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Imagination 5

A deep, dark forest a few miles away from the suburbs. Noone has ever lived to explore its deeper reaches.

8/12/2008 #1
Imagination 5

A man ran through the woods fast. He was tired of hiding in the suburbs from demons and evil beings. He would be free and do what noone else had done before.

Escape Jalaria Suburbs through the Dark Forest.

8/12/2008 #2

"Tsk." Then he heard footsteps, fast mabye they were running. By the soundof the footfalls it was possibly a man.

8/13/2008 #3
Imagination 5

(Sorry, computer crashed.)

Suddenly the man was grabbed by the neck, claws hooking around his windpipe and dragging him into a ditch. For a moment there was screams, then silence.

8/13/2008 #4

Dante followed the screams until they stopped. They he slowly walked towards the deep breating he heard.

8/13/2008 #5
Imagination 5

A large beast leapt out of the bushes, dashing away through the trees at unnatural speeds.

8/13/2008 #6

"Oh no you don't." Dante spread his odd wings and followed the beast, matching it's speed with ease.

8/13/2008 #7
Imagination 5

The beast howled and suddenly the forest grew even more dark, so that only the sound of pounding footsteps was audible.

8/13/2008 #8

"I am not afraid of you weakling." Dante spoke, forming a black mana (or chakra) bow, an arrow formed and he shot it. The arrow split into a hundred arrows as they rained down on the forest.

8/13/2008 #9
Imagination 5

The sound of pounding footsteps continued, then suddenly stopped as black wings leapt from the beasts back. The darkness cleared and the same black mist that had come into the town was all that was visible.

8/13/2008 #10

"*Beep*" Dante snarled.

8/13/2008 #11
Imagination 5

Rose's voice spoke in Dante's head.

A man is in the bushes. He is badly injured. Bring him to me.

8/13/2008 #12

Why should I? Dante asked.

8/13/2008 #13
Imagination 5

If you don't, I will. Rose's voice sounded exasperated and impatient.

8/13/2008 #14

Fine then get off your lazy behind. Dante replied.

8/13/2008 #15
Imagination 5

A moment later Rose walked swiftly into the wood, balancing on her white walking stick. She took a man out of the bushes. He had no wounds, but was chalky pale. Rose lifted him with surprising strength, leading him back to the Jalaria Suburbs.

8/13/2008 #16

"Oh strong girl strong girl." dante tormented from the air.

((I g2g!! Bye.))

8/13/2008 #17

"Hello?! Anyone out here?! Hello?!" Seri ca;lled, walking through the forest "Hello?!"

8/15/2008 #18
Imagination 5

The sounds of heavy breathing could be heard, along with a low, barely audible growling.

8/15/2008 . Edited 8/15/2008 #19

Seri sfrozed "W....who's there?" she prepared to slow time, even though the side ffects would be horrific.

8/15/2008 #20
Imagination 5

An immense wolf like beast leapt from the shadows, attempting to knock Seri to the ground.

8/15/2008 #21

Seri screamed and turned into Celebi and flew in the oppsite direction of the wolf, branches of trees blocking the path behined her, hoping to stop the wolf creature.

8/15/2008 #22
Imagination 5

The wolf pursued, getting closer and closer, its hot breath on her neck, when...

"Stand down, Cerberus," said a woman's voice calmly.

The wolf sat on its haunches as a tall woman walked out of the shadows.

8/15/2008 #23

Seri, still Celebi looked at the tall woman "W-who are you?"

8/15/2008 #24
Imagination 5

(bb in ten minutes, sorry!)

Alison stepped forward and, rather than answer, she looked coldly at Seri.

"Who are you, to trespass upon my land?" she asked softly, dangerously.

8/15/2008 #25

"Like I'm telling you anything." Seri said, a green hand went up to the silver pendant around her neck, Branchs from trees started to prepare to attack Alison if she tried attacking Seri.

8/15/2008 #26
Imagination 5

Alison rose her hand, her face expressionless. The branches turned black and retreated.

"As I said," she lowered her hand. "My land."

8/15/2008 #27

"My name is Serebii..." Seri said coldly.

8/15/2008 #28
Imagination 5

"Interesting," said Alison thoughtfully. A branch came silently down from a tree, striking at the back of Seri's head.

8/15/2008 #29

Seri's eyes widened then closed as she fell to the ground, unconcious.

8/15/2008 #30
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