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A dark island is the home to Xelos, it is shrouded by darkness except for a glimmering moon that shines dimly, giving the island a eerie but yet romantic feel.

9/2/2008 #1

Seri looked around "Stay close." the Celebi'morph cautioned.

9/2/2008 #2
Imagination 5

"Wow, for an insane villain he has taste," said Rose.

9/2/2008 #3

"Not much," Caleb muttered.

9/2/2008 #4

"Trust me, this place is more scary then it first appears..." Seri then led them into a jungle-like area, Seri lookedvaround "Caleb, when we find Leaf and Xelos, you need to stay with leaf, knowing Xelos he probaly truamatized her."

9/2/2008 #5

"Sometimes I wish I had a sister. And this place can't be worse then a big city while drunk,"

9/2/2008 #6
Imagination 5

"Where is this creep?" asked Rose, drawing her staff and twirling it absently.

9/2/2008 #7

Seri looked around "I don't know!" Seri stopped dead in her racks, infront of them was a large black Charizard, it roared "Oh crap...."

[Charizard is like a giant dragon thing.]

9/2/2008 #8
Imagination 5

(*sigh.* GTG.)

Rose blasted it with light.

9/2/2008 #9

Caleb stepped in front of Rose, his chest heaving.

((Aw. Byebye.))

9/2/2008 . Edited 9/2/2008 #10

Somehow the Charizard was destroyed "Wow, seems that light is ultra effective." Seri looked at Caleb "You Okay? You look winded."

[Bye Imagination.]

9/2/2008 #11

"It's nothing," Caleb smiled.

9/2/2008 #12

"Okay, come on, and by the way, are you going to tell Leaf what she said to you?" Seri asked as they continued on "That you love her I mean."

9/2/2008 #13

"Seri, I don't know what I feel. This isn't to spite either you or her, although I know you're going to take it that way. Being in a relationship isn't ..... You know what? Never mind."

9/2/2008 #14

"Go on, you can finish, I won't be mad." Seri said.

9/2/2008 #15

"No I can't, because yes you will. Don't make promises you can't keep. Come on, we're wasting time,"

9/2/2008 #16

"You'll have to tell me sooner or later...." the trio came to a dark cave, there were blood splaytters all over the enterence, Seri frowned "I think Leaf and Xelos had a fight....and telling by the splatters.....Leaf lost..." she pointed to the trail of blood leading into the cavwe "That dosent look too good."

9/2/2008 #17

"It never does,"

9/2/2008 #18

Seri led them into the cave she gagged at the wretched smell of blood, soon they saw a light around a corner, she shushed them as she peeked around the corner, she nearly threw up at the sight, Leaf was basically soaked in her own blood as she was hanging from the wall, arms and legs shackled, Xelos was repeatedly slashing her, with a broadsword, Leaf was unconcious.....she looked more half dead then unconcious, Seri looked at the duo "we may not have much more time." she whispered.

9/2/2008 . Edited 9/2/2008 #19

Caleb didn't hear her. Instead, he stepped dtraight int the room. "Now sir, that's just plain nasty," he drawled.

9/2/2008 #20

Xelos turned to Caleb, licking Leaf's blood off the blade, he smirked "Ah, but you do not know the delights of killing a traitor."

9/2/2008 #21

"I'm a traitor. How's about you try me on for size?" Caleb smiled, stepping forward.

((G2G. Sorry :( ))

9/2/2008 #22

"Hn, you can be with you girlfriend in Hell then, very well." Xelo got in a fighting stance.

{{Bye. :{ }}

9/2/2008 #23

Caleb smiled. "I believe we'd established that you'd go first?"

9/3/2008 #24

Xewlos rolled his eyes and looked behined him at the slowly dying Leaf "..." he then turned back ito Caleb and fired off multiple spears of darkness.

9/3/2008 #25

Caleb sent up a wall of fire and ducked, avoiding the worst of the attack. "Seri, get your sister and run! I'll cover you!"

9/3/2008 #26

Serei made a run to Leaf but was thrown back by ablast of darkness "No one shall touch her, she is mine!" Xelos growled

9/3/2008 #27

Caleb sighed. "How many times do I have to tell you? She doesn't belong to you!"

He threw a small handful of sand at Xelos and made to move to get Leaf himself,

9/3/2008 #28

Xelos growled as his eyes got sand in them, he started rubbing his eyes "Curses!"

leaf slowly opened her eyes, her vision was blurred so all she saw was a black figure coming towars her, she was out of strength and bloodloss was majorly effecting her as she whispered "W-who...?"

9/3/2008 #29

"Shut it," Caleb hissed, picking the locks. "Just .... just don't worry,"

9/3/2008 #30
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