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Leaf said nothing, she hated beiing scolded.

8/28/2008 #91

Caleb glared at Alison. "Well, you going to make a move, or shall we leave?"

8/28/2008 #92
Imagination 5

Alison laughed. "You're a sharp one."

8/28/2008 #93

Caleb smirked. "I have my moments."

8/28/2008 #94

Seri sighed "Idiot." she flew over to Leaf who was looking down and sat on her head "There, there....I think Caleb's just pms'ing right now...." she saiid mebtally to Leaf, who sighed heavily.

8/28/2008 #95
Imagination 5

She vanished back into the shadows.

"But are you sharp enough?"

Dark energy flew from the shadows.

"I think not."

8/28/2008 #96

Caleb didn't bother to move, and several flames shot up, deflecting the magic. "Sharp, maybe not."

8/28/2008 #97
Imagination 5

"So you will go," came Alison's voice.

"On your own heads be it."

(Ok guys I GTG but I'll be back hopefully tomorrow. Feel free to decide what's outside the forest and suburbs and continue the rp story. Bye!)

8/28/2008 . Edited 8/28/2008 #98

Leaf just watched, since Caleb had always started protecting Rose she thought that when he said he liked her he was just saying that, she waled past Caleb, wallking eeper into the forest.

8/28/2008 #99

((Byebye. :())

Caleb blinked at Leaf. "Okay, what did I do now?!"

8/28/2008 #100

"Nothing!" Leaf said smiling as she looked back "While she's distracted let's go!" she said.

8/28/2008 #101

Caleb sighed and walked after them. "I knew what I was doing .... trash talking helps, okay?"

8/28/2008 #102

Leaf nodded then sighed slightly with a smile "So...."

[Bye Imagination.]

8/28/2008 #103

"So what?"

8/28/2008 #104

Leaf shrugged "I don't know, I just say that to hopefully spark some kind of connversation."

8/28/2008 #105

Caleb blinked, then sighed. "Like what? How about, 'where the hell are we going'?"

8/28/2008 #106

"Mmm...I don't know, you have any ideas on where to go?" Leaf asked.

8/28/2008 #107

"Nope .... I usually just end up where my feet were headed."

((I actually do have to go this time .... Sorry.))

8/28/2008 #108

[Bye.. :{]

"Eh, just go withh the flow I guess then... Leaf said, she then looked up at the sy "When Rose catches up....I need to ask her about Caleb.....'

8/28/2008 #109

Caleb followed her gaze. "Summer told me the spell would never come off .... that I could only switch owners and I'd never be free .... D'you think that's true?"

8/29/2008 #110

Leaf shrugged "I don't Know."

8/29/2008 #111

"If it is .... it would explain an awful lot ..... At the moment I'm just hoping Summer and Rose don't fight ..."

8/29/2008 #112

"...Why are you soo protective of Rose?" Leaf asked "She can take care of herself! But your like 'Oh no! Rose!' What the hell?!? Do you her or something?!?" Leaf's paitence has broken.

Seri sighed, in Celebi form, "Don't worry about her Caleb, she just is worried that she's going to lose youshe said in his mind.

8/29/2008 #113

"Do you take me for some kind of toy boy?!"

8/29/2008 #114

Suddenly vines came up behined Caleb and wrapped around his neck, Leaf's paitence had finnally run out, she turned away and walked away, leaving the vines wrapped around his neck, Leaf's audible mutters were "Hn, stupid boy.....and to think he was different then anyone else.....last time I give my heart out to anyone...." she then crawled up into a tree.

Seri shook her head and made the vine release himm "CAaleb, I'm sorry about her, she's just....unstable...."

8/29/2008 #115

Caleb shrugged, the vines burning, and walked away.

8/29/2008 #116

"But out of curiousiy, do you like Rose in that way?" Seri asked, following him, unknownist thayt Leaf had mmade a vine with thorns appear, she began to re open the cuts from before.

8/29/2008 #117

"No, I don't. It's a complicated spell, and I can't resist it. Rose beat Summer in a fight over me, therefore I belong to Rose ... mostly anyway."

8/29/2008 #118

"Then why didn't you explain it tto Leaf! She thinks that your feelings for her was a lie! That it was just you aying it to get her to stop creying!" Seri said, she then frowned "I smell Blood...."

8/29/2008 #119

Caleb sighed. "I don't like her constant accusations .... And I'm not surprised. Kicking the habit isn't easy."

8/29/2008 #120
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