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Imagination 5

This is where to go if you want to see how the storyline's going. I'll update it regularly.

Rose and her allies in the Jalaria Suburbs are trying their best to protect themselves from the mysterious beings that come to attack them in the night. The attacks are getting more harsh and violent every month and the group is getting desperate.

After a strangely quiet night, a demon named Dante found an badly injured man in the nearby Dark Forest. After being taken to the suburbs he soon died.

A Poke'morph named Seri came through the Dark Forest to see her sister, Leaf. However, an evil woman named Alison captured her.

Alison began to torture Seri and Leaf, feeling her pain, knew she was in trouble. Rose, Leaf and a witch named Caleb entered the forest to save Seri.

Alison met a witch named Summer who was chasing Caleb and they became allies. Alison sent her beast familiar, Cerberus to capture Rose, Leaf and Caleb. They are trapped in Alison's lair.

After Leaf admits to fancy Caleb, Seri and Leaf manage to come up with a plan, sadly the plan fails and only Caleb and the sisters were able to escape from the lair.

When the disheartened trio return to the suburbs, Leaf feels like it is her fault the plan failed because of her, so, secretly she is planning on invading the lair by herself, feeling it is her responsibility.

Leaf disappears and Seri spites at Caleb and goes after Leaf into the Dark Forest.

Meanwhile Celab is stunned and angered and goes into the Dark Forest, but he gets captured, Rose breaks away from Alison and attacks the witch, Rose wins but Caleb gained a nasty head injury in the process.

Leaf is still in the Dark Forest, having plans to try to end this war for good. Seri doesn't try to stop her reckless sister.

After Leaf attacks Alison, the witch retreats, Leaf and Seri return to the Suburbs, Leaf nearly has a break down when she sees Caleb.

Leaf admits all of her feelings but only receives a scolding, mortified she traps herself in a cocoon, Rose, not wanting to have Leaf heartbroken makes Caleb talk to Leaf.

Soon they resolve they're issues with Leaf giving Caleb a kiss.

Rose then leads them into the Dark Forest, they are soon confronted by Alison, Leaf attacks but is scolded by Caleb, she goes ahead, she had noticed that Caleb seems to only care for Rose, so she is now doubting his caring for her, Seri has also noticed Caleb's actions.

Leaf and Caleb have a talk after Seri convinces him to talk to her, it turns out that Caleb was acting the way he was because Rose is his new owner, and now has to protect her, Leaf understands and falls asleep, a hankerchief and Caleb's belt around her arm because she had started cutting her arm.

Seri beams at her work as Caleb lets Leaf rest her head on his shoulder as she sleeps.

Alison attacked the group again, warning them that if they left the forest, she would come with them and inflict her powers on the world. Unfazed by her attempts to discourage them, Caleb forced her back with fire, protecting Rose, Seri and Leaf.

A new enemy came to the surface named Xelox, a Darkrai Poke'morph from Leaf's past who has a dangerous and violent obsession with her. Caleb, Leaf and Seri managed to fight him off, but he plans to return and try again. Leaf is terrified of this new threat.

Leaf and Caleb have a fight, which results in Leaf running into the forest, only to be attacked by Xelos. Seri goes to find her sister and is horrified by what she sees. Meanwhile, Summer tries to take Caleb back into her custody again. Seri convinces Summer to let Caleb go to Leaf, and Leaf attacks Summer, only to discover Summer can still use Caleb as a shield.

Leaf is kidnapped by Xelos and taken to New Moon Island. Seri, Rose and Caleb follow in the hopes of saving her, managing to leave Summer behind. When the trio arrive, they find Leaf mostly dead. Seri and Caleb manage to free her, and Caleb admits that he loves her just before she dies. Seri, Rose and Caleb are now trying to find a way to revive her.

The trio arrive at the Hall of Origin, and Leaf is revived. Just as they are all getting ready to leave, Xelos arrives, planning to finish what he started. Caleb taunts him, and is hurt. Xelos finds Leaf to be a good deal feistier than she was when she punches him in the face from rage. They get away, and head back to the Dark Forest, Xelos follows and restarts the fight. Rose holds him at bay for a while, but he manages to knock Leaf out and threaten her once again.

Xelox managed to escape from Rose and trapped Leaf and Seri in a cocoon of darkness. They were released but Xelox erased her memory of Caleb and Rose. Xelox, Summer and Alison teamed up to attack the group but Rose used a spell to get them to the Topaz fields, where Xelox attacked again making an evil copy of Leaf. A warrior, Rizenburg, repelled them off.

The party retreated to the nearby 'Seabreeze Harbour', after a poison gas attack left Leaf close to death. After a quick day of recovering, the group was attacked by Alison and Summer, but surprisingly, Xelos came to their defense. Whilst Xelos kept them busy, the group retreated and 'bought' the boat, The Drifter, of which immediately set out to sea.

During the trip, Seri revealed the fact that she was actually under Xelos' control, because of when he cocooned her in darkness. This was when she 'mistakenly' threw her overboard. The group had to save her before drowning, resorting to CPR, or Mouth-to-mouth respiration.

Almost immediately after Leaf regained consciousness, Seri threw Leaf overboard one more time. Then, Xelos and Grass (D.Leaf) appeared. And with Seri, all attacked the ship at the same time. Rizenburg, in a last-ditch effort to save the crew, summoned up his 'SoulMage', a master spellcaster. In the battle, Xelos cut Leaf and threw Seri overboard after she lost her 'usefulness'. The SoulMage froze Seri and Leaf, and a final combined attack drove Xelos and Grass away. 2 Lugias retrieved Seri and Leaf from the Ice, and Ho-Oh helped heat them back up to normal. Rizenburg was severely knocked out after this, having spent all of his energy.

Unexpectedly, Xelos still remained on the ship, and, after a surprising encounter between him and Rose, an interesting question began to form: Does he have feelings for Rose?

After Xelos disappeared, Caleb suddenly turned a cold shoulder to Leaf, who retreated below decks. Seri, in a rage began to lecture Caleb, who then went below decks to try and apologies to Leaf.

Summer appeared in an attempt to kill Seri and take back Caleb. To keep Caleb and Leaf safe, she locked them below decks. Both Caleb and Leaf attempted to force their way through the door, but Leaf slipped and twisted her ankle. She had to turn her arm into a human 'skeleton key' to unlock the door, and let Caleb out to help drive Summer back.

Alison appeared to help kill Seri, but after Leaf's concentrated effort, sent spears of water at Alison, impaling her and driving her away. At this, Summer too ran away. Whilst the battle was in motion, Xelos appeared before Rose once more, to properly introduce themselves to each other, before disappearing once more.

However, because of Caleb's cold shoulder before, Leaf too began turning a cold shoulder to Caleb, but after Seri talked to Leaf for a bit, both Caleb and Leaf grew closer to each other once more. After some advice from 'Doctor Caleb', as Leaf termed it, she decided to try and talk to Seri, to stop her from forcing Caleb to advance the relationship.

After Seri had apologised to Caleb, Xelos appeared before Rose, and after a quick conversation, both spent some 'intimate' time together. Afterwards, Xelos told Rose that Leaf need not worry about him anymore, before disappearing. As Rose exited from the Captain's Cabin, she avoided answering directly any questions formed to her. She also passed on Xelos' message, and after the group did a quick brainstorm, deduced that Xelos and Rose have started up a substantially deep relationship.

After the brainstorm, in an attempt to start the relationship between Leaf and Caleb again, Rizenburg proposed for them to 'kiss and make up', which had disastrous results; Caleb rejected the notion, claiming inability for a serious relationship. Leaf retreated below decks again, whilst Seri began to formulate a new plan.

Rizenburg had a quick talk with Seri about the time when they dueled, of which it was proved that Seri has no proper recollection of the time, neither does she have recollection of casting dark magic.

After Rose appeared once more, Caleb began arguing with her about whether Xelos has had a proper change of heart. Xelos himself appeared in an attempt to prove to Caleb that he truly has had a change of heart. Soon enough, Caleb conceded defeat, leaving them alone. He soon met Seri, who then told Caleb about the idea of 'mercy killing', and that Leaf has gone so far as that, which Caleb hastily rejected the idea.

Whilst this was happening, in Alison's lair, a new antagonist comes in; Rowan, Summer's Sister who has just graduated from Wicca College, i.e. a College for witches. After a brief discussion, both Summer and Rowan set out back to the boat in a renewed attack.

During the attack, Leaf came up above deck and used the disorganised situation in a suicide attempt, jumping over the railing of the boat. Seri jumped overboard in an attempt to save her, but Rose picked her back up again. While this was happening, Caleb and Rowan were duelling, and after Rose had put Seri back on board, she went in search of Leaf, but before being pulled under the waves, told Rose that 'Caleb has done too much wrong....I gave him my heart and soul.....and he crushed both....'

After noticing Leaf had thrown herself overboard, Caleb himself disengaged the battle with Rowan, jumping overboard in order to save Leaf. Rowan renewed her attack against Seri, but Xelos, due to his change of heart, summoned light magic against Rowan. Summer attempted to attack Caleb and Leaf, but Seri stopped her just in time. In a rage, she attacked Seri instead, whilst Rowan was busy with Xelos.

Soon afterwards, Caleb retrieved Leaf from the waves, and using Seri's psychic magic, lifted them on board. At this, Rowan and Summer retreated. Seri, in an attempt to push-start the relationship again, told Caleb to start mouth-to-mouth respiration with Leaf. Rose meanwhile was forcing out the water from Leaf's lungs with magic. After a sarcastic remark, she stopped. Caleb, confused, made Seri even angrier, who then stripped Leaf of her soul, forcing it into a green ball, offering it to Caleb who, in a rage, retorted that Seri was 'worse than Summer'. Mockingly, Seri told Caleb that all he was, was 'just a pretty face'. In this time, Leaf's soul was shaking angrily.

(Wow, a lotta things have wonder we're in the top ten now!)

Another card has come into play, as a new nemesis, Domovoi, appears. He claims Rizenburg killed him over 80 years ago, and is hunting him for the purpose of revenge. With the help of Caleb, they drove him back.

Soon afterward, a small meteorite struck the ocean, very close to The Drifter. Seri and Rizenburg went out to investigate, bringing a small ring back to the ship with them. The ring had strange words inscribed all over it, of which only Leaf could read, and even then, small amounts only.

After a brief period of studying the ring, where Leaf put it on, causing her to levitate above the deck, an Anthro Hawk, named Jet, appeared, demanding the Ring from Leaf, or as he calls it, the 'Ark of the Cosmos'. He also reveals that he too has one of these rings.

After a quick battle, Jet retreated, leaving the group to study the ring even further. But soon afterwards, Xelos appeared, giving them a book that seemed to contain large amounts of information about the ring, before disappearing again.

Leaf, being able to read small amounts of the text, began translating all that she could pick out. It is with this, that the group drew some very interesting conclusions...

After some time to pool their conclusions, the ship was attacked by an army of robots. Though in the end they retreated, they were only there as a distraction; their real target was Leaf, and the 'Ark of the Cosmos' she was carrying. A black robot kidnapped her, and escaped with the remaining robots.

The group go to a island known as Gigan Rocks, there they meet up with a princess of the Gigan Rocks ho wirlds the third of the Arks Of The Cosmos but soon it was snagged by Jet, soon after Jert and Caleb race for another Ark Of The Cosmos, thanks to Hot tactics Caleb got the Ark Of The Cosmos.

Jet, enraged raced to the Gigan Rocks ruins which Leaf had been hiding from the robots, Jet strips her of her Ark and in the ruins was the last Ark Of The Cosmos, Now he only needs to get Caleb's....but one question lingers; What Does Jet want with The Arks Of The Cosmos?

Back on the ship, Seri and Rizenburg sstart talking and Leaf comvinces Rizenburg to show Seri his face, after revealing his face Seri gives him a hug and tells that it dosen't matter whatt of outside appearences, it's whats on the inside that counts.

Jet arrives and steals the last Ark of Cosmos, opening a black hole which sucks Leaf in. Seri and Caleb follow in a panic, and find that Leaf has been possessed by a robot of some form. After a brief battle between Robot Leaf and Caleb, which Caleb wins, the robot is driven out and Leaf is normal again. Relieved, Caleb kisses Leaf, and finally commits to the relationship.

The trio arrive back on the Drifter, but don't have long to relax. Rowan appears and transports the Drifter to Halis, how to Wica Collage for Witches. A woman named Ms Halstad escorts them to her office and demands an explaination. she reveals she taught Rowan and Summer, and is disappointed in them for their choices in the use of magic. She also expresses worry that they will be no match for the two sisters, and is worried for her students.

Summer and Rowan attacked and killed Ms Halstad, destroying the college in the process. The group fled to the seedy Dark Blossom club, finding a cruel man named Edwardo forcing a girl called Yelena to dance. Yelena's elemental powers came out and she badly injured Edwardo. The group fled, Rose taking the drifter out of Halis.

Rowan turned Edwardo into a vampire to save his life, as Alison transported the group to the medieval town of Valassine.

In Valasine, the group met Rika, a spirit, and Edmond, a magic card manipulator. However, Alison interrupted a dance ceremony, and was killed by Rika. Rowan appeared and took her energy.

It was revealed that Rika's friend, Hanyu, had met Rose before and had been the one to trap Jalaria in a closed timeline.

It soon emerged that Yelena had been arrested by the Royal Court for using magic, which was forbidden in that town. The group defeated King Marcile, with the help of Hanyu, and escaped his Bind, which nullified all magic. The group was nvited then to the Wangatashi which Rika simplified as 'Cotton Drifting Festival'

At the Cotton Drifting Festival, Rika was killed with a spear trap, and Marcile, pursuing the group, was brutally killed by Rowan. After that the group went back to a inn in Valasine which revealed itself that Elizabeth had perished to unknown reasons.

A new arc in the stpory begins as Yelena foresees a prophecy after Seri and Leaf are kiddnapped by a cloaked figure. Which tells of Leaf and Seri dying but when the remaining group arrives at the Dark Crater. It turns out that the sisters have been brainwashed and erased of almost all memory except for the ones the girls held to them the most. Seri le Caleb go so 'Shemini' which Leaf was told as she was brain washed, was her name. She and Seri were made the Princesses Of Darkness.

Caleb talked to Shemini and just as Caleb was just about to break through the spell. The figure who kidnapped Seri and Leaf appeared and forbid Leaf from loving Caleb.

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Imagination 5

Character List

Note: You need to have your charcter rp here to be considered a real character. If you make one, then abandon them, they won't be on this list.

Good **

Rose- Age unknown- Keeper

Caleb- 19- Witch

Leaf- 18- Poke'morph

Seri- Unknown- Poke'morph

Rizenburg- 24- Human

Kess- Unknown- Warrior

Dante- Unknown- Demon

Frix- 36- Redow


Evil **

Alison- Unknown- Immortal Human/Witch

Summer- 36- Witch

Rowan- 18- Witch

Domovoi- Unknown- Half Human Half Demon


Neutral **

Xelos- Unknown- Poke'morph

Jet- 14- Anthro Hawk

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ok really hoping you'll approve my character for RP cuz i really wanna hop in :P hope this forum isnt completely dead..... but if you do approve my character Lilia would be on good/neautral. so.... um... if you could message me back stating where or if we are picking up in story line cuz every other RP forum is pretty much dead.

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