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Imagination 5


Rose stood up from her spot on the mossy ground.

8/30/2008 #151

Caleb sighed, and leaned his head against the tree.

8/31/2008 #152
Imagination 5

Rose sighed.

"Lets go," she said softly.

8/31/2008 #153

"Leaf's asleep, we're staying for a bit."

8/31/2008 #154
Imagination 5

Rose nodded and sat back down, the fabric of her dress warming her body.

Alison appeared from a swirl of shadow.


8/31/2008 . Edited 8/31/2008 #155

Caleb growled. "Look, just give us a chance to regroup! It's just commmon curtasy!"

8/31/2008 #156
Imagination 5

Courtesy's not my thing, boy," said Alison softly, her eyes glittering with malice.

8/31/2008 #157

Caleb stood, unintentionally dislodging Leaf. "Go. Now!"

8/31/2008 #158
Imagination 5

"Who are you to command me?" asked Alison, smirking as she blasted him with dark magic.

8/31/2008 #159

Caleb side stepped, all but throwing Leaf aside. "You're overblown ego needs to be deflated."

8/31/2008 #160
Imagination 5

"Says you!" Alison lashed him with torture magic.

8/31/2008 #161

Caleb skidded backward, then threw a dart of fire at her. "Denial .... that's almost as good as agreeing."

8/31/2008 #162
Imagination 5

The dart pierced her chest and she grimaced in pain, extinguishing the fire.

"Thought anymore about inflicting me on the world?" asked Alison, lashing himwith dark magic

8/31/2008 #163

Caleb sent a wall of fire up, effectivle redirecting the magic. "Yeah. And I still think your choices remain yours and it's not on my hands!" He looked at Rose. "Rose, get the two and run for it!"

8/31/2008 #164
Imagination 5

Rose bundled up the Poke'Morphs and ran.

Alison laughed and blasted him again.

8/31/2008 #165

The blast threw him off his feet and knocked the wind out of him. Gasping, he threw a random stream of fire at where he remembered Alison to be.

8/31/2008 #166
Imagination 5

Alison vanished into the shadows. Suddenly invisible knives were slashing at Caleb.

8/31/2008 #167

Caleb jumped to his feet and ran, ignoring the knives.

8/31/2008 #168
Imagination 5

Vines reached down, covered in thorns and stabbing at Caleb.

8/31/2008 #169

Caleb stopped, and called up a fire storm, effectivly burning the vines, and several trees. "You done yet, woman?!"

8/31/2008 #170
Imagination 5

As the fire surrounded her,she was frced to retreat and was suddenly gone.

Rose ran up and laid the sisters down. "Are you alright?"

8/31/2008 #171

Caleb sighed, and dropped to his knees. "I shouldn't have done that ...." he whispered, grinning,

8/31/2008 #172
Imagination 5

Rose smiled slightly. "Reckless," she said. "Are you wounded?"

8/31/2008 #173

Caleb shrugged. "Nothing major. A couple of cuts ....."

8/31/2008 #174
Imagination 5

Rose shook her head. "Here." She waved her hand and a soft white light began to heal the wounds.

8/31/2008 #175

Caleb sighed, and got back up. "Forget it! We need to move!"

((Hey Imagination? A friend of mine, Demonbunny205, is looking for peeps to join her forum. It's in horror and is called the Failed Experiment.))

8/31/2008 #176
Imagination 5

(Your sis? And sure, I'll take a look now.)

"Yes." Rose walked. The edge of the forest was near.

8/31/2008 . Edited 8/31/2008 #177

((Yeah. And thankies!))

Caleb sighed, and shook his head to clear the residual shock.

8/31/2008 #178
Imagination 5

(Shall we leave the forest now?)

8/31/2008 #179

((Yeah ... but where to?))

8/31/2008 #180
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