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"An interesting reason, if not a completely admirable one. No working to further your own future?"

8/19/2008 #31
Imagination 5

"I want people in the future to look on my name with fear and dread," smirked Alison.

8/19/2008 #32

Seri watched the duo with hatred burning deep in her eyes as she glared.

8/19/2008 #33

"I've achieved that with at least one person," Summer smirked.

8/19/2008 #34
Imagination 5

"Ah, that boy you're searching for?" asked Alison.

8/19/2008 #35

Summer nodded. "Your beast is taking it's time."

8/19/2008 #36
Imagination 5

The three unconcious bodies appeared in a cage of unbreakable glass.

8/19/2008 #37

Leaf turned human as she woke up, she stood up, she looked around "Well this is humiliating."

Seri gritted her teeth.

8/19/2008 #38

Summer smiled wider, exposing her perfect teeth. "I take it back ..." She stepped up to the glass, observing Caleb.

"Three years, boy. A long time for anyone to run."

8/19/2008 #39
Imagination 5

Alison waved her hands for the other two to wake up.

Rose looked around with dread at the torture instruments on the wall.

8/19/2008 #40

Caleb didn't bother to look around, and instead observed his scars. "You found me ...." he whispered.

Summer tutted. "Of course I did, silly child."

8/19/2008 #41
Imagination 5

Alison waved her hand and Caleb appeared in a chair, bound tightly by invisible ropes.

"He's all yours," she smirked.

"No!" yelled Rose, banging futilely on the glass with her fists.

8/19/2008 #42

Summer shot her a playful glare. "I could have tied him up,"

Caleb still stared rather helplessly at knees.

8/19/2008 #43
Imagination 5

Alison smirked. "Don't hold back." She looked dangerously at Rose. "I won't," she said softly.

8/19/2008 #44

Caleb blinked out of his stuper. "Would it be too much to ask if you leave the old lady alone?"

8/19/2008 #45
Imagination 5

"Yes," replied Alison without looking at Caleb. She waved her hand and Rose appeared in a chair. She was doing her best to hide it but she was scared.

8/19/2008 #46

Seri tried to get free "Let them go!" she shouted angrily.

Leaf sighed "Seri, calm down."

Seri quited down.

8/19/2008 #47

Caleb tested the bonds, lowering his eyes and heating the skin of his arms. Summer snatched his chin and smiled at him. "I missed you, boy."

Caleb glanced at Rose. We'll get out, he tired to say through a reassuring smile.

8/19/2008 #48
Imagination 5

"Listen to your sister," smirked Alison. She pointed at Rose and she began screaming, writhing in her chair as deep scratches were cut into her arms.

8/19/2008 #49

Leaf sat down, she gave Seri a odd look, but Seri nodded, it was like they were talking to each-otther through silent body langauge.

8/19/2008 #50

Caleb jerked, his arms straining against the bonds. "Hey, you really should learn to respect your elders!" he spat.

8/19/2008 #51
Imagination 5


Alison smirked and retreated to her rooms.

8/19/2008 #52

Caleb was forced back to his chair, gasping as Summer wound bonds around his chest. She grabbed his hair. "Be quiet, there's a good boy."

((Me to. Byebye.))

8/19/2008 #53

"Boy, keep your eyes on Leaf." Seri said.

8/19/2008 #54

Caleb didn't even hear her, his vision was swimming.

8/19/2008 #55

"Damnit.." Leaf hissed "Seri! Trry to get him to stay awake!"

Seri's eyess glowed as Caleb's head was forced to look at Leaf "We'll get you out of this." seri and Leaf whispered.

8/20/2008 #56

Caleb groaned, and raised his eyebrows.

8/20/2008 #57

"Power of the forest, power of the flower, we shall release the Ancient Power!" Suddenly the entire room started to shake and rumble as rocks started to float "Save The Voice Of The Forest and The Key, forr it was ment to be!" Sddenly Seri glowed and shrunk into Celebi, same thing hapened to Leaf, Caleb was suddenly surronded by glowing flower petals, then, when they dissappeared, Caleb was gone! Leaf and Seri returned to they're human forms, fainted.

[There, now Summer cann be all mad xD]

[BTW you can make Calleb appear anywhere, even back inside the glass case with Leaf.]

8/20/2008 #58

Caleb blinked, and glared at Leaf. "You couldn't have gotten Rose first?!"

Summer screamed, glaring at the glass. "You little beast!!"

8/20/2008 #59

Leaf weakly shook her head "After being such a butt, I needed to re-pay you...."

Seri smirked "And she likees you."

Leaf blushed "Seri!"

8/20/2008 #60
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