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"No, my sister needs him more then you do, this is very dangerous, a truamatized Leaf is probaly more dangerous then a necromancer with The Book Of Shadows."

9/1/2008 #301

"All the more reaso," Summer muttered, yanking at an invisible rope.

Caleb jerked back, gasping. "Leaf, go find your sister and Rose."

9/1/2008 #302

Leaf nodded, and noticed the way he was being jerked, she ran past Caleb, when she saw Summer, all she saw was red and Summer as her fingenails grew into sharp claws as she lunged.

Seri watched, backing up, knowing this could turn into World War Three released on Summer's arse.

9/1/2008 #303

Caleb groaned. "Leaf, please don't! Rose didn't kill her, so she can ...."

He trailed off, appearing between Leaf and Summer to meet the attack.

9/1/2008 #304

Leaf saw Caleb and side-stepped before she collided, she growled "So she can...?" she asked as the claws retreated, Seri walked over to Leaf's side.

9/1/2008 #305

"So she can still use me like Rose can ...."

9/1/2008 #306

Leaf cursed, Leaf's entire being was shaking as she said in a soft and a severly dangerous voice that shee haden't used before "Summer, if you wish to live to see another day, release Caleb-kun at once....."

Seri winced, she knew that tone in Leaf's voice, this was about to turn uglyy if Summer didn't listen to Leaf.

9/1/2008 #307

Summer sighed. "That is if you can get to me. You might just have to kill him first."

9/1/2008 #308

"Or so you think, Seri." Suddenly Celab was teleported beside the two "Every time you teleoirt hi infront of yourself, Seri shall just teleport him out of the way."[Simple, but genius! XD]

9/1/2008 #309

Caleb sighed. "Leaf, don't. I'll have to attack Seri! I'm to protect Summer by any means! Besides, she hugely powerful!"

9/1/2008 #310

Leaf looked at Seri, the two seemed to be exchanging thoughts with soimple eye contact, the two nodded as Seri turned to Caleb and slid into a fighting stance "Me and Leaf are doing this for your own good Caleb!"

Leaf smirked at Summer as suddenly Razor sharp leaves started twirling in a cyclone around her.

9/1/2008 #311

Summer casually waved her hand and the leaves burned. She smiled. "It's prettty, don't you think?"

Caleb sighed. "Please Seri .... don't make me fight you!"

9/1/2008 #312

"You tell me." Leaf suddenly said as the flaming leaves shot towards Summer.

Seri shook her head "sorry Caleb, but Leaf needs you, I bet when this is all over she's going to go into withdrawl."

9/1/2008 #313

Caleb sighed, shooking fire in Leaf's direction, the turning back to Seri.

Summer sighed, calling the fire back, and redirecting the leaves with it.

9/1/2008 #314

Leaf jgrowled as she was hit with both attacks.

Seri shook her head "Leaf!" she growled, the Shaymin morph, even only with one attack looked wooxy, fire was a big no-no since she control grass, then with that, Leaf cllapsed, only to be caught by Xelos who had appeared, he smirked "Why thank you!"

"Leaf!" Seri shouted, growling.

9/1/2008 #315

Summer sighed, and shot at Xelos with fire. "Sir, you need to learn to treat women properly!"

Caleb sighed, stepping in front of Summer. "For once I do agree with you."

9/1/2008 #316

"Summer! This is the guy who r*** Leaf! this is why Caleb needs to stay with Leaf because of this...this monster!" Seri growled as Xelos side-stepped the fire.

"Now, now, I am just here to tae my prize home with me." Xelos said smirking sadistically.

9/1/2008 #317

Summer sighed. "Caleb, dispose of him,"

Caleb sighed, and stepped forward. "Fancy another kis, bug man?"

9/1/2008 #318

Xelos leaned down and kissed Leaf then smirked at Caleb "Mm...nah, the kiss I just got from Leaf is good enough, see ya fhukers!" Xelos then turned tail and ran into the forest, carrying Leaf.

Seri growled.

{BrB creating Topic for Xelos's lair...MWUHAHAHAHA]

9/1/2008 #319

((KK. But i gots ta go. Sorry.:( ))

Summer sighed, an bonding spell already on Leaf. "We'll find er."

9/1/2008 #320


"No we won't....he probaly has already gone back to New Moon Island," Seri slumped down in defeat "My sister, Caleb's girlfriend and daughter-like figure to Rose....gone like that in a single moment...."

9/1/2008 #321
Imagination 5

Pure fury coursed through Rose.

9/2/2008 #322

Caleb absently tugged at the invisable rope around his neck, sliently trying not to cry.

9/2/2008 #323
Imagination 5

"I gave you fair warning," seethed Rose. Holy energy leapt from her staff, over Caleb, and down at Summer.

(I responded in the failed experiment!)

9/2/2008 #324

((So did I. Can you give me about a half hour to walk home? I'll be back.))

9/2/2008 #325
Imagination 5

(Sure, I'll be on for a couple of hours.)

9/2/2008 #326

Caleb winced, a searing pain in his skull. "Stop it!"

9/2/2008 #327
Imagination 5

"Let him go," demanded Rose.

9/2/2008 #328

Summer blinked, unsure. "I don't think I can ...."

9/2/2008 #329
Imagination 5

"Excuse me?" Rose thundered.

9/2/2008 #330
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