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Love's Enemy


8/14/2008 #91

Caleb examined his the table top. "People are stronger than they look. You'd be surprised at what they can survive."

8/14/2008 #92

Leaf was sitting alittle ways away from the two, in human form, she was playing with a strand of her light green hair quitely.

8/14/2008 #93

Caleb looked at his arms, feeling nervous. The skin was painfully lined with trails of silver. "I can't even remember making them ..." he whispered.

8/14/2008 #94

Leaf walked over "Hmm?" she blinked seeing the trails of silver "What happened?" she asked softly.

8/14/2008 #95

"I did, funny enough."

8/14/2008 #96

Leaf smiled and turned into Lannd Forme shaymin, she landed on the ground, she scurried up Celab's leg, onto his back then onto his shoulder "You did? why would you do something like that?" she asked telepathically.

8/14/2008 #97

Caleb shrugged. "I was drunk. It seemed like an idea .... who are you, by the by?"

8/14/2008 #98

"In this form i'm Shaymin, my other form is alsoo Shaymin, when I'm human I am Leaf." Leaf said.

8/14/2008 #99

"That's not complicated at all."

8/14/2008 #100

"Ssomehow I think you are being sarcastic."

8/14/2008 #101

Caleb shrugged, then suddenly became aware of how close she wasd, and jumped up to shake her off, almost flinging fire.

8/14/2008 #102

Leaf, right before she hit the ground morphed to sky form and floated up to eye level "What thje heck was that for?!:

8/14/2008 #103

Caleb took a step back and looked down, defiantly refusing to answer.

((Gots ta go.))

8/14/2008 #104


Leaf turned back to her human form and turned away, thinking he thought she was weirdd or something as she went to the living room.

8/14/2008 #105
Imagination 5

(Hey Tori, be on tomorrow!)

"Good morning Leaf," smiled Rose. "Would you like some breakfast?"

8/14/2008 #106

"No thank you Roose." Leaf turned into Shaymin's land form and scurried up onto Rose's head, sighing.

8/14/2008 #107

Caleb watched them, lowering his head even more, feeling distinctly pathetic.

8/15/2008 #108
Imagination 5

"You haven't eaten much Caleb," said Rose concernedly.

8/15/2008 #109

[good morning]

Leaf watched Caleb, wondering why he was acting the way he was, she bristledd her green fur slightly and watcched from atop Rose's head.

8/15/2008 #110
Imagination 5

(Morning Tori! I made a villain, who I hope will be like Nightshade. Would you please make someone she can capture?)

Rose sighed and buttered a piece of bread, offering it up to Leaf on her head.

8/15/2008 #111

[xD Ok.]

"Arigato." Leaf said, taking the toast from Rose and jumped off, landing on the table with a soft thud,

8/15/2008 #112
Imagination 5

(Thank you! Want to be a mod?)

You're welcome," replied Rose, eating a piece of unbuttered bread. "So how have you been, Leaf?"

8/15/2008 . Edited 8/15/2008 #113

"I suppose I can't coomplain." Leaf aid, biting on the toast.

8/15/2008 #114
Imagination 5

Rose smiled and bit into her bread, sipping a strong cup of coffee.

8/15/2008 #115

[Sure! Id likw to be a mod ^_^]

"How have you been?" Leaf asked.

[My new char is gunna be like Julie =D]

8/15/2008 #116
Imagination 5

"As good as can be expected in this cursed suburb," said Rose sadly.

(Sounds good!)

8/15/2008 #117

[hehe....I already have a basic idea on what she looks like, erace, age and personallty, now I need to figure out a good history xD]

"Then why do we stay here? We can leave anytime we wish, but for some reason, we wish to stay."

8/15/2008 #118
Imagination 5


(She'll be hurt, to show just how evil my villain is!)

(How about she wandered into the forest and is lost. My villain could capture her!)

"The town is... divided on our course of action," sighed Rose.

8/15/2008 #119

[a hurt Celebi'morph....dude thats EVIL xD]

Leaf turned human, sitting on the table she said "But why do WE, why WE I mean me, you, Caleb and Clark must suffer just because the rest of the town can not make up there minds?!" the pink flower in her hair started to glow white dangerously.

8/15/2008 #120
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