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No problem. i posted in Alastrei ^^ Dustin can meet Tala ^^

3/23/2009 #91

I have a feeling they're gonna be good friends.

3/23/2009 #92

Lol indeed. VERY good friends xD

3/23/2009 #93


3/23/2009 #94
Accron Lyuis

Name: √Čve

Gender: Female

Age: ? (Appears 15)

Race: ?

Appearance: Natural light forest green hair that is short cut with two bangs surrounding her face. Eyes have dark green pupils, and she wears dark green pants and a dark green shirt with a (you guessed it) dark green jacket on. She also has a dark green scarf that is adorned with leaves. She wears brown sandals.

Weapons/Abilities: Has the power to grow plants at will. Can increase or detain a plants growth speed. Can also utilize earth magic to a certain extent.

Personality: Sometimes aggressive, although she is usually just a bit hasty. Kind of cold to people.

History: ?

Strengths/Weaknesses: Utilizes a fighting technique with her control of plants. She can call for plants to block attacks, restrain her opponent, etc. She's weak against fire and really hates it.

3/23/2009 #95

Name:Adam sharp





Weapons/Abilities, including magic:very sharp teeth and claws, super fast and strong

History: is the leader of his clan of gulons, slade, a shapeshifter, hired him to find a runaway girl and bring her back to him, and kill anyone who gets in the way

Strengths/Weaknesses:he's big and strong, but pure iron will kill him

3/24/2009 #96

Name- Sergeant Major Donavan "Boss-Man" Krieg

Age- 32

Gender- Male

Race- Human

Appearence- Black military shirt pants and boots and beret. Grey colored chest plate arm guards and greaves no shoulder armor. 6'0 muscular brown hair cut in a crew cut tattoo of a skull on his back with the words 'death from above' printed under it.

Weapons/abilites- Commando SMG grenades rappler combat knife.

History- commander of an Alastrei Commando squad not much else is known. He doesn't talk much and when he does its only about the job at hand.

Strengths- Physically strong and fast highly trained commando.

Weaknesses- Never questions orders, no magic, no real regard for life in general.

3/25/2009 #97
A Soldier's Sister

Name: Kayla Dearoto

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Elemental Guardian

Appearance: Long brown hair, green eyes, dresses according to time period.

Weapons/Abilities: Manipulates the elements

History: Unknown, but she is outgoing, and loves everything living (unless it's out to destroy the world)

Strengths: Water

Weaknesses: Fire

5/30/2009 #98


Welcome to the rp

5/31/2009 #99
A Soldier's Sister


5/31/2009 #100

I love her! Hello new person!

5/31/2009 #101
A Soldier's Sister

Hello Mod!

5/31/2009 #102

Hi sweetheart! ^^

5/31/2009 #103
A Soldier's Sister

You seem really happy.

5/31/2009 #104

I'm not exactly sober ... I'm happy when like that.

5/31/2009 #105
A Soldier's Sister

Here let me help you


5/31/2009 #106

*Rubs cheek*

That isn't really very nice.

5/31/2009 #107
A Soldier's Sister

You wanna be sober when RP'ing or not?

5/31/2009 #108

Don't really have to be very sober. I'm happy, but nothing worse.

5/31/2009 #109
A Soldier's Sister

Being sober helps

5/31/2009 #110

Not really. Anyhow, we'd better stop spamming here and move to the chat area.

5/31/2009 #111
A Soldier's Sister


*Moves to chat room*

5/31/2009 #112

Yes ma'am. I'm a girl.

5/31/2009 #113
A Soldier's Sister


My bad.

(Where's that chat room (I think I know though))

5/31/2009 . Edited 5/31/2009 #114

SM and us two are chatting there.

5/31/2009 #115
A Soldier's Sister

Told'ja I knew.

5/31/2009 #116

Hello, here is the character I wish to play with. I hope the post isn't too long, but I find it important to be good friends with my characters and thought you might like to be too. I can shorten it if you wish, however. ~Noey

Name: Nienna Telemnar

Age: She is a young elf. Her age, unfortunately is unknown due to the strange circumstances of her early childhood.

Gender: Female

Race: Elf

Appearance (Elven): Nienna appears as follows: short dark-blonde hair (which is a wee bit longer than chin-length and very jaggedly cut), strikingly large eyes that can change colors (from dark blue to light blue or anywhere in between. Always blue, however) according to her mood (normally the happier she is, the darker they are). Nienna is very petite and slender -- quite short considering that part of her blood is elven (about 5'4"). High cheekbones dominate her face as well as her prominent freckles and small nose. Very light colored, thin lips. Most consider her quite attractive and perky. Her appearance changes due to what form she is in, but one can always recognize her by the purple circle around her eye which she got somehow when born.

Weapons/Abilities: Though she always carries a bow and a quiver full of arrows, Nienna prefers to use magic or veer away from fighting.. Her magical abilities is the power to control the nature around her.. A dagger is always attached to her upper thigh, but Nienna only uses this in up-close combat when needing to make a quick kill.

History: No one knows much at all about this elf's past besides the fact that an elven hunter found her in a cave amongst a pack of wolves whilst she was still a small child. The elf brought her home and raised her until he found his death in a local raid (about two years ago).

Strengths/Weaknesses: Nienna is almost completely helpless in the darkness (to help cope with this, she normally carries the spirit of a light f*** with her in a crystal around her neck). Though she cannot see very well, her sense of hearing is very acute. Her most noticeable strength is her speed. Nienna also has a very strong faith in God and therefore possesses a strange spirit of perseverance and faith.

Personality: Nienna is a gregarious and fun-loving individual who wants to make the most of every moment. She absolutely loves action and always seems to be doing something if she can help it. This enthusiasm is carried over to her personal relationships, which she approaches with the desire to make the most of. Because she tends to get bored easily, she is somewhat prone to switching relationships frequently (unless she finds an outlet for her boredom elsewhere). Nienna generally approaches life on a day-by-day basis, so long-term commitments are not naturally comfortable for the her. Though she feels tremendously committed, she wants to take her commitments day by day. This hybrid is usually quite charming, as well as witty and clever (all attributes of which make her very popular). When confronted with conflicts or criticism, Nienna rarely feels threatened unless the harm is directed to her friends/allies. Fortunately, though she adores taking risks, she is usually clear headed and deals with emergency situations calmy. She almost instantly becomes the best of friends with anyone who fauns over her. All in all, she is very tuned into her feelings and lavishes over any sort of thrill, making her great on the battlefield.

Clothing: (warm weather) Tight brown bodice made of leather (somewhat skimpy and raggedy for convenience of shifting) along with a short green skirt of leaves (cool weather) Long white tunicish blouse that reaches just above her knees (quite tight and warm) accompanied by comfy black leggings **note** Nienna is nearly always barefoot.

Alliance: Nienna's alliance lies always with the side of the good and the light.

6/1/2009 . Edited 6/4/2009 #117

Oh wow. That's .... long. She sounds interesting.

6/2/2009 #118

Yeah, I tend to go a little overboard when describing charries. :p Haha.

How will I know when/if I'm approved? I'm a little new to this entire thing. :]

6/2/2009 #119

She seems a little too powerful ... other than that she's good.

6/4/2009 #120
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