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Mmk I changed it to wear she cannot shape shift any longer.

Look good?

Or more handicaps?

6/4/2009 #121

That's fine. :) We're in the dark forest.

6/5/2009 #122
Orio K

Hi! I'd like to join.

Name: Andyln

Age: unknown/young

Gender: male

Race: human

Appearance: tallish, blond, blue eyes, intricate tribal tattoos up his arms starting at his fingers and going up to about his elbow, slim, delicate features

Weapons/Abilities: healer, uses small magics, tattoos glow blue when he's doing magic

History: Grew up with a loving family that was torn apart by war. He decided to learn to heal rather than following his brothers and fathers to their deaths as fighters and spent time with native american-ish shamans. his magic is drawn from the life around him, which makes him afraid to use it. he's very gentle unless his friends are being hurt, in which case he goes a bit nuts. he's sort of passive and fluffy most of the time, not really knowing what's going on but wanting to help anyone who asks him.

Strengths/Weaknesses: he's able to draw strength from others, so he becomes stronger the more friends/allies he has, but he's afraid to use people so sometimes he's to s*** to do anything

if i get accepted, where should i jump in? and how active is this rpg?

7/29/2009 #123

I say. You are accepted.

8/3/2009 #124
Venus and Aphrodite

Name:Wilhelmina Georgina Lafrelle




Appearance:long curly blonde hair, white eyes(if using witchcraft),red eyes(if thirsty),green eyes(if normal),5'7 tall,white complexion,British-French

Weapons/Abilities, including magic:power mimicry(could copy powers from another if she touches),withcraft

History: Pierre and Elizabeth are MIna's parents.Mina is the only child.Pierre is a vampire and Elizabeth is a witch.Vampire and witches are mortal enemies until her father and father fell in love when they saw each other in a night club.They escaped and live in far off place.Elizabeth bore a child with Pierre.When Mina was born, she killed Elizabeth.Pierre watched the scene and he got the child and sent it in the orphanage.And Pierre left, went to find someone to kill him.MIna grew in the orphanage.Then she went away until she noticed that she could bring destruction to them.And never seen again.Her personality is funny,cudly,short-tempered,fun to be with,moody,movieholic,searching for attention,easily to be hurt,over-confidence


8/5/2009 #125
Imagination 5

Approved and welcome!

8/6/2009 #126
Venus and Aphrodite

where am i going to start?

8/7/2009 #127

Um ... we were in the dark forest, but I haen't been here in ages ...

8/7/2009 #128
Venus and Aphrodite

oh i see. thanks for the information.

8/7/2009 #129

Name: Luminary

Age: As old as the stars – literally.

Gender: Gender-neutral, but tends to appear in a male form. He does, however, on occasion – when it suits Him best – appear female, or an amalgam of the two.

Race: Star-God, I suppose.

Appearance: Luminary has many avatars and uses the one he sees as being most beneficial. He can appear as a simple blazing ball of starfire, casting light and heat into the darkest corners of the globe, or as a muscled humanoid with skin like molten bronze and eyes that glow like furnaces, coupled with wings of shining fire.

Should it suit him, Luminary can manifest as a courtly lady of the times in red and gold, whose fingers flash with starlight and whose hair is a mass of flames.

A less-used aspect is Luminary’s Rogue, a darker and more subtle manifestation of the god. Rather than flamboyant flames signifying his status as something more than mortal (Luminary is somewhat prideful) his hair is simply a dark red, and only one looking closely might see a spark of starfire in the pupils.

Weapons/Abilities: Luminary himself scorns the use of weapons as human constructs which he, as a higher being, naturally does not require. Instead, he calls on millennia of experience and accumulated power and study. His sphere is fire and light, and in their manipulation and use his power and skill is unmatched, and when his fury is roused it is said that the flames of the stars themselves pale to those he unleashes.

Luminary has the ability to call forth servants from his realms in the hearts of stars. His favourite to call upon are the Radiant Servants, taking the form of eight-foot-tall humans clad in golden armour so bright it hides all their features, rendering them silhouettes against the hard fire of their amour. They fight with long spears of curdled sunlight and bronze, and short cestii attached to their gauntlets for close-in combat. They have no magical ability whatsoever.

Luminary can also appear at shrines dedicated to him, but he is a capricious and haughty god, and often chooses not to honour summons, especially if they are without due pomp and ceremony; though, in contrast, he has been known to manifest to aid a traveller through lands which once fell under his dominion or to answer a desperate plea.

Strengths: A past master of the spheres of fire and light, they dance to his tune as they dance for no-one else. In places with strong sources of light and/or heat, he is in his very element. As a god, he has vast power and experience to call on, and while he can be driven back, imprisoned and cast down, he is immortal.

Weaknesses: Luminary’s personality does not make him the easiest to get along with, and he is often quite abstracted from the world as mortals know about it – a mountain’s in the way? Why not simply melt it to vapour? His arrogance also puts distance between him and anyone else. Luminary also has a terrible weakness to the magics of cold and frost. He reserves a special hatred for mages and countries of ice, and will not answer any summons from anyone with ties to cold or frost, save perhaps to blast them for profaning his shrines.

However, as this practice resulted in him being cast down from his planar throne once before, he may be more cautious and simply refuse to answer. Dark magics also weaken him; they draw their powers from darkness and decay whereas his own come from light and fire, and the two are in direct opposition. His power is at its nadir when the forces of the Dark have their zenith, but he is still a formidable opponent, drawing on starfires millions of miles distant. Luminary’s arrogant dismissal of mortal weaponry can also act against him on occasion. While he has been taught the error of solely-unarmed and magical combat, he still refuses to study the art of any weapon himself. His Radiant Servants have been taught mastery of the spear and cestus, to better serve their master by keeping his enemies at a distance as he weaves his most destructive magic. However, if caught weak or unawares Luminary must disincarnate or fight with his fists and feet, and he is not especially proficient.

Personality: Luminary is a god, and to assign them mortal or semi-mortal characteristics is folly. However, some consistent behaviours can be observed from Luminary. He is a haughty and capricious god, answering summonses when it pleases him, and expects at all times to be treated with the respect due him as a deity. However, he has a strong sense of duty and honour – through lands that once fell under his bright and brooding wings he still safeguards travellers, as part of pacts so ancient even the tablets they were written on are dust, for instance, and will answer a desperate plea at ancient shrines to his name.

Conversely, if a compact is broken, a covenant cast down, Luminary is vengeful. He has torn down cities in fury before, broken their thrones, turned their people to ash and melted their stones to glass at some grievous slight.

History: Little is known independently of Luminary’s history – the Starfire God is so old that most records of him have long since fallen to dust. Nonetheless, Luminary came into existence at the moment the first star burst into fire, long before any world dared to form. He grew in perfect isolation in the heart of that first star, and eventually, as that star neared its nadir, achieved sentience, and understanding. Leaping across the dark of space, Luminary took residence in another star, and continued to contemplate himself and the universe, and his power caused other stars to blossom about him.

Eventually, this world came into existence, and with the other gods, Luminary turned his eyes from the heavens to the muddy earth, and opened his ears to the song of the humans, elf-kinden and others. Luminary took stewardship of a race of humans in the high tropics and deserts, suiting his love of heat. His influence made his people proud and arrogant, and under their God’s protection they built cities of white marble and glass in the sun, and then turned their eyes to other peoples and cities under Luminary’s paternal and disinterested – at that point – eye. Thus it was war, and for a time, Luminary’s people prospered and their empire grew mighty, unopposed. To the north, however, conquered peoples and nations threatened by the fiery country in the south banded together. Unlocking the secrets of ice and frost and darkness to combat fire and light and life, their armies marched down into the tropics and plains and deserts of Luminary’s realm like a cold wave, smashing through his armies and people and towns. Eventually, the capital of Helios itself was besieged, and then in a night of treachery from within and powerful magecraft from without, the proud white walls of Helios were broken and the citadel’s stones blasted apart.

Arrogant and sure of his power, Luminary appeared in the grand shrine to Him at the very pinnacle of the city, and rained flame onto the onrushing magi. Many fell under his furious barrage – the rest of the city was turned to a burning ruin by the fury of Luminary, at last woken to the danger, but their most powerful magi pit their combined powers of frost and dark against the light and fire of the god, and though the effort took the lives of their most powerful, and a goodly number of mages-in-ordinary, Luminary’s physical avatar and the greater part of his awareness was sealed deep in an icy sarcophagus under the ruins of his old capital, a spell strong enough to last a thousand years. Overhead, Luminary’s cities crumbled to dust, the bones of his people scattered and buried, engulfed in forest or the shifting sands of the deep deserts.


Companion Profile

Name: Callis, the Dawn Fire, Herald of Luminary and Marshal of the Star Guard

Age: Ageless, the first and last of the race which once served Luminary.

Gender: Male Race: Star-Angel

Appearance: Callis appears as a martial human of coffee-coloured skin and many muscles. Gold gleams from his armour and sword, wings of fire like Luminary’s glow at his back. His eyes burn bright with the power of his God. However, Callis was severely wounded by the onslaught on Helios, and with Luminary only recently free, he is still heavily-damaged, clove nearly in two and with horrific frostburn scars across much of his body. It remains to be seen how much of the once-proud Herald’s mind remains intact after a millennium of unrelieved suffering.

Weapons/Abilities: Unlike his master, who scorns weaponry, Callis is more pragmatic and bears an elaborate rapier as his weapon of choice. He has no mean skill at channelling starfire, a gift from his master, but is by far a more close-combat specialist than Luminary, essential for his leadership of the Radiant Servants. Callis can be summoned to his master’s side, or importune Luminary for aid in dire straits.

If killed, he is able to eventually reincarnate at any dedicated shrine to Luminary.

Personality: Callis is the Herald of Luminary, and as such has taken on many of the traits of his master. However, long exposure to the ways of the world have buffed off many of his rougher edges and he is nowhere near as unworldly as Luminary. However, his courtesies and attitudes are archaic.

Strengths: As Luminary’s Herald, he has vast powers of persuasion at his disposal. He is also an accomplished swordsman and no mean fire-sorcerer, though he pales beside his master.

Weaknesses: Callis is arrogant, as is his master, and too sure of his power. He has Luminary’s weaknesses to frost and darkness, and prefers to travel only in daylight. Dark places make him quite nervous, and protracted stays may make him irrational – and when Luminary’s Herald gets irrational, the term ‘blast radius’ is usually applied.

History: Little is known of Callis’ history; he was the first to seek the patronage and protection of Luminary, and for it he was made Luminary’s Herald, spreading the word of the Star-God far and wide, and serving as the feared vanguard in his armies. He also served as an arbiter between conflicting cities under the Star-God’s dominion. He tried to defend Luminary on the night of Helios’ sack, and has spent the last thousand years in unremitting suffering for it.

((Hope these are okay.))

8/26/2009 #130

Um.... can I join? It looks really cool.

11/14/2009 #131

It's kinda dead but you can try....

11/15/2009 #132
Orio K

Yeah, this one's dead. Join Keira Kentai's forum. It's like this one, but people actually post.

it's fun!

11/15/2009 #133

-Name: Markael

-Age: appears to be about 17-19, but is much older,

-Gender: M

-Race: Werewolf,

-Appearence: Overall dark, which a black long coat and dark hair falling into yellow eyes that glow like an animals when the light reaches them in the dark.

-Weapons/ A longblade, kept hidden in his coat (he doesn't use it unless he absolutely has to, but if he does, whoever he uses it on is dead before they even know what happened)

-History. He used to be a wolf, born and raised, but he just woke up human one day without any memory or understanding at all as to what happened to him.

He just tries to live life, going from place to place, never lingering in one place for very long because of what he is.

He turns back into a wolf when the moonlight is strong enough, not necessarily only at full moons, but when the moon is half full and on, and sometimes not that much at all, depending on how strong he is or if he's injured at the moment.

-Strength/Weakness: He is at his weaknest right before he turns into a wolf/ He is deadly with his long blade, and he has keen senses beyond any of a human and he can see in the dark. He is fast, running is the most proficent way he can travel, and he has to run alot.

1/16/2010 #134

-Name: Markael

-Age: appears to be about 17-19, but is much older,

-Gender: M

-Race: Werewolf,

-Appearence: Overall dark, which a black long coat and dark hair falling into yellow eyes that glow like an animals when the light reaches them in the dark.

-Weapons/ A longblade, kept hidden in his coat (he doesn't use it unless he absolutely has to, but if he does, whoever he uses it on is dead before they even know what happened)

-History. He used to be a wolf, born and raised, but he just woke up human one day without any memory or understanding at all as to what happened to him.

He just tries to live life, going from place to place, never lingering in one place for very long because of what he is.

He turns back into a wolf when the moonlight is strong enough, not necessarily only at full moons, but when the moon is half full and on, and sometimes not that much at all, depending on how strong he is or if he's injured at the moment.

-Strength/Weakness: He is at his weaknest right before he turns into a wolf/ He is deadly with his long blade, and he has keen senses beyond any of a human and he can see in the dark. He is fast, running is the most proficent way he can travel, and he has to run alot.

1/16/2010 #135
Name: Breat Age: 14 Gender: Female Race: Half Godess Appearance: 5'7 Weapons/Abilities, including magic: Bow and aro, controls air History: Breath didn't know she was a god until she found her power and the age of thirteen. She went to the palace and asked for help. They refused her because she was not pure godess. After a year on her own she has learned how to control air and aim. She fends for herself. Personality: She is straight forward and will tell you what you need to know. She is quick and can think of anything at any time. Strengths/Weaknesses: She can kill anyone with an aro to the heart but she can be weak when the danger is near.
3/4/2010 #136
Kaela Cordelle
Can I join cause i have had a great idea for a character and i just wanna put it out there. Gender: Female Name:Andromache Age:22 Race: Amazonian raiders (Greek woman warrior,she was taught their for of battle)/ deamon hunter Appearance: Brown hair, fare skin, grey eyes, tall, slender. Weapons/Abilities: uses a sword made by the greek god Hephaestus( god of technology, blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes). History: She was orphaned as a child that is when an elderly women found her and saw her potential. she raised her to fight just like her greek ansestors did. after the old women died she set a quest upon herself to help others just like the old women had done for her.after this promise, she continued her long journey to help those. when she came across a city it wasn't the human she had to fight it was the deamons that lurcked in the shadows of alleys that attaked the innocent. That is when she decided that this is what she had to do to keep her vow to protect those that are hurt by the deamons of the night... idk what else her story is after that bt it is a start??? Strengths/Weaknesses: her strength is well her strength, she is strong physically and menatly. her weakness is when in battle she puts other people saftey first ( which isnt a bad thing but is bad when someone or thing is trying to attack her) i hope this works..... :D
3/6/2010 #137
heavy wings

Name: Aaron Bristle

Age: 16



Appearance:Short, big innocent looking wide blue eyes, very short blonde hair with side burns

Weapons/Abilities: Forseeing the future and not knowing it.

History: As a small boy, his father was devoted, but his mother abandoned him one day, knowing he would never grow up to be strong. He is shy, innocent, has a small ego, and hates evil

Strengths/Weaknesses: Weak to spells that involve the victim fainting, strong against those who attempt to kill him

3/17/2010 #138

I like yours. He sounds cool!

3/17/2010 #139
Aranel o Lorien

Hi Guys! I'd like to join (I have two characters so I'll make two seperate posts...) Ummm but just a quick question before I begin. Both my characters are brothers and they're both immortal because their Angels. Can I still have them both as Immortal?


Ok! Here's the first. I'll start with Alex.

Name: Alexander (Alex for short)

Age: Immortal (but if you want to get technical he's over 3,000 years old and he looks like he's 17)

Gender: Male

Race: Fallen Angel

Appearance: About 6 ft. 2 with spiky jet black hair. He's got a medium build and slightly broad shoulders. As well as a set of massive midnight black wings.

Weapons/Abilities: His weapon of choice, besides his fists and feet, is a medieval style hand and a half sword about 34 1/2 to 40 inches long in total.

History: Used to be an angel along with his older brother Caleb. They fell together because of each other, Alex has a temper that sometimes gets the better of him in battle but he's been learning how to control it over the years. But he became a fallen angel because he well...fell. (When an angel falls they have to commit one of the Seven Deadly Sins) The sin that Alex committed was Wrath, against his brother. Because his brother (Caleb) was committing the sin of Despair. (Loooonnnggg story don't exactly want to go into all of it but here's the main gist of it) Caleb was in despair because he fell in love with a mortal woman on Earth, and he knew he could never have her because he's immortal and she's not. So he was despairing about that because she was the love of his life...etc. Ok so Alex is concerned about his older brother so much that he eventually flips out on him and tries to literally "Knock some sense" into Caleb. Well because of that (and all the other angels having to pull them apart...) They are cast out of heaven and the demon's of hell rip out their wings. Lucifer tells the demons not to do anything else but rip out their wings becuase he has a better plan. Lucifer in turn sends them to earth. Where they stay until present day. (Now their wings have grown back, they're just black wings instead of white wings...they have to earn their white wings back, one feather at a time...and that takes a loooonnnggg time to do.)

Strengths/Weaknesses: His strength and skill in battle, as well as his love and loyalty to the ones he loves are his strengths (Alex was the real warrior between the two...) and his weaknesses are his attachment to his brother and his temper.

And that's pretty much him....

6/1/2010 #140
Aranel o Lorien

Well ok! Here's the other character as promised! (Still hope it's ok to have two Immortal characters..) OH! I should proabably make a note of that. When I say Immortal it means that they'll live forever, but they can still be killed. So they won't die of old age. (Similar to Elves if you read LotR)


Name: Caleb

Age: Immortal (Like I said before he's about 3,000+ years technically speaking)

Gender: Male

Race: Fallen Angel

Appearance: About 6 ft. 2 with dirty blonde hair (And I mean dirty dirty blonde it's almost light brown) well built, broad shoulders...yes he's ripped just like his younger brother. (He's got pretty good bisceps too...they both do) Blue eyes, and massive midnight black wings.

Weapons/Abilities: Weapon of choice would be a hand and a half broad sword (I know it sounds strange..) which he has lots of skill using.

History: About the same history as Alex, since their brothers. Really he's a nice sweet guy and he doesn't want anyone to get hurt because of him or he'll try to save someone if he knows that he could. History tends to repeat itself for the brothers. It usually winds up as oh every hundred years or so, Caleb falls in love, then he loses the one he loves, Alex tries to knock some sense into him, and then the demons rip their wings out again. It's pretty messy...

Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths: His protectiveness towards his younger brother and those he loves. His skill and strength in battle (though Alex may have the brawn of the two, Caleb's got the brains and the sword skill) Weaknesses: His loved ones and always having to protect them if they're nearby when he's in a battle.

And that's about it for Caleb!

6/1/2010 #141
Orio K

Hey, Aranel o Lorien, if you want to play these characters regularly, you might want to choose another forum. This one is super slow.

this one is good:

And if you get okayed by the mods for that one, you can join Heaven's Gate, which is geared towards angelic characters. =] have fun

6/2/2010 #142

Name- Jade Wolfe

Age- 16

Gender- female

Race- Shapeshifter

Appearence- shoulder length black hair, green eyes, skinny, ragged cloths, very poor. She's a loner. She shapeshifts into a giant black wolf. She has battle scars all over her human body

weapons/abilities- She is good with the bow and arrow, also with the double dagger. She can talk to and hear all animals

hystery- her parents were burned to death whens he was at the age of six. She then took care of herself and battled through the hard times in life. She is only fifteen but knows about as much as a thirty year old. You must gain her trust. Ever since her parents death she has been a loner and doesn't have many friends.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Anything to do with animals and nature she is good at, that is her strength, as for her weakness, she fears fire

8/1/2010 #143

Name: Shane Wolfe

Age: 16

gender: female

Race: mage

appearence: dirty blonde hair cut in a shaggy way. Green eyes, baggy pants and hoody with half gloves showing the finger tips, she's very lanky and wiry at the height of 5-4.

weapons/abilities: shes great at using the bow and she has the power to talk to animals

history: her parents died when she was seven and she has been on her own ever since. She has battle scars all over her body and is very strong and never gives up. She has been through more than anybody could ever know. She is a very outgoing person but has a low voice and is very quiet. She has a wild stallion thoroughbred.

strenths and weaknesses: She is great when it comes to nature and life but she isn't that good with school work and book smarts. She favors her right leg.

9/18/2010 #144
E. Armstrong

Hi, I'm new here. I've been working on this one story about these Elemental Guardians. Here's the main character:

Name: Mizu Wakatsuki

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Appearance: Black hair that's always down, blue eyes, average height

Weapons/Abilities: Bow and arrow, if you get shot by it you'll freeze. Controls water, example: she can make tidal waves

History: Mizu is pretty shy, only has one friend. Her parents get murdered. Doesn't get mad too easily

Strengths/Weaknesses: Brave/ Fire and fear of bears

12/15/2010 #145
Banpaia Bara

Name: Azreal


Gender: Female

Race: Durmern also called a Drow Elf

Appearance: 5'11" with long white hair and ebony skin. She is fair in complection and skinny. Red eyes. Looks to been in her teens since she is an elf. Has a large scar across her back that trails up her neck and ends in her hair.

Weapons: A steel longsword and several daggers. She has the ability to use magic but is untrained so has little control over it.

History: Her memory reaches back only a few years to waking up with her injury on her back and head. This nearly killed her. She is avidly seeking her past trying to figure out what happened. She sometimes has dreams of her past but only little flashes that she cant piece together.

Strengths/ weaknesses: She is a good swords man and is skilled at sneaking around. She is unable to control her magic which bursts from her at random times after building up leaving her helpless for a while. She is also easilly fooled and often finds herself a magnet for trouble and luck.

1/13/2011 . Edited 1/13/2011 #146

I like yours!

1/21/2011 #147

Name: Lina Danisha

Age: 17or 70 or 700, no one knows for sure

Gender: Female

Race: Elf/Human Hybrid

Appearance: Typical attributes of an elf, tall, slender, beautiful. She has leaf shaped ears and slanted, brown eyes. She has a well toned, curvy body. She has long ash blonde hair which is usually in a long plait reaching down to the small of her back. She wears a long white robe with magical symbols woven into it. She also wears a large hood which covers her eyes. She wears a thin bladed battle sword in a sheath on her back and carries a long staff made of Termaic wood in her hand which has tendrils winding up from the bottom to the top where it grasps a a large green jewel which glows day and night.

Weapons/Abilities: Sword of Darsha - Every time someone is killed by this weapon it takes a part of their soul and binds it with the sword making the weapon more and more powerful with each life it takes. It is made of Deminisra steel and it is impossible to destroy.

Staff of Emeinar - It allows the user access to much more powerful magic. It has been passed down from generation to generation but it was stolen over thirty years ago and is now in the hands of Lina.

Lina also has various magical abilities which can include telekinesis, pyrokinesis, teleportation, healing, telepathy, shapeshifting and precognitive sight. She also has natural superhuman speed, strength and agility as well as wisdom.

History: There are so many different stories as to where she came from that even she does not know the truth any more. She is a generally quiet person but she can have a violent temper which has resulted in the deaths of many. There are precious few that have been able to call her friend but they will all testify to her loyalty.

Strengths/Weaknesses: She has a distinct fear of open and rushing water. Each death in a battle by her sword gives her more power and her staff feeds off of the emotions of those around her.

2/11/2011 #148
Jackie the Giant

Name: Oliver Kovin.

Age: about 500 (he lost count after the first two hundred), though he only looks about 25.

Gender: male.

Race: vampire (I'm assuming I can be a vampire).

Appearance: Kovin has the look of an impeccible aristocrat. He wears powder-blue trousers, waistcoat, jacket and top-hat, with a white shirt and an extremely ruffled cravat which falls down his chest in a cascade of white silk that accents his raven-black hair and ice-blue eyes. His feet are covered by black riding boots, and he carries a cane made of csillag crystal that changes form according to his whim. His fangs are visible, but don't draw attention to themselves unless he grins or bares his teeth. He is considered very handsome, in a cool, calculating kind of way.

Weapons/abilities: As a vampire, Kovin has all the gifts of the night. He can walk through walls, suck blood, transform into a flock of bats (or one big bat, but he's found that a flock of them draws less attention) with each bat being able to be used as a scout, and hypnotise people. His cane can be shaped into a sword or other weapon that isn't too complicated (for example, if he made it into a gun, he would have to focus on keeping all the little pieces working properly and wouldn't be able to aim). His sense of smell is so keen that he can smell different emotions. He is able to regerate at incredible speeds, so long as the weapon isn't left in the wound to block the healing process.

History: Kovin was born (supposedly) 500 years ago under the name Felix Kovin. He doesn't talk about his childhood, but when he was sixteen, a vampiress named Fiva chose him as her Virgin, which is a sort of assistant/apprentice who also provides blood during special ceremonies. At that point, he became half-vampire, and didn't become wholley vampire until he was 25 and drank Fiva's blood. He changed names a number of times over the next 475 years, pretending to be each name's son or grandson. When a young woman named Rosemary Coffin wandered into the empty, supposedly haunted mansion he lived in, he claimed her as his Virgin.

Kovin is a very cool, calculating person who can be downright scary when he wants to be (he scared the tough Rosemary into fainting when he first met her). He is very protective of Rosemary, whom he views as his only family, and meddling with her is the only thing that can drive him to anger (Otherwise he never gets angry. Scared, yes; surprised, yes; all the other emotions you can think of, yes. But anger? Never.) His favorite color is blue, as shown by his attire, and he claims his favorite time period is the victorian era.

Strengths: Kovin is stronger, faster, more flexible, and has better reflexes than any human. He's also got several hundred years of experiance under his belt. His emotion-smelling ability allows him to bluff effectively, and his regeration makes him almost impossible to kill.

Weaknesses: The fact that Kovin can only heal when the wound is devoid of obsticles makes him try to avoid guns, since the bullets are more likely to stay in his body and have to be dug out. Also, his super-sensitive nose makes him pass out due to strong smells (think smells that would make even people with inferior, human noses gag).

Just tell me if there are no guns in this universe, but the point is that Kovin and Rosemary come from our universe. Is that okay?

6/24/2011 #149
Jackie the Giant

Name: Rosemary Coffin.

Age: 20.

Gender: female.

Race: Virgin (half human, half vampire).

Appearance: Rosemary looks like your average, twenty-year-old woman. she has extremely curly, sandy-blonde hair that she keeps tied back in a messy bun; brown eyes and soft features. She is dressed in a pair of tatty jeans, a red hoodie and some worn-out tennis shoes. Since she is only half vampire, her fangs aren't as developed as Kovin's and people sometimes miss them all together. She is relatively fit, and has an appealing figure.

Weapons/abilities: Rosemary is still learning her vampirical abilities, and tends to use them more by accident than on purpose. She has, however, been trained in self-defense and karate, as well as being trained in swordplay by Kovin. She cannot heal as quickly as Kovin can, but she can still heal in half an hour a wound that would have sent a normal person to the hospital for surgery. She loves music, and plays the trumpet; a hobby that the classical-music loving Kovin despises.

History: Rosemary was born to her parents in a little town called Gilberge. When she was sixteen, her little sister, Bonnie, was born. She was into her second year of college when she was dared by a couple of her friends to enter the empty, haunted mansion near the campus. There she met Kovin, who scared her into fainting, and then made her his Virgin (a sort of assistant/apprentice who gives blood to Kovin during special ceremonies). Now she's trying to pretend that she's not half vampire, avoiding physical exams, lying to her family and friends, pushing down bloodlust urges, ect. She had a boyfriend named Ezra Finch for a while, but Kovin scared him away as soon as they actually started kissing (the point of being a Virgin is that you have to stay a virgin).

Rosemary takes her master's "odd" behavior in stride; constantly comparing vampirical stuff to her own life and making sarcastic remarks, while all the while attempting to remain "normal". She enjoys socializing, and dreads becoming a vampirical hermit like her master. She can be somewhat naive and innocent when it comes to vampire society, but tries to put on a tough exterior in order to hide this (she actually is pretty tough. Kovin says that she remained conscious for far longer than anyone else he scared).

Strengths: Even though Rosemary is only half vampire, she is still physically superior to humans and her sense of smell is better too (physical powers are sort of hereditary, in that you tend to have the physical abilities that your master or mistress has). She may not have a lot of upper body strength (for a Virgin), but she is exceptionally quick and agile (even for a Virgin).

Weaknesses: Rosemary still isn't used to killing, and has a tendency to hesitate right when she has the upper hand. She also has the same wound-obsticle weakness as her master.

Same question as with Kovin. Is it okay that they come from our universe?

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