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Imagination 5

"Remove your spell." She pointed her staff at Summer. "Now."

8/27/2008 #151

Summer held up her hands, her smile as sunny as her name. "But I paid for him, and he wasn't cheap."

8/27/2008 #152
Imagination 5

"Look." Rose raised her staff and it extended into a sword. "You do it, or die."

8/27/2008 #153

"No, I don't think I will," she spat, in a voice her daddy would've called petulant.

8/27/2008 #154
Imagination 5

Rose sighed. "I am the Keeper! Remove it at once!" Her voice rumbled with power.

8/27/2008 #155

"So you can use him yourself?" Summer hollered back, her own power springing to her finger tips.

8/27/2008 #156
Imagination 5

A burst of holy magic exploded from Rose's fingertips, hurtling at Summer's face.

8/27/2008 #157

Summer brought up a wall of fire, but the blow still drove her off her feet. She blinked, dazed, and glared at Rose, through the blood. "Take him then, but get those spell off on your own! You won't always be there!"

She stood up and strode away.

8/27/2008 #158
Imagination 5

Rose took the witch gently and vanished to the suburbs.

Alison began to stand, blood dripping into her eyelids.

8/27/2008 #159

Summer eyed her angrily. "Next bright idea?"

8/27/2008 #160
Imagination 5

Ignoring the half blinding blood, Alison walked over and slapped Summer hard across the face.

"You need to learn some respect, girl."

8/27/2008 #161

Summer responded by burning the offending limb. "And you're one to talk?"

8/27/2008 #162
Imagination 5

Alison rose her into the air by her collar, ignoring the pain in her arm. "Do so, or leave."

8/27/2008 #163

Summer smiled lightly. "Sweetheart, you have no hope of winning without me. Caleb won't let you near the old woman now"

8/27/2008 #164
Imagination 5

(GTG again in a minute..)

Alison smirked and vanished, dropping Summer roughly.

8/27/2008 #165
Imagination 5

Alison appeared in her rooms. With a rumble, the lair began to move, though its contents remained still. Alison's lair was detaching itself from the Dark Forest the physical world, moving to the realm of dimensional existence. Nowhere, yet everywhere at once.

Alison smirked as the air stilled. Her transport was done. The group would never escape her clutches now.

9/18/2008 #166

Summer glanced at her. "No evil chuckle?"

9/18/2008 #167
Imagination 5

"That seems more your department, honey," replied Alison coolly.

9/18/2008 #168

"It's way to tacky,"

9/18/2008 #169
Imagination 5

"Then we're in agreement, for once," replied Alison. "Why are you still here anyway?"

9/18/2008 #170

"Lokking for someone. No place else to go,"

9/18/2008 #171
Imagination 5

"You obviously want the witchlet, don't you?" sighed Alison. "And you need my help?"

(How about I make a younger sister of Summer?)

9/18/2008 #172

((I'm all for it. Younger or Older?))

"Well, he is just too cute to let go," Summer smiled sarcastically.

9/18/2008 #173
Imagination 5

(Younger. Seventeen to nineteen and a little bit of a spoilt brat.)

"Shall I capture him?" asked Alison with a sigh.

9/18/2008 #174

((KK. Summer's a little bit of a brat as well. It's a family thing!))

"Didn't work last time. 'Sides, Blood pacts are nigh unbreakable. I need to get rid of the little beast,"

9/18/2008 #175
Imagination 5

"I see. An attack?" asked Alison.

Rowan appeared in between the two.

"Woah!" she exclaimed, staggering from her sudden teleportation

9/18/2008 #176

Summer blinked, staring at the figure who'd appeared. "And what exactly are you doing here?!"

9/18/2008 #177
Imagination 5

"Sis!" smiled Rowan, not answering.

"And who is this?" demanded Alison.

9/18/2008 #178

Summer sighed. "Answer my question, Rowan!"

9/18/2008 #179
Imagination 5

"Calm your hormones, sis," smiled Rowan brightly, moving her chestnut brown hair out of her eyes. "Halis is the most boring village ever!"

9/18/2008 #180
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