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:We don't even know you!" Leaf spat at Ryo.

3/8/2009 #841

"Fine this will prove my friendship." Ryo turned towards leaf, his hands glowed a blue, and so did leaf's headpiece. "that wil disable it for a little while." then ryo took off his dragon saphire ring and handed it to Leaf. "there my most prized material possesion, If i do anything stupid, destroy it and half my magic powers will go with it."

3/8/2009 #842

Leaf looked at the ring then at Ryo "My name is Leaf. What is yours?" she figured she could trust him if he had disable Keito's mind-control on her for alittle while and basically gave her half of his power.

3/8/2009 #843

Ryo smiled, "My name is Ryo, this is Shriu," Shriu transformed into wolf form and brushed up against leaf.

3/8/2009 . Edited 3/8/2009 #844
Accron Lyuis

(Question! How old is Seri and Leaf? I think their profile says they appear 10, and it just seems kinda wierd that a 19 year old [Caleb] would be dating Leaf. Not that I'm judging, I'm just curious. And what about Xelos? He like appears 21, and Rose like appears 60 something, right? That kinda scares me, but whatever, it is an rp... :P)

"My name is Simone," Simone said, goodnaturedly. She hadn't entirely grasped the situation, but it wouldn't hurt to try. "So... There is this man. He wants you," she pointed at Leaf, "to... do something...? I'm sorry. I'd be happy to help, but I still don't know what everything is about."

3/8/2009 #845

pXelos is as old as nightmares itself, Seri and LKeaf dont appear 10. I changed that. They appear 18;.]

Leaf sighed "It's okay....I don't want a little girl to get hurt."

3/9/2009 #846
Imagination 5

Rowan withdrew her knife and vanished.

Her voice appeared in Seri's head. "The Weapons of ages will soon rise."

3/9/2009 #847

Guant lowered his weapon. "That was weird."

3/9/2009 #848
Imagination 5

Rowan appeared again. "Are you ready for their rise?" she asked in a whisper.

3/9/2009 #849

"Who's rise?" Asked Grif, "The machines? the Undead? oh oh I know GIANT TREE'S!" He said. Guant gave him a flat look.

3/9/2009 #850
Imagination 5

"The Weapons the world summoned to defend itself, of course," said Rowan.

3/9/2009 #851

Guant looked around, "huh? Sorry I'm not from magic land, this is new to me the world is a hunk of rock with grass, soil, and water, on it. HOW DOES IT SUMMON WEAPONS!!!!"

3/9/2009 #852
Imagination 5

"You don't understand," murmured Rowan. "How were humans created at the beginning of time?"

3/9/2009 #853

"No idea," said Guant, "but your going to fill me in if I want to or not I'm guessing."

3/9/2009 #854
Imagination 5

"We don't know," replied Rowan. "We don't know how the Weapons were created either."

3/9/2009 #855

"What do the weapons do what are they? Are they good bad otherwise?" Asked Guant.

3/9/2009 #856

Seri walked towards Rowa "Please erxplain what you mean about the Weapons."

3/9/2009 #857
Imagination 5

"They target everything."

3/9/2009 #858

"What are they? Giant floating swords or some kinda A-bomb style weapon?"

3/9/2009 #859

":They are neither. They are the shadows..."

3/9/2009 #860

"Wha? Shadows? Your gonna have to be more descriptive about stuff that wants to kill me."

3/9/2009 #861
Imagination 5

"They only emerge when the world is in great danger. When thousands of innocent lives are at stake or lost."

3/9/2009 #862

"Like a gpod." Seri said "But wha god would appear? A god of war to fight? Or a God of love to bring everyone together?"

3/9/2009 #863

"Oh yeah kill everything that moves so people won't die. Brilliant."

"They gonna kill everyone?" Asked Grif suddenly worried.

3/9/2009 #864
Imagination 5

"Neither," answered Rowan. "A god of destruction, to rain death down upon all." She smiled for the first time. "And I will call them."

3/9/2009 #865

"Hell you will." Said Grif drawing his gun and pointing it at her. "Guant may not give a damn about the world but I got family." He pulled back the hammer cocking it.

3/9/2009 . Edited 3/9/2009 #866

"Not unless you arent alive to do so."

Suuddenly out of no-where a small fox anthro fell frrom the sky Aand hit Rowan on the head then tumbled to the ground.

[She's from my story ^^]

3/9/2009 #867

Rin looked around, "did a fox just fall from the sky?"

3/9/2009 #868
Imagination 5

"You honestly think you can stop me?" Rowan laughed. "A few gifts and a toy, and you suddenly think you have power over me?" She clicked her fingers.

Smoke rose in the distance.

She glared down at the fox.

3/9/2009 . Edited 3/9/2009 #869

Grif pulled the trigger firing at her.

3/9/2009 #870
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