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"Why do you need binoculars for that?" Asked Guant "Burning s*** is easy." He said taking out a ciggarete. "Grif light?" Girf toss him a lighter which Guant handed to the new comer. "Have fun."

3/3/2009 #661

Achilles grabbed the lighter and lit the blood on fire in an insant. "So, what about this save the world mumbo jumbo."

3/3/2009 #662
Accron Lyuis

When Achilles had run into the small cottage, the entire thing was deserted. Overturned chairs, mess on the floor, and uneaten salad on the table. It really looked as if a small fight had taken place... If everything hadn't been so neatly arranged...

Simone stood from her distance and saw Achilles running in and out of the cottage. Was he looking for her? Well, no matter. She turned her head to the distant black speck in the sky. "Darius..." she muttered

3/3/2009 #663

Caleb groaned. "Wonderful ..."

3/4/2009 #664

Suddenly there was a dark evil cry as a large bweast flew over the forest. [Shadow Lugia] On the beast's neck sat Xelos who had a evil mailcous smirk on his face "I have RETURNED!" he shouted with evil laughter.

Dusk shuddered "Too late..."

3/4/2009 #665

"Ahh hell more freaks." Said Guant.

3/4/2009 #666

"Does he ever get tired of the campy entrances?"

3/4/2009 #667
The Daniel City Heroes

Calvin was skateboarding down a path until he saw something large fly over his head.

"What the heck was that?" Calvin said.

3/4/2009 #668

"WHat the hell is a poke'morph anyway. I've never heard of em." Said Guant.

3/5/2009 #669
Imagination 5

"When a Pokemon and human procreate," said Yelena smoothly.

Rowan's voice came to Seri. "I think not. We meet on my terms. Alison's Lair, if you please."

3/5/2009 #670

"You magics make me sick sometimes." Said Guant.

3/5/2009 #671
Imagination 5

"It's love," said Yelena. "Does love make you sick?"

3/5/2009 #672

"Cross species yeah. Don't see us marrying our machines do ya?" Said Guant. Rin laughed.

"Your calling them barbaric wasn't it your country that started a war with its neighbour that resulted in millions of dead." Guant rolled his eyes.

"At least there was a good reason."

3/5/2009 #673
Imagination 5

Rowan appeared before Gaunt as Yelena scowled. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" She drew a knife.

3/5/2009 #674

Guant turned his right arm into the blade. "Who the hell are you supposed to be?" Grif drew his revolver and Rin went for her Katana.

3/5/2009 #675

Caleb sighed, looking for Xelos.

3/5/2009 #676

[Hey guys. Letting you know that I'm not going to be posting very much for the next day or so. My computer decided to die so my dad's fixing it. I'm on my mom's right now so you may need to come up with a sub-plot til i get back on fully.]

3/5/2009 #677

((Oh .. okay. It happens!!))

3/5/2009 #678

[Well. I can post right now. Thankfull. I only got 3-4 posts though.]

Xelos smirked down at Caleb as the Lugia hovered above the forest. It's red eyes gleaming down at Caleb "Hello again Caleb."

3/5/2009 #679


"Yeah. Whatever."

3/5/2009 #680

"Aww. Why so cold pretty boy? Sad that you lost Leafy?"

3/5/2009 #681

"I haven't lost her."

3/5/2009 #682

"Really? Then why does she not remember you then? She knows that she loved someone but she doest remember who. My subcordinate; Keito did a good job on his part."

[dum dum dummmm. He dosent remember anything that happened while he was with Rose]

3/5/2009 . Edited 3/5/2009 #683

"She'll remember me. Emotions cannot be surpressed the way you seem to believe. Also, Leaf's not the only one forgetting, is she? You don't remember the one who you fell for, do you?"

3/5/2009 #684

"What do you mean by that Caleb?" Xelos asked, arching a eyebrow in slight confusion.

3/5/2009 #685

"Hmm, you really don't remember Rose?"

3/5/2009 #686

"Rose? That IS a pretty name indeed but I do not remember a woman of that name."

3/5/2009 #687

"Why not? Why am I the puppy, when you so blindly forget the woman that changed your life?!"

3/5/2009 #688

"Enough~ I have heared enough of this insolence! Be gone!" Xelos growled.

[I'm gunna make a new char when I get my computer back. I have her outline already ^^]

3/5/2009 #689

"I will not! Rose died loving you! You are nothing more than an insult to her memory, puppy!"

((Yeah? What's she like?))

3/5/2009 #690
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