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Jackie the Giant

Wait a second. We don't have a Roleplay that we're already doing on this one. The one we're on is called "Another Roleplaying Forum".

12/2/2011 #181
really then why do I have this? Wait well I'll make a charrie for this one?
12/2/2011 #182
Jackie the Giant

Sure. Why not? :)

12/2/2011 #183
I don't know how I get emails from this?
12/2/2011 #184
Jackie the Giant

Well, if you press the button marked "Topic subscription" then it will send you an E-mail when someone posts on this forum. Though, I've found that if you delete too many of the E-mails then they stop coming. I still haven't figured out how to get them back yet.

12/2/2011 #185
but i didn't where do you live {like country if america state}
12/2/2011 #186
Jackie the Giant

I live in Indiana. Why?

12/2/2011 #187
Name: Kina Karter Age: 15 Gender: Female Race: A Syren {In human form} Appearance: Different to anyone she is the most beautiful girl to anyone that see's her. Changes form. Personality: Very quit but always flipping hair. Loves to sing. She is very statistic and always planning ahead. Very good with her mind and with weapons. Agile smart strong. Weapons: She is ver good with every weapon and can make her teeth sharp very sharp. History: She lived on an island with her great husband who was a greek warrior before one day headed off when her youngest daughter turned 13. She still weeps at night as she was cursed that when her youngest daughter turned 6 something bad will happen to her. She asked for help but the spell will only last 10 years. Strengths: She is a very good fighter and can make anyone do what she ask's Weakness' when she doesn't get her way she shows her true form but very rarely does that Oh and she has powers like the gods as in can make wind and transform into animals
12/2/2011 . Edited 12/2/2011 #188
Because I was wondering what time zone do you still go to school? {Sound like a stalker but I live in Ny long island and still goes to school I was wondering why you aren't at school i have a day off ]
12/2/2011 #189
Jackie the Giant

I believe I'm on the same timezone as you (Eastern Standard, right?). I go to college, so I just don't have any classes schedualed for today.

12/2/2011 #190
{kkXD! Cause a lot of people were asking me that1}
12/2/2011 #191
Jackie the Giant

Yeah, I've been asked that a couple of times now. :)

12/2/2011 #192
12/2/2011 #193

Hope this character is okay...

Name: Alice Rosenwood

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Elf

Appearance: She's tall with a lean running build. She has Long flowing blond hair and icy blue eyes. She has a scar going down her left cheek, pale skin and blood red lips.

Weapons/Abilities: A mage staff

History: Born and raised in the wild Alice prefers to do things her way, but is always open to some friendly discussion. She's non-trusting and has issues with people getting to close to her. She's constantly pushing people away and is used to going her own way. She's, however, very loving and kind if she gets to know you, but it will take time.

Strengths/Weaknesses: She's not afraid of any beast or animal related creature, but has a general fear of humans and human-like people. She's a great swimmer, and has a slight immunity to earth magic, but is very weak against fire.

10/15/2012 #194


Age 12


race:he is made of Chaos it self in a human form

Weapons abilities:He causes any bad thing to happen to anyone that p*** him off A scythe

history :being lock away in a room for years never ageing he hated everything and everyone not one person liked him

strengths/weaknesses:Demi-Gods women??uses control of chaos to win and a

10/16/2012 #195


gender: male

age: 223

race:wood Elf

appearance: tall, lean and well toned body, three large scars going across his face; a brown long sleeved tunic with a green vest over the tunic and brown trousers, a brown leather scarf across his neck.

skin color:Caucasian


hair color: white

hair style: short and rugged with a long braid going from the top of his head to his shoulder

tattoos:has a tattoo of a realistic tree root going up both his arms

weight: between 150-170

special abilities: magic user, werewolf

personality: calm, stoic, gentle, loner, thinker, shy

fear: silver, full moon

background: born in a small wood Elf village he lived a very normal life until he was attacked by a werewolf, he was quickly banished from his home and the forest. It took him years but he finally learned to control his powers and though has saved him more than once is still considered a curse though he accepts it as a part of himself. He is now a mercenary adventurer who goes questing to earn money to survive, never staying in one place for more than a few nights he has seen and experienced a lot. Young for a wood Elf he is wise for his age because of his travels. He usually surrounds himself around wolves, they seem to see him as one of them do to his curse. He distances himself away from people to hide his curse, especially during a full moon because he is unable to control his curse on a full moon, going completely animal.

Likes: smoking heroine, meditating, wolves

weapons: elven sword, bow, knife

weakness: due to being a were wolf he is very vulnerable to silver weapons, he also is weak against physical attacks, magic can only be used for a limited time before it runs out, then he is exhausted, his werewolf form only lasts a few minutes then he needs to rest before he can use it again, the full moon makes him automatically go feral and become a werewolf without control over it.

1/21/2015 #196

Name Alexandra Bastiel

Age 18

Gender female

Race Half dragon half human

Appearance (She has a long white tail with fluffy fur/feathers at the end.

Weapons/Abilities, including magic She uses the sword shown in the picture and she has air manipulation magic and can heal.

History Unknown

Personality she is aggressive and grumpy but she has a soft side. She is kind and happy and bubbly and air-headed/forgetful.

Strengths/Weaknesses She is fairly strong and is good with her sword and knows her magic quite well, as for weaknesses... Alexandra is forgetful and will turn her back on an enemy. She will always rush to help a friend, disregarding whatever else is happening around her.

3/4/2015 #197
The tuba man

Name: Audrey


Gender: female

Race: half elf

Appearance: she has crimson red hair with jet black tips

Weapons/Abilities: a bow, with unlimited generating bows in the quiver, and deflector gauntlets.

History: unknown

Strengths/Weaknesses: weakened around people she likes, and she is very fast with her bow and arrows.

11/1/2015 #198
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