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Tsurugi no Fuuin

(Oh. Someone needs to tell me these things next time, why didn't you tell me on FF?)

8/18/2008 #181

Caleb shook. "I - can' - breathe .....!" he gasped, panic making it even harder.

8/18/2008 . Edited 8/18/2008 #182
Imagination 5


"Calm down," said Rose, running over to him. "Take deep breaths."

8/18/2008 #183

Caleb shook his head, glaring. He gasped and looked over at Leaf. "Is - she -okay?"

8/18/2008 #184
Imagination 5

"She's fine," said Rose worriedly. "Are you? What's wrong?"

8/18/2008 #185

"I....must...find....Seri!"" Leaf turned human and stated to stumble out of the house, eyes blurred by s much painshe had to move by feel alone.

8/18/2008 #186

Caleb stood up, his breathing still erratic. "I'm fine ..."

((Must go! Byebye.))

8/18/2008 #187
Imagination 5


Rose stood and ran after Leaf. "You're going nowhere," she said firmly.

8/18/2008 #188

"Why...not?" Leaf asked, frowning.

8/18/2008 #189
Imagination 5

"You are very weak and hurt," said Rose. "You need to rest."

8/18/2008 #190

"I feel half the pain another legendary feels! If this iss how hurt i am, imagine how bad Seri has it!" Leaf said.

8/18/2008 #191
Imagination 5

"Who on earth could be doing this?" asked Rose, shocked at the agony this Seri must be feeling.

(We've gotten to the number one page in fantasy forums! Yay! *Produces more alcohol.*)

8/18/2008 #192

"I...don't....know...." Leaf said, sdhaking slightly ".....we have to help Serebii!" Leaf said weakly as her knees collapsed from under her.

8/18/2008 #193
Imagination 5

"We'll do it as soon as we get some help," promised Rose.

(GTG in ten minutes. I've started reading Twilight!)

8/18/2008 #194


Leaf curled into the fetal position "....O-okay..."

8/18/2008 #195
Imagination 5

Rose sent soft white magic into Leaf to ease her pain.


8/18/2008 . Edited 8/18/2008 #196

"We need to find this person," Caleb whispered.

8/18/2008 #197

Leaf closed her eyes, soon relaxing as she fell asleep in the fetal poaition.

8/18/2008 #198
Imagination 5

Rose shook Leaf awake after a few hours and nodded to Caleb. "It's time."

8/19/2008 #199

Caleb nodded once and stood up.

8/19/2008 #200
Imagination 5

"You are well rested?" asked Rose.

(Do you want to make a villain to help mine?)

8/19/2008 #201

((You mean me?))

"As well as I have been in three years ... nightmares."

8/19/2008 #202
Imagination 5

Rose grimaced in sympathy.

(Yeah. If you don't want to it's OK.)

8/19/2008 #203

((Sure! ^^ Maybe Caleb's old owner ... hmm ....))

Caleb smiled. "They're getting better since I stopped drinking. Funny, huh?"

8/19/2008 #204
Imagination 5

(Sounds good.)

Rose chuckled, then looked at Leaf and sighed.

"I feel so sorry for her," she said quietly.

8/19/2008 #205

"I know ... funny how something so small can make me care for more that me."

8/19/2008 #206
Imagination 5

Rose nodded in agreement. "Pity about the pain she's going through," she added.

8/19/2008 #207

"Ignore it long enough and it isn't even there. It's good she's asleep."

8/19/2008 #208
Imagination 5

"True," smiled Rose.

8/19/2008 #209

"You'll have to wake her up, though ...."

8/19/2008 #210
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