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"She only accussing things because she wants to make sure, you need to xplain the ownership thing to her, if you explain t to her, she'll stop worrying and she'll stop the acussations....I know her well enough on when she needs explainations."

8/29/2008 #121

"Explanations that she doesn't accept? Anyway, better go stop her from carving her arms open,"

8/29/2008 #122

"Caleb, she just needs explainations peroid! Just jjust needs to be reassuered!" she then said "Yeah....we don't need her turning into Deidara from Akatsuki with only one arm....or worse no arms...."

8/29/2008 #123

Caleb sighed. "Does it really matter to either of you that this is kinda a blow for me?! Does it matter that this actually hurts .... she doesn't own Leaf or you, so just gimme a break!"

8/29/2008 #124

"Wait...can't your owner A.k.a Rose release you so you don't have to be owned?" Seri asked, "Maybe if we ask Rose she can disown you!"

8/29/2008 #125
Imagination 5


"Interesting. Shall we give it a try?" asked Rose, head tilted slightly to one side.

8/29/2008 #126

"How about we stop Leaf from cutting her arms off first? Because it's starting to hurt....yes I can feel Leaf's pain and it's starting to get extremely painful."

8/29/2008 #127

Caleb shrugged, and sighed. "Drink it off ...."

8/29/2008 #128

"Sorry, i'm not you." Seri spited.

8/29/2008 #129

Caleb blinked, hurt. "Well, stop her then,"

8/29/2008 #130

"How about you since you CLAIM to have feelings for her." Seri spat.

8/29/2008 #131

"I'll point out that everytime I go near her she finds something else to be insecure about."

8/29/2008 #132

"Caleb, just go talk to her and explain to her that you care for her and that you only worry about Rose because she beat Summer and now she's your owner!"

8/29/2008 #133

Caleb shrugged. "Right ... fine." He walked towards Leaf.

8/29/2008 #134

Leaf, who was sitting in the tree, half-concious, one of her arms was bleeding majoely as her vision focused in on Caleb "Caleb? What do ya want?" she slurred, almost like she was drunk but it was the bloodloss.

8/29/2008 #135

Caleb sat down next to her, and wordlessly handed her the belt off his leg and an extra handkerchief. "Stop the bleeding .... and be thankful you aren't actually drunk."

8/29/2008 #136

"Uh...thanks..." Leaf blinked and tied the belt and hankerchief around her arm, she blinked "so...what'd ya want?"

8/29/2008 #137

"To know why you're treating your arm likle a roast turkey."

8/29/2008 #138

Leaf closed her eyes "called mea morron....or whatever you want but i did it because...I was afraid....I....was afraid...of losing anwser your i don't think of you as a toy boy..."

Seri watched the two from higher in the tree.

8/29/2008 #139

Caleb shrugged. "Benn there, done that .... I'll let you borrow the tee-shirt if you promise not to do that again."

8/29/2008 #140

"I promise....but...keep the tee-shirt. Ill be fine with this..." Leaf said with a smile then murmered "sorry I doubted you...."

8/29/2008 #141

"No worries, not the first time."

8/29/2008 #142

"But....can ya explain this...ownership thing with Summer....its kind of puzzling..." Leaf asked.

8/29/2008 #143

"I was young, I don't know the complexities of the spell ..."

8/29/2008 #144

"Oh." Leaf said with a simple nod, she closed her eyes and covered her mouth with a hand to muffle a yawn.

8/29/2008 #145

"Just go to sleep ..."

8/29/2008 #146

Leaf opened a eye slightly "Okay....." she closed her eye again and fell asleep, non-purposely her head rested on his shoulder, acontent smile on her face.

Seri floated down "Awww....that's so cute!" she said to Caleb quitely in his head.

8/29/2008 #147

Caleb sighed. "I guess we're camping for a while."

((Must go ... am falling asleep at the keypad. Sorry))

8/29/2008 #148

[kk, see you Monday if your not on later!]

"Yeah, but that was so sweet, letting her sleep! AND letting her rest her head on your shoulder!"

8/29/2008 #149

"I didn't really have a choice."

8/30/2008 #150
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