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Imagination 5

(Guys I'm so sorry but I can't get on till Tuesday most likely. Free yourselves if you want but keep Rose trapped. Horrorjunkie I'm considering making you a mod and I'll do that next time I'm on.)

Alison smirked. "Let the fools go," she said to Summer. "I'll keep this one." She waved her hand and Rose vanished.

8/23/2008 #121

"there's nothing we can do." Seri said to Leaf, Leaf sighed and then Seri, Caleb and Leaf dissappeared.

8/23/2008 #122

Summer turned to Alison "I trust you have a plan?!"


Caleb sighed, and turned to Leaf. "Now what?"

8/24/2008 #123

]To Jarurlia Scurubs.]

8/24/2008 #124
Imagination 5

"What shal we do wth the old woman?" smirked Alison.

8/25/2008 #125

Summer growled angrily. "I don't know. I'm still working on getting the boy back."

8/25/2008 #126
Imagination 5

Alison looked at her. "Then do so. The woman's important to me. She is a leader of sorts.

(Want to be a mod?)

(Actually GTG.)

8/25/2008 . Edited 8/25/2008 #127

Summer shook her head. "You, old lady? How do you know the boy?"

((Sure. Why not.))

8/25/2008 . Edited 8/25/2008 #128
Imagination 5

"I don't," replied Alison. "But he is a powerful witch."

8/26/2008 #129

"Then why is it that both our targets happened to be together?"

8/26/2008 #130
Imagination 5

"The boy was fleeing from you," replied Alison calmly. "He ran ito my forest and emerged in the suburbs when my familiars pursued."

8/27/2008 #131

Summer shrugged. "Ah. Well, I shan't worry, somebody will bring him back ...."

She turned to Rose. "The old woman, what is her part in this?"

8/27/2008 #132
Imagination 5

"Bait," she laughed as shadows began to deposit Caleb into the lair.

8/27/2008 #133

Caleb blinked, then stood up, glaring at Summer, then glancing at Rose.

8/27/2008 #134
Imagination 5

"Do as you wish," smirked Alison.

Rose struggled, making muffled protests through her gag.

8/27/2008 #135

"Don't come near me," Caleb whispered, stepping towards Rose, almost angry at himself. Summer's binding spells were acting now, and he didn't have long. Straining, he threw a small spark at the gag.

8/27/2008 #136
Imagination 5

Rose's gag caught fire. She raised her ropes and they started blazing too. Before she could run, Alison had delivered an uppercut to her chin, knocking her out cold. The fire continued to blaze.

"Cremation," smirked Alison. "Thank you, witch."

8/27/2008 #137

Caleb blinked, then held up a hand, and the fire danced from the gag to his fingertips. "It's mine, it doesn't obey you."

8/27/2008 #138
Imagination 5

Alison frowned and blasted dark magic at him as Rose stood.

8/27/2008 #139

Summer blocked the attack as best she could, bringing Caleb's feet out from under him. "I did not give you leave to fight, boy. And you, leave him be, he is a misguided child and of no threat."

8/27/2008 #140
Imagination 5

Suddenly Alison collapsed to the ground as Rose smashed her white staff into her head. The staff dripped blood.

8/27/2008 #141

Summer blinked, but did not back away. "I should have known you had more power then you let on, old woman."

8/27/2008 #142
Imagination 5

With a short battle cry, Rose struck at Summer with her staff.

8/27/2008 #143

Caleb met the blow with a wall of fire, and skidded backwards. Summer smiled. "Old habits are impossible to kill, I see."

8/27/2008 #144
Imagination 5

"Caleb?" Rose looked at him, then Summer's smile. "Is this- is this the woman that was pursuing you?" Her white hair was obscuring the vision in one eye.

(Wow, the story's really progressing.)

8/27/2008 #145

Caleb managed a tight nod, before launching a sycthe of fire at her. "To get to her ... you need to take me out!" he whispered.

8/27/2008 #146
Imagination 5

"What are you doing?" Rose spun her staff, a wall of bright light appearing and deflecting the fire.

She looked at Summer. "Are you controlling him?"

8/27/2008 #147

Summer absently checked her nails. "No, he's doing that all by his lonesome. However, do binding spells count as control?"

8/27/2008 #148
Imagination 5

"This'll hurt," grimaced Rose, striking at Caleb's head with her staff.

8/27/2008 . Edited 8/27/2008 #149

Summer blinked, still examining her nails. "Oh, you knocked him out? You'll have hurt his feelings. Anyway, is there something I can do for you?"

8/27/2008 #150
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