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"No, your all those just don't believe in yourself...."

9/3/2008 #61

((Must go, Sorry. :( ))

"No, I'm not,"

9/3/2008 #62

{{Bye. :{ }}

Seri sighed and grabbed his arm and dragged him off to the edge of the island, meanwhile....Leaf's body had turned into a small delicate pink flower....Caleb's jacket wrapped around the base keep it let people seeing it know no matter what....Caleb will always be there....with Leaf.

9/3/2008 #63

Caleb allowed her to pull him along, sighing.

9/4/2008 #64

"Don't worry....everything will work out....promise...." Seri said.

9/4/2008 #65

"I usually don't take people at their word,"

9/4/2008 #66

"Well this time you have no choce in the matter..." Seri said.

9/4/2008 #67

"No. I guess I don't,"

9/4/2008 #68

Seri grinned "No ya don't, we're going to get your now offical girlfriend, I heared your little speech, and you know, I think Leaf really appreciated that you lstened to her and not ignored her...."

9/4/2008 #69

"I gave her truth. I've always been a terrible liar,"

9/4/2008 #70

Seri nodded "Oh." shhe chuckled "So, anything planned after we get Leaf back since your free now?"

9/4/2008 #71

"Rose still owns me. And besides, I've always been the shield. Old habits die hard. Summer was right about that,"

9/4/2008 #72

"Rose is going to disown you so your TECHNICALLY free, ands what does that mean? old Habits die hard?"

9/4/2008 #73

"It means that for fourteen years I've been a shield, and those things don't fade away, drunk or sober."

9/4/2008 #74

"Mmm....I guess we should get moving before Xelos finds us right?"

9/4/2008 #75

"That we should, although he really has no reason to. It's cold, isn't it?"

9/4/2008 #76

"are you chilly? You left your jacket....back there.....with Leaf's body...." Seri had to wipe away another tear even though she knew Leaf would be back.

9/4/2008 #77

"It was a highly impractical coat anyway," Caleb muttered, looking away.

9/4/2008 #78

"It maybw was but Leaf held onto it like it was her lifeline...." Seri shook her head "We should get to the Hall Of Origin.....Areceus dosen't like people coming back but I think she'll make a special exception...."

9/4/2008 #79

"Maybe she doesn't like it with good reason, Seri," Caleb burst out, walking faster.

9/4/2008 #80

"Areceus was good friends with Leaf, so she'd have to bring her back." Seri made both of them float just as Caleb and herself nearly walked off a cliff "Just think of this way, no Summer, your going to have Leaf, your life is looking up."

9/4/2008 #81

Caleb growled. "Sure, sure. Whatever."

9/4/2008 #82

"Why are you so grumpy?" Seri asked curiously.

9/4/2008 #83

Caleb ignored her, staring at his feet instead.

9/4/2008 #84

"Caleb, please tel me what's wrong..."

9/4/2008 #85

"Nothing is wrong, so stop talking about it! Stop treating me like a child,"

Perhapes you should stop acting like one!

9/4/2008 #86

Seri clenched to her fists and grabbed Caleb's arm and said "Caleb! Your acting like a child! Stop okay?!? We're gioing to get Leaf!" she then started flying upwards, Seri still holding his arm.

9/4/2008 #87

Caleb sighed, and allowed her to pull him.

Never were good at saying no, were you?

9/4/2008 #88

"Your lucky Leaf's my sister and she loves you or I wouldve dropped you 15,000 feet ago!" hey were nearing a giant dclou that had a large staircase attached that wasa going up for like a mile or so then it came to a floating platform, Seri anded on the cloud, the duo didn't faol through "Come on." she started leading him up the stairs.

[Brb, making new topc ^_^]

9/4/2008 #89


"Death threat. Why am I not surprised?"

9/4/2008 #90
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