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"Didn't care to check."

8/18/2008 #151
Imagination 5

"I see." Rose stood up and bega walking for the door, opening it to see the mist fading.

8/18/2008 #152

Caleb blinked, then retreated again. "Sorry .... you don't treat me good, so I .... I'm such an idiot!"

8/18/2008 #153
Imagination 5

Rose looked at him. "You are not an idiot. You are a witch, correct?"

8/18/2008 #154

"Yeah .... why?"

8/18/2008 . Edited 8/18/2008 #155

[heyy imagination, can ya post in Alison's Lair plz?]

8/18/2008 #156
Imagination 5

"I can tell. You're fleeing from someone, right?" asked Rose. "I want the truth, please."

8/18/2008 #157

Caleb glared at her, defiantly. "I cannot tell you that!"

8/18/2008 #158
Imagination 5

"You can trust me, Caleb," said Rose gently. "Whoever is pursuing you, whoever yiou fled from, must be dangerous for you to risk coming here."

8/18/2008 #159

Caleb shook his head. "I came here clueless. Nothing's bad and nothing happened! So just stop talking about it!"

8/18/2008 #160
Imagination 5

"As you wish," replied Rose. "I'm always here if you change your mind." She began to heat up bread for toast.

(Anyone here from Ireland perchance?)

8/18/2008 #161

((I am.))

"We just ate," Caleb muttered sullenly.

8/18/2008 #162
Imagination 5

(Me too!)

"Well I'm hungry," replied Rose.


8/18/2008 #163

((Yaay! Is it raining where you are?))

Caleb shook his head and took the bread off her. "You don't do toast like that," he muttered, his own hands heating the bread. He handed it back to her. "It'll be to burnt."

8/18/2008 #164
Imagination 5

(No, luckily. Where do you live?)

"Thanks," smiled Rose, taking a bite.

8/18/2008 #165

((Sunny south east, and you?))

Caleb sighed. "It's nothing .... Rose? I've spent three years trying to get over her. Please, it's still too raw for me to discuss it freely."

8/18/2008 #166
Imagination 5

"Of course. When you're ready," nodded Rose.

8/18/2008 #167

Leaf walked over to Rose in hedgehog form and crawled up her leg and onto her shoulder, whimpering slightly.

8/18/2008 #168

Caleb blinked. "Is she alright?"

8/18/2008 #169
Imagination 5

(Rainy north.)

"What is it?" asked Rose, looking at Leaf on her shoulder.

8/18/2008 . Edited by Fox-Lover-Tori, 8/18/2008 #170

((Something got screwed up there ...))

Caleb waited, twisting his hands.

8/18/2008 #171

"" Leaf, still in hedgehog form, passed out from pain.

8/18/2008 #172

"Hurting? Who's hurting who?" Caleb spluttered, panic wrapping around his chest.

8/18/2008 #173
Imagination 5


Rose caught Leaf before she hit the ground, careful to avoid her spikes. "Leaf!" she gasped.

8/18/2008 #174
Tsurugi no Fuuin

Matthias appeared and looked around.

8/18/2008 #175

Caleb looked at Rose. "What did she mean?!"

8/18/2008 #176
Imagination 5

(Fuuin, Matthias has to have either lived in the suburbs his whole life or come in through the forest. ^_^)

"I don't know," replied Rose. "Seribi. Who is that?"

8/18/2008 #177

"Serebii.....Guardian of Time...The Voice of the Forest.....sister......" Leaf said weakly, opening her eyes slightly, shaking immensely.

8/18/2008 . Edited 8/18/2008 #178

"I don't know ...." He paused. "I - can't - breathe!"

8/18/2008 . Edited 8/18/2008 #179
Imagination 5

"Your sister?" asked Rose.

She turned to Caleb, alarmed. "What?"

8/18/2008 #180
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