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Little Eloise


Age:Appears to be twelve


Race:Spirit (Banshee)

Appearance:She looks somewhat like an albino. She has pure white hair and eyelashes with matching light lilac eyes. Her skin blends in perfectly with her hair, resembling the same color. She is very slender and petite. Some says she could fit in into being a twelve year old. Overall, she gives a off a really ghostly aura.

(a link if you have a hard time imagining her)

She usually wears a pure black tunic to contrast her skin. She also has a secret pocket hidden inside the tunic; this is where she keeps her flute.

Weapons/Abilities:She is very fond of musical instruments. In fact, cause of her musical ability, she is capable in attacking with instruments. She doesn'thitpeople with them; she projects a sound so high that it can damage ones brain. Truth be told, that's how people called her a "banshee"

Her favorite weapon though would be the flute. She made it to have extra holes, leading to a really high pitched sound.

History:Venace is very sneaky. She likes knowing things other people don't know. And obviously, with this straight comes lying. Venace was like a born liar. She can make you believe in mostly anything that comes out from her mouth. She is one who should not be trusted.

When Venace was young, she was fond with instruments. Her mother actually was a famous violinist. She was very much influenced into learning mostly every instrument. As a child, she grew up to only speak through music. Though people found it hard to believe, she couldn't speak without her flute inside her pocket. She was so engaged into instruments it scared people away. She found this stupid. But she was very satisfied for having to be soon chosen as her mother's accompaniment, other than her twelve older sisters. But that dream ended in a disaster. She was found murdering all her sisters to have that spot.But still, mom wouldnt give it to me.She was than kicked out and was wondering the place alone... She used this as a chance to use music --the reason for the death of her twelve sisters-- as a weapon.

Strengths/Weaknesses:She loves it when she has a musical weapon close to her. Nothing better than blowing people's minds out with super high pitched music. But she is also afraid of screams. A death screech. She always had an epiphany of the night she killed her sisters. Screams and blood. She'd always freak out whenever someone would scream.

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Paradox Complex

Name:Charlotte Javlin



Race:Beastkin (she has the ears of a deer but no tail)

Appearance:She has light red hair that is tied into a ponytail that is on the left side of her head and one bright blue eye while the other is plain white because she is half-blind. Her blind eye glows bright red in very, VERY dangerous moments. Which seems to happen all the time, for no apparent reason; which would explain why she never stays in one place.

Personality:Very abrupt. Since she has the ears of a deer, she reacts to danger even if it was far away; which annoyed everybody because she would react by standing up and saying she had to go or leave even when you were in the middle of a sentence. She leaves her current house, town or city almost every week because of the danger she puts all her friends in which makes her quite hesitant to make any friends or to even get aquainted with anybody. She doesn't know anything about her family and she hates it when you bring it up. She does know, though, that she was a very dangerous child.

Weapons/Abilities:She has a adamant spear with a glass spearhead that can cut through anything with a small deer antler charm that she remembered wearing around her neck the first moment she woke up in an alleyway on her fifteenth birthday; that is strapped vertically on her back. It always returns to her when she loses it too. She has pin-point accuracy for someone who is half-blind. She also has the ability to walk through walls and she has a vast knowledge of herbs, healing poultices and bone relocation.

History:UNKNOWN. She only remembers everything from the day she woke.

Strengths/Weaknesses:She is very reflexive and she loves to run. It helps her regain energy and rest. The horrible thing about her though is that she is afraid of almost everything that any deer would be afraid of. Which she loathes about herself and is trying to overcome.

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Name: Misery

Age: 30 seasons

Gender: female

Race: red wolf

Appearance: very dark in color. red on ears and legs. brown and black mixed. gold eyes. small, but tough. smiles most of the time. a bit regal.

Personality: She's generally a very happy creature. She a tough little thing, and doesn't take any crap, so to speak. sarcasm incarnate.

Weapons/Abilities: She has her claws and teeth. She's also very small, quick, and agile.

History: She was born almost two days after her siblings, so her mom named her Misery. Her mate, Sable, is the Alpha male of their pack. They don't sound like a very pleasant pair, but they are. She was best friends with Sable as pups, and they were mates before Sable took the Challenge to be Alpha.

Strengths/Weaknesses: She can take a lot to her body, and is a good leader with Sable. She loves her family and would see that nothing hurt them. She loves tacos (though she doesn't get them often), pie, silk, and pups. She's afraid of cliffs, lynxes, the Borders, trains, and snakes. She hates lynxes, snakes, grey wolves, and squirrels. (they irk her greatly.)

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Jackie the Giant

(I am still watching the "Proposition of Perspectives" one if anyone wants to RP with me. Ya know, just FYI.)

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Name: Klaxem Iraz

Nicknames: Featherbrain (By Xari)

Age: 18

Species: Half-Angel

Race: White

Class: Mage

Gender: Male

Appearance: He is tall and muscular, with tanned skin, pitch black hair shaved to a centimeter of its life, and light blue eyes. Many girls have said he is very beautiful. He gives off an aura of angelic harmony, and large wings with white feathers grow from his back.

Outfits: Typically, he wears plain light colored T-shirts, football jackets, slacks, and sneakers.

Personality: He's very kind and empathic, always looking to help other people out. He's not without his vindicative side, though, and will not stand for any affront to himself or his friends and family. He's polite and gentlemanlike, typically using wording that went out of style in the 17th century.

Powers/Skills: He is beginning to understand his magic powers, and has shown an affinity for air and light magic. His wings allow him to fly, and he's able to absorb them into his body. He also has above average strength. He can see other supernatural creatures for what they are, no matter how they try to disguise themselves. He can speak Spanish and Greek in addition to English, and is starting to learn Manderin and Latin.

Weaknesses: he takes more damage from earth and dark magic than normal, and is a bit slow mentally, but not so much that he can't function properly in society. Other supernatural creatures can see him for what he is, no matter how he tries to hide it.

Weapons/Equipment: None

History: Klaxem was born to Jennifer Iraz, a witch, and an angel whom he has never met. He was raised by his mother along with his half-brother Xari, whom he hates with a passion. He has spent his life studying magic, becoming a mage, in addition to mortal school. He's never been really good in either, though he has shown an affinity for sports. Recently, he has started using his strength to help with nonprofit organizations.

When Xari ran away from home and started causing trouble across the world, Klaxem figured it was his duty to follow and stop him.


Name: Xari Iraz

Nickname: Pitspawn (By Klaxem)

Age: 16

Species: Half-Demon

Race: White

Class: Mage

Gender: Male

Appearance: He's tall and thin, and has pale skin. His hair is pitch black and long, going down to his shoulders. His eyes are just as dark, and look like dark pits stretching into infinity and oblivion. He gives off a menacing aura, and he has black reptilian wings growing from his back.

Clothing: He normally wears dark-colored T-shirts with logos and graphics on the front, jeans or jean shorts, and is also fond of fingerless gloves and boots. He dislikes hats, though.

Personality: A loner by trade, Xari doesn't socialize, preferring to be isolated from others. He's very quiet and somewhat selfish. He enjoys gathering information, whether on subjects or other people. He enjoys flirting with and harassing cute girls, as well as causing trouble, but is capable of controlling the chaos so he doesn't get in too much trouble. He also smokes 2 to 3 cigarettes a day, though they don't seem to hinder him.

Powers/Skills: Just beginning to understand his magical abilities, Xari has shown skill with aether and fire magic. His wings allow him to fly, and he can absorb them into his body. He has supernatural sight, allowing him to see other supernatural beings for what they are. He is also remarkably intelligent, and is well-trained in stealth. He can speak Spanish, Greek, Manderin, and Latin, in addition to English.

Weaknesses: Xari takes more damage than normal from light and water based spells, and isn't very strong. Others with supernatural sight can see him for what he is, no matter how hard he tries to hide it.

Weapons/Equipment: None

History: Xari was born to Jennifer Iraz, a witch, and a demon by the name of Sulfide Though the two were never married. He was raised by his mother along with his half-brother Klaxem, whom he hates with a passion. He has spent his life studying magic, becoming a wizard. He never really got along with other students, preferring solitude and studying to being social. His high intelligence has allowed him to skip a grade, and made him a high-ranking honors student. Recently, however, he has started committing various misdemeanors and felonies, but has stopped short of anything that would get him arrested for more than a week or two.

Recently, though, he ran away from his home and took up the life a criminal, traveling the world and causing trouble for those he meets. He knows he is being pursued by his hated half-brother.

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Jackie the Giant

Name: Festus Hex.

Age: Around 500 years.

Gender: male.

Race: vampire.

Appearance: Appears to be about 25, with a positively gorgeous face that seems angelic, but at the same time screams that something wicked this way comes. His hair is silky brown and cut into a sort of spiky perm; his eyes are a rich, chocolate brown and his skin is a delicate, creamy white. He generally dresses in modern clothes that look like they should be worn by a model, in this case expensive-looking jeans, a white shirt (also expensive-looking), and designer boots.

Weapons/abilities: See Kovin's abilties, only stronger. Also, he was trained in the Dark Arts, so he is able to do black magic, which allows him to do such things as control a person like a puppet, transform someone into another creature, or steal a part of their personality (although, this last one is a very difficult and lengthy spell, so he can only use when his victim is trussed up).

History: Hex was born at around the same time as Kovin, but whereas Kovin became the Virgin of a "good" vampiress named Fiva, Hex became the Virgin of an outcast vampiress named Daine. She taught him the dark arts, until he was 33 years old, wherein he killed her and drank her blood. Up until the time wherein he met Hermona Fender and kidnapped her for her special blood type, he stayed away from people, except when he desired to feed (Dracula was based on him).

Strengths: Same as Kovin, only more so due to him drinking Hermona's blood.

Weaknesses: Same as Kovin. Also, Hermona's blood is addictive, so if he does not drink of it for too long, then he will become weak.

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Name: Frey Abumagi

Nicknames: Overlord Abumagi (By his few loyal servants and those not wishing to be impaled on his blade), tyrant (by the few remaining rebels)

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Species: Draylin

Race: Aesian

Class: Warrior-King

Appearance: Despite his age, he has the appearance of the average 22 year old human, though he is six feet and four inches tall, a bit above average for his species. He gives an air of haughtiness and cruelty. His skin is dark blue, with violet swirls going across his body. His hair is black and curly, and is cut short. His eyes are yellow. His ears are elfish and covered with violet scales. Both his hands are covered with light blue scales, a swirl of violet on the back, and each finger has 2 inch long purple claws.

Outfits: He typically wears a black and purple robe and the Abumagi crown, crafted from gold and platinum and embedded with purple gems. The only time he wears something different is in battle - in which case he replaces it with purple and black armor.

Personality: Much like his sister, he is cruel, vicious, unforgiving, and merciless, but he is calmer and harder to enrage than his Freya, often working as her voice of reason. However, he is immature and spoiled, often acting like a young child. Also like Freya, he is highly religious, but in a different sense than her - he enjoys setting up festivals and parties to honor his deities, rather than constantly sacrificing to them.

Powers/Skills: He is able to control the six Conceptual elements (Fear, Infinity, Paradox, Pain, Sleep, War). He is skilled as a swordsman and an archer.

Weaknesses: He is underdeveloped emotionally. Many of his powers are physically draining, so he can't use them effectively.

Weapons/Equipment: A broadsword made out of titanium, a shield, and a crossbow.

Bio: Born as a peasant boy in Aesir, a land in the world of Okarthel, Frey lived in the village surrounding the castle of a cruel lord who cared nothing about his subjects. He taxed them heavily, and sent his soldiers to raid the village whenever the taxes went unpaid - which was quite often. From a young age, Frey and his younger sister Freya had to work long hours repairing the damage from raids and trying desperately to prevent another one, and often went to bed hungry. The horrible conditions in the village filled all the inhabitants with anger, but there was nothing they could do about it. However, the two siblings were quite resourceful.

They were the only ones with the nerve to do what few of their nieghbors even talked about: break into the castle and steal food. Sadly, they were only able to do this once before the lord caught wind of it. Furious, he sent his soldiers to find the culprits, and they ended up arresting and executing Frey's parents. She was 23 at the time (Physical age of about 15).

Distraught, the two siblings harbored an even darker hatred of the man that ruled with an iron fist, and swore vengeance on the cruel, gluttonous man. One day, they got their wish.

Attracted to the dark emotions the two allowed to fester inside of them, the dark deities of Okarthel visited them in their dreams and told them they could have their revenge, if they only seeked them out and swore allegiance to them. They agreed, and were directed to a cave near the top of a nearby mountain, where two of their number were imprisoned. After fnding them deep beneath the earth, Frey was given the powers representitive of War.

With the powers and dark blessings of the two evil gods, the siblings rallied the villagers and stormed the castle. They used their powers to slaughter the guards, and when they came into the throne room, the cowerdly lord begged for mercy, offering them whatever they wanted. But all they wanted was his corpse in the ground, and they got that by themselves.

Having killed the lord of the land, the siblings inherited the title. But they proved to be just as bad as the old lord, no doubt due to the influence of the dark deities. Slowly but surely, they conquered their neighboring kingdoms, until the entire land of Aesir was under their control. And one by one, the other eleven nations fell to the Abumagi Empire, and the prisons of the remaining dark deities were revealed. They ruled just as cruelly, if not more so, then the man they so hated and deposed.

Their cruelty did not go unnoticed, however, and they were flung out of their world by the combined powers of the Okarthelian deities, and found themselves in seperate worlds. Frey quickly created a new empire, and now seeks a power that can return him to Okarthel.

Quote: "What are you doing skulking around? Ah, you've heard the rumors... Please, think nothing of those lies, they were created and spread by the rebellion. Come, think no more of it and enjoy the festivities."

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Name: Hugo Ternos

Age: 66

Gender: Male

Species: Western Kaiju

Race: Ametechan

Class: Soldier/Bodyguard

Appearance: Hugo is about nine feet tall, and resembles the classic western dragon standing on its hind legs. His scales, covering all but his stomach, are iron grey. His wings have a 25-foot span He has three clawed fingers or toes on each hand and foot. His eyes are dark blue, and he has no hair. He is very muscular.

Outfits: He most commonly wears steel armor that covers him head to toe, leaving only his muzzle and eyes exposed.

Personality: Very stoic, he never shows fear, reluctance, or hesitation. He mindlessly follows orders from Freya. When he speaks - which isn't often - he uses short words and a gruff tone.

Powers/Skills: He can mentally control metal, and can fly. He is also very strong, and his scales are as hard as steel. He's very good with large weapons.

Weaknesses: His intelligence is quite below average, even for a Kaiju, and is widely believed to be dyslexic. Small weapons, like daggers, are difficult for him to use.

Weapons/Equipment: A specially made battleaxe with a thick handle and a large blade - it is three feet across and two feet high.

Bio: Hugo's family has always served one of the royal families of Okarhtel in some way - as advisors, generals, blacksmiths, and more. Due to his lack of skill in school and incredible strength, Hugo was sent to be a bodyguard in the court of the king of Tiveden in Aesir.

When the city was assimilated into the Abumagi Empire, Hugo was given two choices: serve Lord Frey Abumagi, or die. Even one with his low intelligence could tell what the clear choice was, and has faithfully served as a powerful shock trooper in the Abumagi army since.

Quote: "Hugo SMASH!"

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Jackie the Giant

Name: Sato "Sugar" Spiderwolf.

Age: 22.

Gender: Male.

Race: human.

Appearance: Sugar is on the higher side of average, with a well-muscled body and tanned skin from hours of practice. His face is handsome, with dark green eyes and a radiant smile. His hair is a nearly-white platinum blonde, and naturally spiky. He generally wears a comfortable, solid T-shirt and a pair of sweat pants, with light sneakers.

Weapons/abilities: Sugar is heavily skilled in martial arts, especially the "Dance of Death" style he uses with Spice. He can also take on skilled opponents on his own, though he is not as skilled at it as Spice is. However, he is not all killing, and has the ability to magically heal the wounds of others using a magical stone embedded in the palm of his right hand.

History: Sugar was born in a small village, where he was apprenticed to the local healer. When he turned sixteen, he discovered that his father had promised him for a husband to the chief's daughter, Supaisu "Spice" Hyenasnake. However, when they discovered how well they worked together, they accepted their marriage, though they still were not in love.

Strengths: Sugar is very fast and strong, and has very good reflexes.

Weaknesses: Sugar has a strong dislike for snakes, to the point where he will hang from the chandelier to get away from them.

Personality: Sugar is very self-assured but is more cautious than his fiancee. He always tries to look over a situation and figure out how to work it to his advantage before he jumps in. However, he still jumps in without thinking if the adrenoline gets to him.

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Jackie the Giant

Name: Supaisu "Spice" Hyenasnake.

Age: 21.

Gender: female.

Race: human.

Appearance: Spice is shorter then most, in fact she's considered down-right tiny. She does have muscles under that tiny frame though, which she can prove if you get into a fight with her. She is considered quite pretty in a wild kind of way, with a well-tanned, freckled face and wild, red hair tied back in a messy braid. Her large, grey eyes are normally soft, but snap sparks when someone angers her. She generally dresses in a loose, red tunic that is frankly too big for her but for some reason never seems to get in her way; and black, Chinese-style shoes.

Weapons: Spice is heavily skilled in martial arts, especially the "Dance of Death" which she preforms with Sugar. She can also take on opponents on her own, with her greater speed and agility giving her an advantage against larger, slower opponents. She can also throw knives with great speed and accuracy, and keeps a number of them hidden in her clothes.

History: Spice was born to the chief of a small village, and was known as the village troublemaker. She was absolutely furious when she found out she was engaged to Sugar. However, as they trained together, she learned to like him, if not love him. This did not lower her trouble-making skills any.

Strengths: Spice's small size makes her faster and more agile than her opponents, allowing her to be able to dodge their attacks more easily than larger people would be able to.

Weaknesses: Her small size makes her weaker than her opponents, and more likely to get hurt should they actually land a blow.

Personality: Unlike Sugar, Spice has the tendency to leap before she looks. She hates bullies and will take on anyone, even someone who could easily grind her bones to make his bread (like Hugo). She has a soft spot for children and animals, but that in no way makes her weak. She gets bored easily and will start to literally climb the walls when she does.

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Nice. Did you just come up with those two?

8/14/2011 #161
Jackie the Giant

Nah. I thought them up while listening to a song and reading Ranma 1/2 about a week ago.

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Name: Lisa Cret

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Class: Mage

Appearance: She has light brown skin and black eyes. Her hair is over shoulder-length, is tied into a ponytail, and is dyed dark blue. She's about five feet and three inches tall.

Outfit: A gold colored T-shirt with black trimming and sleeves, and yellow bows on the

sleeves; Blue jean shorts; and red and gold sneakers. Her hair is tied with a light blue ribbon. All her clothing is spelled in order to repel damage and dirt and protect her from harm, especially that caused by magical attacks.

Personality: She can be very cold and vicious, but purposefully hides that behind a mask of unconditional happiness and naitivity. She is very intelligent, speaking with a large vocabulary and understanding things unexpected of in a young girl.

Powers/Skills: She has magical abilities, and specilizes in light and water magic. She is also able to speak Manderin, Spanish, and German in addition to English.

Weaknesses: She is weak both magically and physically.

Weapons/Equipment: A small, golden sword with a ruby star in the middle. It increases the power and effectiveness of Lisa's spells. She also has a spell book that can shrink to the size of a matchbox.

Bio: Lisa's parents were killed by a demon that was rampaging the suburban area in which she lived when she was eleven. Refusing to go into foster care, she became a street urchin, with only the sword and book, magically bequethed onto her at the moment of her parents' deaths. She has devoted her life to fighting demonic creatures, and works tirelessly to increase her magical skills.

Quote: "You actually bought my performance?" -cruel laughter- "Stupid, stupid demon."

8/15/2011 #163

Just using my favorite character. Hope she fits the bill! :)

Name: Luna Mitsa

Age: 16

Gender: female

Race: Human

Appearance: She has a rather doll like face. Long black hair usually in a side braid, bright green eyes that become lighter as she uses her magic. Slightly tanned and rather slim from training, but stands short at only 5'4'' Hunters mark on her left wrist and black wing marks on her back.

Weapons/Abilities: A simple bronze knife given to her by her mentor/Can manipulate energies around her.

History: She had alway been a bit timid, but after being attacked by a bird demon she became terrified of all supernatural beings. She doesn't want to be scared but the memory of it drinking her blood and promising to come for her at age 20 haunts her. The black wings on her back are a constant reminder. Sometime afterwards the hunters discovered she was supernaturally gifted and were ready to kill her. She escaped with the help of her mentor.

Strengths/Weaknesses: She has a strong body from years of training and is quick. Due to her powers she is an excellent tracker/ She's terrified of the dark and becomes distraught during a full moon from the fluxion of energies.

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Jackie the Giant

(You don't have to be approved. You can just jump right in.)

8/16/2011 #165

Name Fernia Sadlment

Age 15

Gender Female

Race Fairy

Appearance She has Brown hair purple eyes heres a pic imgres

Weapons/Abilities, including magic She can control water and fire she can fly and she change into animals. She is very smart and can remember anything she hears sees or says. Oh and talking to animals.

History: Unknown her memory blanked and after a big explosion and her family died. The only thing she remembers before that and that night is bits and pieces.

Other: She has a pet leopard named lyla! That's it except lyla has wings!

Do you have to accept this?

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HEY LOOK IT'S KOBY!!!!! (Sorry needed to say that!)

9/1/2011 #167

HEY LOOK IT'S KOBY!!!!! (Sorry needed to say that!)

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Name: Aliison Beaty

Nick Name: Allie or Beats

Species: Poseidon's daughter.

Gender: female

Appearance: Black long curly hair that reaches her waist, sea green eyes. Is tall for her age. Freckles that rest on her cheek bone and nose, and light pink lips.

Outfit: Wears a teal V-neck shirt that shows her belly button, and a pair of black shorts.

personality: Sweet, kind, and romanitc. Always looking out for people.

Powers: Can control water.

Weakness: Fire and earth.

weapons: Trident

History: Born in the sea and let out by her father to live a normal life until she discovered her powers.

9/15/2011 #169
Lucinda Rose

Name: Lucinda Grigori

Age: She looks 17, but it's really unknown as to what her real age is.

Gender: Female

Race: Witch

Appearance: only her eyes look something like this:

Weapons/Abilities: When she doesn't use magic, her weapon is her dagger, which looks like this: She's very skilled in using the elements as a form of magic, her specialties being storms and water. If she tries hard enough, she can move things with her mind as well and even read minds, but it takes immense concentration on her part.

History: Luce is very mistrustful of people and can be very hard to get along with. She can also be sweet and caring, but due to her rocky past it's hard for her to let her walls down enough to let people see the side of her. Her parents cast her out because of what she was, and she hates them for it, and is slightly bitter to all normal humans, as a rule. She also had a boyfriend, at one time, but he was killed in a freak spell gone wrong, and she's never forgiven herself. Luce is also quite sarcastic, and again, not an easy person to know. But if you have her as a friend, she's a valuable ally.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Luce's strengths are that she's a very quick thinker, and fast on her feet. However, her weaknesses is that she tends to be too noble at times, and that she is easily angered.

9/15/2011 #170
peppermint latte

I hope this is ok...never RP'd before, can't wait :)

Name: Star-child

Age: She resembles and acts like an eight year old

Gender: female

Race: wanderer, baby mystic/space princess

Appearance: She has short pink hair, milky skin, a tiny nose, a rosebud mouth, but there are two large indentations instead of eyes because she can judge a person's character without having to actually see them. Her actual eyes (green) come through the indentations once she's reached maturity.

Weapons/Abilities: She's barely a hatchling, so she doesn't have the full context of her abilities yet. So...she just floats around and tries not to get killed.

History: She was born in one of the many fields of a vast, mist-coated spirit world, and lived there until her environment was devastated by careless royalty. Now, she just wanders around, looking for someone who could possibly raise her until she has full control over her powers.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Star can judge character quite well, and has a calming effect on arguments. However, she can't control anything that happens to her with her powers, and when angry, she's prone to causing large electrical storms and fires.

10/2/2011 #171

Name: Lilia

Age: she wont tell, but she looks to be 15 or over

Gender: Female

Race: She says human, but theres doubt

Appearance: Long, wavy chestnut hair. She's tall enough, and has pale creamy skin. She is slender, not really stick skinny but you could tell she's athletic. She has a 7 inch pink scar running down her left arm. Her eyes are a evergreen color. She is always seen in a silver colored dress that is not exactly new but not an ugly thing either.

Weapons/Abilities, including magic: she carries a dagger wherever she goes, and the hilt is fitted perfectly to her hand. She also has a bow and three arrows. no one knows if she does magic or not.

History: The characters past. Can be labelled as unknown if you want. Include personality here. : Lilia is very quiet, and mysterious. she doesnt trust easily, and she doesnt talk about her background. Everyone outside her inner circle is slightly intimidated. She only reveals things to people who know her best.

Strengths/Weaknesses: no one knows, but you can tell she is perceptive and quick on wit

10/27/2011 . Edited 10/27/2011 #172
I hope this RP is still going. It looks fun! :) Name: Iago (Iggy) Age: Appears to be around 27 or so Gender: Male Race: Demon Appearance: He is lean and tall. His hair is red and black. Bangs cover his left eye, and horns like a ram's stick out of the sides of his head. There are two gold rings around each horn. He usually wears a sort of vest that has a tall collar, and is unbuttoned. It only goes down to his mid torso. He normally doesn't wear a shirt underneath. Black pants. Bandages around his wrists. Weapons/Abilities: Some simple magic and a small amount of telekinesis. He also has some powerful dark magic up his sleeves, but he won't use it unless absolutely necessary. Two daggers; one is poisoned. History: Unknown (He doesn't talk about his past very often.) Personality: Grins a lot. Wily, cheerful, he can be a bit lazy at times. If one was to befriend him, he would make a pretty good team mate. Once he warms up to you he can be a very likable person. Strengths/Weaknesses: He is fast and agile. He isn't as strong as others, but he delivers quick blows with his daggers. He tends to go all out instead of waiting and planning. So an intelligent, quick thinking opponent would be harder for him to deal with.
11/30/2011 #173
Ah! Sorry about the block of a post. I don't know why it did that...
11/30/2011 #174
Jackie the Giant

The original stroyline isn't going anymore, but I'll RP with you.

Name: Jonrad Fissilisk

Age: 45 Earth years, 16 Tellian years.

Gender: male.

Species: Tellian.

Appearance: Jonrad is about 10 feet tall, and actually rather scrawny looking. His skin is dark green, his shaggy hair is white and his eyes are big, innocent and light green. He wears silky red pants and a matching shirt.

Personality: Jonrad is very gentle and innocent. He is always very careful around beings smaller than he is especially humans for fear of hurting them. He is also very childlike and can become fascinated by the most simple things. However, if you maim or kill one of his loved ones then you had better be ready for the smack-down of your life.

Abilities: Jonrad has incredible strength, despite his scrawiness, and can lift a fallen tree with reletive ease. He can also break human bones without even trying. He is also much more durable than a human. Whereas a swinging tree trunk could break a human's ribs, it would only bruise his.

Likes: Playing, exploring, all animals except guinea hens, sunshine, making friends, rain, blackberries, and running.

Dislikes: people getting mad at him, people fearing him, guinea hens, hurting people and getting hurt.

Fears: Tight spaces, becoming a monster and thunderstorms.

12/1/2011 . Edited 12/2/2011 #175
We can rp with no approval you don't need one but let's make it revive!!!!
12/2/2011 #176
Jackie the Giant

Yeah! :) I could even make a new thread so that we can start clean if you want.

12/2/2011 . Edited 12/2/2011 #177
Or we could just continue the one we're on?
12/2/2011 #178
Jackie the Giant

Um... too late. I already made a new one. But I could continue on the one we're on as well. I can roleplay multi-task. :D

12/2/2011 #179
So can I might late reply!
12/2/2011 #180
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