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Caleb blinked, turning around hearing the whine.

4/26/2009 #1,081

Ryo looked At Ebony, "Do you know how to use a gun." He pulled out a revolver with a huge cartridge that held 12 bullets. "pure iron bullets."

4/26/2009 #1,082
A Soldier's Sister

Kayla was walking through the forest when she heard a whine. Stopping she tilted her head to hear it better.

(That's the best I got)

5/31/2009 #1,083


Caleb sighed, and shoved his hair behind his ear. "Seri?"

6/2/2009 #1,084

Ryo walked over to Caleb and put a hand on his shoulder, "Sorry, i let my natural instincts to take over. for me to live i need that ring some of my life is bonded to it. So, if you find it i'll leave right away."

6/2/2009 #1,085
A Soldier's Sister

Kayla staightened back up, and continued walking.

(And totally doesn't run into anyone)

6/2/2009 #1,086

"That's not really the problem ..."

6/4/2009 #1,087
A Soldier's Sister

(I was being half-sarcastic)

Kayla walked through the forest passing a group of people.

6/4/2009 #1,088

Guant, Grif, Rin, and a contingent of Alestri soldiers stepped through the portal. "Freaking perfect, command sends us to find 'the light' what the hell is it?" Yelled Grif.

"Knock it off, we need to find those other people they may know what we're talking about." Replied Guant.

"Yeah great the crazy people again, whoopiedeedoo."

"Alright men let's move out." The group began to move through the forest, the soldiers sent with them wore khaki field uniforms a few wore helmets or berets they carried semi automatic rifles or fully automatic submachine guns which they gripped tightly. "Keep close and don't get lost got it?"

"Yes sir, we get trained for this kind of warfare."

"Good you might need it."

6/5/2009 #1,089
A Soldier's Sister

Kayla stopped, and wrapped her hand around her necklace.

7/3/2009 #1,090
Imagination 5

Rose brushed her hair back as she twirled her staff around. "I hate this place."

8/7/2009 #1,091

Summer appeared at Rose's shoulder. "Why?"

8/7/2009 #1,092

"Ahh hell I think we're lost." Growled Guant. The group of soldiers stopped looking around.

"Sir we've been through here. Damn I've fought in some pretty tough terrian but never anything like this."

8/7/2009 #1,093

Summer glanced oer at the sound of the oices. "Boys? Any chance of help?"

8/7/2009 #1,094

((Are you talking to my Oc's or somebody else?))

8/7/2009 #1,095

((You're here, ain't you?))

8/7/2009 #1,096

((just checking))

Guant approached, "weren't you with that group earlier?" He asked the other soldiers standing behind him.

8/7/2009 #1,097

"Who me? Aww, you remember."

8/7/2009 #1,098

"Yes I do, so do you know where everyone else is?"

8/7/2009 #1,099

"Nope," Summer grinned. "My puppy win you over to the side of magic and right?"

8/7/2009 #1,100

"What puppy? never mind, we're looking for something called the Light. Any idea what that is?" He asked.

8/7/2009 #1,101

"Light? Daylight? Firelight? What kind of light? And my puppy, the young man tagging around with the group?"

8/7/2009 #1,102

"No still working for my own side. Don't play coy demons are overrunning the planet we might go first but if we die you people die to."

8/7/2009 #1,103

"Can't tell you what I don't know," Summer smiled.

8/7/2009 #1,104

"Great, alright men move out." The platoon of soldiers advanced past Summer.

8/7/2009 . Edited 8/7/2009 #1,105

"And do what? Roam around in circles?"

8/7/2009 #1,106

"Its not like you know anything useful so we're just going to keep looking." He turned to Grif. "Take point."

8/7/2009 #1,107

"I don't, but I know people who might," Summer giggled. "'Sides, I might need some big, burly men to protect me."

8/7/2009 #1,108

Guant held up his hand halting the unit. "Fine, we'll watch your back and you show us to the people who might know."

8/7/2009 #1,109

"Puppy, for one. The group, they might know."

8/7/2009 #1,110
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