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Leaf gagged slightly on some blood before murmuring "...thank you...." her eyes closed and she lost conciousness, she was barely breathing at all.

Seri was trying to fight off Xelos so Caleb could get away with Leaf but so far it was very oine-sided with Seri losing.

9/3/2008 #31

Caleb pulled Leaf off the wall and ran to Seri. "Seri, take your sister and run. Don't look back,"

9/3/2008 #32

"No Caleb! I'm not letting you get yourself killed! :eaf needs you!"

Xelos rolled his eyes "If both of you refuse to leave Ill just kill you both!" Xelos sent multiple shots at the duo.

Seri stood infront of Caleb, taking the shots "G-go!"

9/3/2008 #33

Caleb grabbed her arm. "Seri, you're her sister. Family. I'm a guy she met a few days ago. Please, just go!"

He squared up to Xelos. "No wonder girls don't like you!"

9/3/2008 #34

"I'm sorry Caleb" Seri suddenly lifted Caleb into the air and made him float out of the cave with Leaf, Seri turned back to Xelos "Leaf loves Caleb." she fired off a physic bolt which hit him but did barely anytyhing "You need tounderstand that!"

Leaf's breathing stopped, bt after a few secons started again, Leaf's skin was slowly growing more pale by the minute.

9/3/2008 #35

Caleb growled. "I can't .... Leaf. Listen to me. Don't choose me. Never ever set your sights this low again. I'm getting your sister, and you two are going away."

He got up, leaving his coat over Leaf, and ran back.

9/3/2008 #36

Seri saw Caleb and growled as she kicked Xelos against the wall and growled at Caleb "Don't come back! Leaf is on her way to the Garden In The Sky and your coming back for me?!? GO AWAY!" sSeri then a second later was pinned to the wall "Well, your no Leaf but I suppose you shall do." Xelos smirked.

9/3/2008 #37

Caleb barreled into him. "All or nothing Seri. I'm not a pretty little girl, you and Leaf are. Go help your sister, I'll be along in a few,"

9/3/2008 #38

Seri nodded smally "But come out alive, ya hear? Leaf can't go on without you,..." Seri then ran outside and kneeled next to Leaf "Leaf....? Leaf are you still here?"

Leaf coughed up blood onto the ground beside her as she opened her eyes, revealing a cloudy violet "...Y-yes...b-but barely....where's....Caleb...?"

"It dosen't matter right now, but stay awake...."

Xelos scowled at Caleb and shoved him off and got into a fight stance "You shouldve listened, I bet Leaf is dead by now."

9/3/2008 #39

"She isn't. I'm good at my job," Caleb smirked back, tossing his hair. "It's me or nobody. One of us isn't coming out alive,"

9/3/2008 #40

"And that'll be you who perishes!" Xelos fired shadow bolts at Caleb.

9/3/2008 #41

Caleb ducked, throwing darts of fire back. "Tell me, what's so special about Leaf? Sure, she's pretty, but surely not your typical standard?"

9/3/2008 . Edited 9/3/2008 #42

"She is far above your typical standard, if you were smart you would see that! But your too stupid to notice! By killing her, I'm saving her from you!" Xelos snapped, side-stepping "She cares about you, yet you are a blind fool, well guess what, now your going to pay....with your life!" he transformed into Darkrai and dissappeared into the shadows.

9/3/2008 #43

Caleb sighed. "It's really no wonder my confidence is as low as it is. And you probably are saving her from me. But sir, treating her the way you do isn't exactly showing her the respect she deserves."

He glanced around. "And that's cowardly,"

9/3/2008 #44

Seri sudden ran back into the cave, tears running down her face "C-caleb! S-s-she!...." she winked at Caleb, it was a act!

Xelos smirked from the shadows.

9/3/2008 #45

Caleb leaned his head back, unsure.

"Then run, Seri. Just keep running,"

9/3/2008 #46

Seri shook her head and whispered "Caleb! she's not dead! Not yet anyway, come on! i have a trap set up!" she winked at Caleb as she continued to sob "C-caleb....come....there is nothing we can do now, there's no point in killing Xelos now...."

9/3/2008 #47

Caleb sighed, and glanced at the shadows. "Alright then, but I guessd that means I've free reign to run away," he smiled, making for the exit.

9/3/2008 #48

Seri folloqwed Caleb out then once they were out of the cave nodded "Okay, come on Leaf may not have mch time left, and you better make sure she has a good last minutes!" Seri led him over into the forest and behined a fallen tree with leaves over the top to act like a roof, under the ceiling was Leaf who looked sickly pale, she was clutching Caleb's coat tightly, like it was her lifeline, her eyes were spacious as Seri whispered " have a visitor."

Leaf's eyes focused on Caleb and she smiled weakly "H-hey..."

9/3/2008 #49

Caleb nodded. "Hey yourself,"

((Are you really going to kill her?))

9/3/2008 #50

{{-Grins- Would you hate me if I said yes? xD}}

Seri smiled and murmered "Ill be back to check on you." right before she left she whispered to Caleb "it's now or never Caleb." she then walked off.

"H-how are..." she coughed weakly "you doing?"

9/3/2008 #51

((No ... but it's probably going to hurt Caleb .... hmmm, emotional torment!))

Caleb sat down next to her. "Wanna know how my 'saviour' described me? Emotionally frail, prone to temper tantrums and very limited socially. You're lucky you never really got to know me, and I'm glad. It's nice being seen as ... strong sometimes. You saw something good in me, something I've denied existed. I'm pathetic, but you refused to see it. Maybe you saved me, and I guess I love you for it,"

9/3/2008 #52

Leaf smiled "I-i' to hear you....say that...." Leaf shivered.

{I have a plan that can probaly hurt Caleb, I'm gunna revive her later on ^_^]

9/3/2008 #53

((KK. ^^))

"And now you're gonna .... oh I dunno. Move on, I guess. I'm happy for you. No more Xelos."

9/3/2008 #54

Leaf shook her head "....Seri is going to...." she coughed "Take you....To The Hall....Of see...Areceus....this....may be.....farewell.....for' you...." Leaf weakly smiled until her eyes dimmed completely lifeless as she died, though a smile n her face.

Seri walked up behined Caleb "Leaf.....knows....what she's doing.....revivation.....she told me about it.....after you went back inside....." she wiped away a tear "She told me that she didn't care about Xelos....the sole reason she is coming you....."

9/3/2008 #55

Caleb shrugged and got up. "We're going," he whispered, shaking his head.

Coming back? She'll come back only to be destroyed!

"Xelos was right. He probably did save her from me,"

9/3/2008 #56

"Caleb, we're going to go get Leaf, you love her and she loves you! You two belong together!" Seri said.

9/3/2008 #57

"Seri, act like her sister for once and stop being an idiot. I'm not the one for her!"

9/3/2008 #58

"Yes ou are! And Ill prove it!" Seri then twrled her hands and a orb appeared "Look into it! Leaf's thoughts of you are in here!

Thew orb showed Leaf in the state of where she was near death, this had been recorded before Leaf died, Leaf said in the orb, looking at the sky "Caleb....there's lots of to be said....he may think he is pathetic but he is truly magnificent....he's strong....he's....just...everything to me.....and......I hope that he feels the same....about me.....because....without him.....I would still be the shy girl I use to be, Caleb brought me into the light...." Leaf coughed heavily, clenching Calebs jacket, Seri's voice in the background, Seri who had been holding the orb while it had been taping asked "Are you okay?" earning a weak nod.

"And....he made me appreciate life....and now while I lay here.....I know that no matter what happens....he'lll be n my heart.....for always....."

Seri made the orb dissappear "See....?" she asked Caleb "She cares about you s much, and your just going to turn your back on her?"

9/3/2008 . Edited 9/3/2008 #59

"She's building me up into something I'm not,"

9/3/2008 #60
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