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"Stop being emo and put a smile on your face,." Seri smiled as they reached the top of the stairs

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9/4/2008 #91

((I can't find an opening anywhere else, so this is where I am. Anyone want to come visit me, feel free.))

"You have two months," growled Kess's trainer. "If I come back and you've been lazing around, you know what I'll do."

Kess nodded mutely.

The trainer held up a hand and began counting off on his fingers. "Work out and exercise. Find something to kill, and bring me the head. Or someone. Don't lose a fight."

Kess shook her head.

He smiled tightly. "If you can behave without a supervisor, there might be a treat when we get back." With that, he stepped onto the gangplank and walked up onto the ship. It sailed away without looking back.

Kess watched the sails disappear into the distance, and turned. And island. Not much to do. Not many places for her to get lost.

The trainer liked it.

That was good enough.

9/7/2008 #92
Imagination 5

A light came down, leading to the Hall of Origin.

9/7/2008 #93
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