm of his master (Achilles).

Strengths weaknesses: very quick but bad at turning. Can drive himself. His weakness is either injuring his AI “personality” chip or smashing his forward camera.

2/26/2009 #73

(i made 2 more characters. i think there pretty good)

Name: Arch mage Ryo

Age: Looks like a 13 year old boy, but is about 350 years old


Race: an ancient race of immortal elf’s

Appearance: looks like a young boy. He has Blonde hair that is spiked. Wears a black robe, but the inside of it is said to sparkle like the night sky. Under the robe he wears a magic armor, which is good at blocking all sorts of attack.

History: Ryo has been amazed with magic ever since he was 5years old. Because of his curiosity he found a chance to become immortal. He is one of the greatest mages ever, but hates to Fight and will only fight when only truly needed. He is a philosopher. He has unlocked many of the secrets of magic, like teleportation and strong attack and defense. One day when walking through a forest on his of a planet he found a puppy, but it turned out it was a free werewolf (to me this means it can change from werewolf to dog at will), ever since they have been best of friends and communicate through magic brainwaves. His whole family was slaughtered by mercenaries, he protected himself with magic. He travels from world to world looking and learning new magic. Because he hates to fight he allows Shriu to, while giving him magic boosts.

Skills/abilities: is Amazing with magic.

Weapons: fights with two things a White staff, which he can make appear and disappear at will, and a Dragon Sapphire ring (very rare) made from a sapphire that has survived the acids of Dragon stomach,(eww) then placed on a platinum and white gold mix.

Weakness: Cannot for the love of god fight Hand to hand. If one of his Two magic conducters are taken he is close to useless. Although one remains on his finger he cannot use his mah=gic to protect himself all the time.


Name: Shriu

Age: about 107 (werewolves can live long but do have a limited lifespan)

Appearance: Mostly appears as a black wolf looking dog, But at will can transform into a werewolf.

Gender: Male

History: Was abandoned by his mother in the forest of lycanic and taken in under Ryo the arch Mage. Has devoted his life to being with Ryo. He is who raised him and protected him. Because he was abandoned he never learned Lycan and because of his limited sound box can’t learn English, so Ryo gave him the power to communicate mentally. He does understand English.

Skills/abilities: While on his travels with Ryo, he learned battle techniques of that planet. He fights with a Saber he calls the Fang. It’s white with gold embroidery that resembles a rose with a petal falling off.

Weakness: good ol’ Silver

3/5/2009 #74

Name: Ebony Night


Gender: female

Race: shipshafter

Appearance: Tall, slim and well built, her eyes are silver-blue, her hair is pitch black,

Weapons/Abilities: She can shapeshift into any animal, her favorites are the wolf, horse, eagle, or lion

History: She was human till she dated the wrong man, and a witch cursed her into becoming a shapeshifter

Strengths/Weaknesses: She has quick reflexes and is skilled in fighting, her weakness is silver

3/5/2009 #75

Um ... you weren't approved?

3/6/2009 #76

Name: Mystic

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown.

Story Tittle: Light Of The Earth [In Progress in my computer....somewhere]

Brief Summary: Is a fairly odd creature, loves sweets.

Physical Appearence: Is about a foot tail dark red fox with white muzzle and rich yellow eyes. Wears a magenta coloured bauble-like necklace around her neck. She has white 'hair' going to her shoulderblades. She wears a white kimono with a red tie on the waist [Known also as a Obi] She also has a pair of small wings that are tinted light magenta as well.

Back Personalty: She loves sweets, mostly chocolate. And loves helping offering them chocolate. Though at certain moments in time she can be quite serious/scary. She is also rather childish. It is hard to believe that she's there half the time because she usally flys on to someone's head or sits on their shoulder.

Backstory: She isthe reincarnation of Light Gaia, who gained a anthro form. She does not remember her ppurpose and does not have the full extent of her power yet because she only has one tail. Though the previous incarnation of Light Gaia was a dog. For some reason she had come to be a fox. Though she knows nothing of Light Gaia or the past incarnation.

3/6/2009 #77
Accron Lyuis

Name: Miriine Hinkaru (Yes, a last name)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Appearance: She's kind of short, making her seem like she's not actually 15. She has long, straight(not curly!), deep, blue hair that flows down her back when she's standing. Her eyes are also the same shade of blue as her hair. Usually wears a white robe with no real design on it. Sometimes, it will appear a bit of a pale purple. Wears black sandals.

Weapons/Abilities: Self-proclaimed, cartomancer. She doesn't exactly fight on a constant basis, and would much rather prefer to tell fortunes with cards, hence cartomancy. However, if need be, she can use the cards and other fortune telling items in conjunction with clever tricks to outwit or stall her opponent. In times of great need, however, she can also summon a spirit bow, although she hates using it for some reason. She can also play an ocarina, although that is just for fun.

Personality: Mysterious. Really hates to talk about herself or where she came from. She doesn't talk much, but she will relax when she's around people she knows. She is caring, although she never often shows it. Perhaps Haru spoils her a bit much...

Likes: Fortune telling, Watching people, Tea, Playing her ocarina

Dislikes: People who bug her, Difficult people

History: Not much is really known about her. She suddenly appeared on day, telling fortunes to random people. Not one of her fortunes have ever been wrong. Supposedly, she is Haru's younger sister, although she shares no identical characteristics with him.

Strengths/Weaknesses: She's not well-versed in fighting, and although she can fight, she mostly uses tricks to decieve or to stall her opponents. If she's drawn out into a real fight, she usually has terrible timing, usually attacking at the last minute, and almost never taking the initiative. This has been proved beneficiary on several occasions, but it can only go on for so long. However, she knows so much more than an average human would.

3/6/2009 . Edited 3/8/2009 #78
Accron Lyuis

Name: Haru Hinkaru

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: He has short, somewhat spiky, black hair. His eyes are a light shade of brown. He wears a black shirt with a picture of a red dragon on its back. He has dark brown cargo pants, and he wears black sandals.

Personality: Lazy. He hates doing things, unless it is extremely important. He loves to eat, always having an insatiable hunger, and he loves smoking. He often smokes in front of people, not exactly caring about what people think of him. He is outgoing and can also be somewhat childish. He is also somewhat bossed around by his sister, although he doesn't seem to mind.

Weapons/Abilities: Fights with smoke and smoke techniques. Never stops smoking, even in times of great crisis. Judging by his and Miriine's abilities, you'd think they know magic to some extent.

Likes: Smoking, Eating, Annoying others, Candy

Dislikes: People who bring him down, People who try to get him to stop smoking

History: Not much is known about him. He follows Miriine around, and is apparently her guardian, both literally and parentally. He has shown instances of being a protective older brother, but he usually is just seen following around Miriine with a cloud of smoke trailing him.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Fights using smoke techniques and possibly magic to manipulate the smoke. Without smoke, he not only cannot fight with his special moves, he also feels "down."

(I'd love it if one of you mods could approve my OCs, and possibly the other people's OCs as well.)

3/6/2009 . Edited 3/8/2009 #79
The Daniel City Heroes

((Accron, do you watch a show called "One Piece"?))

3/6/2009 #80
Accron Lyuis

(erh, sometimes. I don't exactly follow it avidly, 'cuz i never know what time its on, and I'm not exactly an anime follower.)

3/7/2009 #81
Imagination 5

You're approved, Alice amd Accron.

3/9/2009 . Edited 3/9/2009 #82
The Daniel City Heroes

I'm asking because that last character you just made looks similar to a One Piece character.

3/9/2009 #83
Accron Lyuis

Really? Both Miriine and Haru are actually OCs I made for a Naruto RP. I just allocated them and switched up some of their designs :D Haru originally has a kunai on the back, but I think a dragon is cooler.

3/9/2009 #84

Hey?! how come accron and alice are approved but not me *crys in dark corner*

3/15/2009 #85
Imagination 5


3/16/2009 #86

Name: Tala

Age: 7

Race: Lioness

Gender: female

Weapons: has a staff with a sharp pointed end like a spear and is very smart so she can lure her prey into a well planned trap.

Weakness: Lionesses are cats, cats hate water, the math!

Bio/History: Was the underdog until she had enough of being pushed around and took a stand, she made a spear and killed all in her way, soon she became well known in Valasine as 'The Shadow Lion' this is because she lured her prey into the shadows then struck, she has a bit of a rep in Halis. Don't be mistaken by her cheerful appearence though, she is merely acting.


3/23/2009 #87

Name- General Roy Dustin

Age- 47

Race- Human

Gender- Male

Weapons- Duel magnum revolvers and a lever action shotgun two trench knives.

Weakness- No magic no real way to defend against it. Also he's getting old.

Bio- This cigar chomping military commander is in charge of all Alsatian forces. Born in the capital of Taris he was groomed for the military since birth at the age of 21 he fought in the first magic/tech war against the mainlanders after the war ended with the Alstatians finally winning by dropping the first atomic bomb he was promoted to captain. During the civil war (people vs loyalists) he took the side of the loyalists until their eventual stale mate four years later (resulting in their current system of government) . After that war he was promoted to colonel and put in charge of the project to destroy all nukes due to the damage they had caused. After the mutant war (caused by the nuclear fallout) he was promoted general he now commands all Alsatian forces.

Appearance- 6'0 muscular, grey hair cut in a crew cut. Regular uniform including olive drab military uniform, black combat boots and trench coat metalic chest protecter shoulder armor greaves and arm guards.

3/23/2009 . Edited 3/23/2009 #88

Approved! ^_^

3/23/2009 #89

Yay, thanks.

3/23/2009 #90
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