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Imagination 5

Rooms deep underground in the black forest, full of torture devices and weapons.

Seri appeared, tied to a chair, Alison standing before her.

(Could you reply in Jalaria Suburbs?)

8/15/2008 #1

Seri groaned and opened her eyes, she was in human form "Where...are we....?"

[I dunno what to put in Jalaria Subcurbs xD]

8/15/2008 #2
Imagination 5

(Well I GTG anyway, bye!)

Alison struck Seri hard across the face.

8/15/2008 #3


Seri yelped, she snarled, her eyes glowed green dangerously as she started to struggle "Let me go!"

8/15/2008 #4
Imagination 5

"Oh, you have quite a spirit," smirked Alison. She struck Seri again. "But I will have to break it."

8/18/2008 #5

"Burn in hell!" Seri growled.

8/18/2008 #6
Imagination 5

"Been there, done that," replied Alison. Cerberus walked forward, his claws raking at Seri's arm.

8/18/2008 #7

Seri turned into Celebi and started to try to squeeze out of the bonds.

8/18/2008 #8
Imagination 5

The bonds tightened around her wrists.

8/18/2008 #9

Seri glared and turned human "What do you want from me?!?"

8/18/2008 #10
Imagination 5

"Isn't it obvious? I want to hear you scream," laughed Alison, lashing torture magic at Seri.

8/18/2008 #11

Seri closed her eyes and shook her head, greitting her teeth, not going to give in.

8/18/2008 #12
Imagination 5

(Will I let her go or keep her in the lair for a while?)

Alison frowned slightly but the smirk soon returned. "I'll have to try harder," she laughed, increasing the pressure.

8/18/2008 #13

[keep her in the lair, me have plan for leaf, Leaf's going to start feeling Seri's pain since if you think about it, all legendaries are connected.]

Seri shook her head "You...won'"

8/18/2008 #14
Imagination 5

(Ok, good plot.)

"Oh I will," smirked Alison, continuing the onslaught.

8/18/2008 . Edited 8/18/2008 #15

Seri stayed strong, no matter how great the pain was she was going to let Alison win.

8/18/2008 #16
Imagination 5

"Hmmph." Alison stopped the spell.

8/18/2008 #17

Seri smirked triumphently "You done?"

8/18/2008 #18
Imagination 5

"You left your mind open during our little torture session," replied Alison. "I wonder how long your sister will last under the same treatment." It was her turn to smirk.

8/18/2008 #19

""Leaf!" Seri started to panic "You leave Leaf out of this! Oh when Areceus hear about this she's gunna be so mad at you!"

8/18/2008 #20
Imagination 5

"Touched a nerve, have I?" asked Alison, taking advantage of her panic to torture her again.

8/18/2008 #21

"Leave....Leaf....alone.....she.....has done you!"

8/18/2008 #22
Imagination 5

"So?" Alison laughed.

8/18/2008 #23

"Leaf....Will come.....and get me! She....never gives up!" Seri said.

8/19/2008 #24
Imagination 5

"Oh I'm counting on it," smirked Alison.

8/19/2008 #25
Imagination 5

Alison and Summer appeared in the lair.

"This is Seri," said Alison dismissively about the bound Pokemorph.

8/19/2008 . Edited 8/19/2008 #26

Summer barely spared her a glance. "If the boy is amoung them, leave him in one piece."

8/19/2008 #27
Imagination 5

"Don't worry," smirked Alison. "I have instructed Cerberus to be gentle."

8/19/2008 #28

Summer smiled and sat down. "So, what's the operation here?"

8/19/2008 #29
Imagination 5

"Cause as much misery as possible," sneered Alison.

8/19/2008 #30
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