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"She can, she just won't," Caleb hissed, allowing the compassion to well up in him. A good emotion to break the ropes.

9/2/2008 #361
Imagination 5


Rose stood up. "Enough!"

9/2/2008 #362

"She can't, he's a ghost, when he turns into Darkrai he's basically invulnerable...." Seri said "The only thing that works on him is light."

9/2/2008 #363

Caleb put his hands over his ears and clinging to the warmth that was burning the rope.

9/2/2008 #364

Seri said nothing, just watching silently.

9/2/2008 #365
Imagination 5

(Tori, I'm not trying to limit this forum, but the scene where Xelox r*** Leaf. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not sure that's suitable.)

Rose stood up. "Well I've got plenty of that."

9/2/2008 #366

[Atleast I wasnt descriping it! XD]

Seri looked over at rose "Good, you should be able to help then,"

9/2/2008 #367

Caleb bloked out the voices, Summer's figth for control strenghtened the rope.

9/2/2008 #368
Imagination 5

(I guess so, but just to be on the safe side, I'd like to edit it if that's OK with you. If not I'll leave it alone.)

(So how was school?)

Rose nodded. "Where is this Xelox?"

9/2/2008 #369

"This way," Caleb burst out, breaking into a run.

Summer screamed in frustration! "Get back here boy!"

9/2/2008 #370

[Well, personally id like to keep Leaf scarred for life xD [yes I'm Cruel] But if you have a way to keep it in the same concept of that, sure.]

[And it was good, already have a assignment! T.T]

"I don't know, but wherever he is, Leaf is with him, i figure he'd be on New Moon Island."

She grinned and ran after Caleb.

9/2/2008 . Edited 9/2/2008 #371
Imagination 5

(Yeah, just overreactin, a meaty storyline would be good.)

(lol XD.)

9/2/2008 #372

Caleb sighed, and didn't look back.

9/2/2008 #373

"You know the way right?" Seri asked, running beside Caleb.

9/2/2008 #374

"No idea!"

9/2/2008 #375

"Okay, i think I know the way." suddenly Caleb and Seri started gliding above the ground in the same direction Caleb had led them.

9/2/2008 #376
Imagination 5

A barrier leapt up, cutting off Summer as Rose joined them in their run.

9/2/2008 #377

"A good guess on my part,"

9/2/2008 #378

"Yeah, actaully a verty good guess, look ahead!" Seri pointed ahead to a beautiful blue sea, she made Caleb and herself land on the cliff "From here for a couple thousand miles is just water until we see a giant black island."

9/2/2008 #379

Caleb smiled.

9/2/2008 #380
Imagination 5

"Wow." Rose was impressed.

(New topic Tori! ^^)

9/2/2008 #381

[New Moon Island ^^]

"Alright! Let's go save Caleb's girlfriend!" Seri pumped her fist into the air "CHA!" the trio then started floating and zoomed out towards the island.

9/2/2008 #382

"Stop calling her that!"

9/2/2008 #383
Imagination 5

Rose laughed as they moved on.

9/2/2008 #384

"I'm serious!"

9/2/2008 #385

"It's true though!" Seri said as they landed onm the island.

[Topic Switch!]

9/2/2008 #386
Imagination 5

Rose stumbled into the forest and swiftly dismantled the portal.

9/7/2008 #387

Caleb stummbled and sighed. "Leaf, you sure do pick 'em!"

9/7/2008 #388
Imagination 5

Rose sighed. "Let's run. He's coming."

9/7/2008 #389

"I beginning to thisk you don;t trust me,"

9/7/2008 #390
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