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Caleb shrugged. "If she's happy ..."

3/26/2009 #1,051

"She'ss happy when she's safe. that guy. What's-his-ace scared her badly."

3/26/2009 #1,052

"Yeah. Look, maybe if she's happy we;ve no right."

3/26/2009 #1,053

"Well. How about we go find the rodent that took Leaf and see Leaf?" Seri asked.

3/26/2009 #1,054

"Are you sure you don't remember me?"

3/26/2009 #1,055

"I remember that your Leaf's boyfriend. I remember that much. Let's juice and jam!"

[xD Sonic Tghe Hegehog: The Movie references FTW XD]

3/26/2009 #1,056

Caleb shrugged. "I don't like jam."

3/26/2009 #1,057

"Really? Never knew you didn't like jam." Seri blinked.

3/26/2009 #1,058

"Never did ... 'specially the jams with bits in them ... like strawberry."

3/26/2009 #1,059

Seri nodded "I like jam but not the ones with the vbitsin them either." Seri nodded.

3/26/2009 #1,060

Ebony tranformed into wolf and glared at the forest, hatred obvious in her eyes. She snarled and bared her teeth. Every instinct telling her to run, but she had to warn the other creatures.

3/26/2009 #1,061

"That's off point ... about Leaf?"

3/27/2009 #1,062

"et's go find 'er!" Seri grinned.

3/27/2009 #1,063

Ebony phased to human and turned to the other people, "We have a huge problem."

3/27/2009 #1,064

"And what may I ask is that shifter?" Seri asked coldly, spatting out shifter, glaring. "You shifter are a shame to pokemorphs alike so it is YOUR huge problem. Not OURS"

3/27/2009 #1,065

Ryo spoke from his position. "the idea is mutual. Ebony probably thinks your a shame to shapeshifters." ryo grinned as he rose from the bed.

3/27/2009 #1,066

Ebony glared, "Not when it comes to Gurons who'll kill anything in site, which includes you." she snapped, her body shaking with fear.

3/27/2009 #1,067

Ryo laughed a maniacal laugh. ""You're afraid of Gurons. "

3/27/2009 #1,068

"When they're set on capturing me, yes, I am." her eyes wide in fright.

3/27/2009 #1,069

looks like you need help" Ryo grabbed his robe and made Shriu's weapon appear in Shriu's hands, "pure iron."

3/27/2009 #1,070

"You still lack your full power Ryo. The fox that is with Leaf most likely has it. So good luck on trying to help her!" Seri then dissappeared and appeared infront of Mystic and grabbed the fox by the wings "Heh. Hello fairy." the fox squirmed "Let me go!"

Seri rolled her eyes "As if I'm letting you go. You might be of some use to me. Now..." she picked up the green orb that had been sitting beside Mystic "Heh. That was easier then I thought."

3/27/2009 #1,071

"perfect." Ryo created a portal. "go Shriu, it's time to get my full power back." Ryo jumped through and appeared standing behind Seri. Shriu grabbed Seri in a sleeper hold. Ry walked around to face Seri. "ya wonder why i slept for three days straight." he whispered in her ear. "to gain my power back."

3/27/2009 #1,072

Seri chuckled "Do you truly brelieve I am that foolish? I call upon you Darkrai!"

Xelos {Darkrai, he's my darkrai, r*** char xD] appeared and turned into darkness and went in between Seri and Shiru and seperated them then grabbed seri who still held Mystic and the green orb and dissappeared.


3/27/2009 #1,073

((ok see ya))

((Xelos sounds creepy))

"Ha" Ryo shouted, "you really think you can run. Your leaving an invisible trail Seri."

((will it be ok if i say that everytime you 'disappear' that you leave like an invisible disturbance in space that can be tracked and followed. like in Jumper, the movie))

3/27/2009 #1,074

[I don't think that would be fair since ive never seen Jumper, and im sure other ppl here havent seen it.]

3/27/2009 #1,075

ok then can i explain it))

3/27/2009 #1,076
Accron Lyuis

(Morning all! Yea, it's late for me. Like 2 am :P)

"I'm pretty sure she has a nature affinity," Darius responded.

"There you go," Miriine said, putting her orb back. "I can't track her down because nature affinity is literally intertwined with the world itself. She can be anywhere that's not destroyed."

"Gee, that narrows it down," Darius mumbled. Haru suddenly walked into the office, looking more bad-a** than usual.

"Miriine, something approaches. Something dangerous."

"I see," Miriine said, as she stood up. "Well, time to leave this forgotten cabin. Will you come Darius?"

"Are you going to... stop the end of the worlds?" Darius asked, wondering what was going on in the girl's head.

"Perhaps," Miriine said, turning away. "I certainly don't intend to die, but I may just let the others stop the Weapon. Well, regardless, I shall be taking my leave. Farewell Darius. May good fortune as well as the chance of our next meeting blow in the winds that walk beside you." With that, Miriine left with a compliant Haru on her heels. Darius sighed, as he suddenly burned with a black fire. His powers were now fully rested, and he would have to now search for Simone. Darius spread his black wings and jumped out the window, landing on outside of the small cottage. He climbed onto the roof, and jumped, taking off into the air.

--somewhere else--

A mysterious figure eyed what appeared to be a clan of creatures. They crawled through the woods swiftly in pursuit of a shapeshifter. The figure sighed, looking over the entire forest. It had fallen into ruin since the last time she had been here. As the clan of creatures came through the forest, they suddenly stopped when a huge wall of fallen tree barricaded them from moving any further. Vines that littered the floor started rearing to life and grasping at any limb they could get a hold of. Gurons stumbled to the ground as one or two of their limbs were being constrained by a vine or two.

(BTW, if no one raises an objection, I'll assume that we have approved √Čve, another OC I made.)

3/28/2009 #1,077

((Seri disappeared, with Leaf ... and everyone else has a 'huge problem', right?))

3/28/2009 #1,078

EAbony watched them then phased into a wolf laying down. Every now and then she let out a whine.

Adam and his pack was getting closer. Ebony's sent was very strong along with other creatures.

3/28/2009 #1,079


4/6/2009 #1,080
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