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A place high above the clouds where the God Of Pokemon, Areceus rests.

{Also playa as A Hevean Topic}

9/4/2008 #1

Caleb sighed, and stole a glance around.

9/4/2008 #2

When The Duo reached the top, The Hall was a long hall with pillars, blue/white colored spirits random floated by, but at the end there was a pecticular spirit that instead of a blue/white gave off a green glow floating infront of a large pokemon which was about 50 ft tall and had metallic white and black fur with two black rings around it's body.

9/4/2008 . Edited 9/4/2008 #3

Caleb leaned back against the nearest pillar. "Do your thing then,"

9/4/2008 #4

"You have to come or you'll get thrown out, and trust me, it's a long drop." Seri then led Caleb up behined Leaf's spirit and said "Leaf." at that Leaf twirled around and gasped "S-seri!" she smiled at Caleb "C-caleb!"

Areceus stared at the two new comers "Whoi are you?" her eyes locked ont Caleb.

"I-it's okay! H-he's Caleb...." Leaf said, smiling happily as, she even though she was a spirit hugged Caleb.

9/4/2008 #5

Caleb shuddered. "Please don't do that again, I'm cold enough."

He squared up to the stranger, defiantly glaring at her. "Problem?"

9/4/2008 #6

Arceus growled an bent her head down so she was level with him "Why are you here, human?"

Seri and Leaf were chatting, obviously planning.

9/4/2008 #7

"Because I was dragged, and I saw no reaon to resist. Don't get your pinny in a panic,"

9/4/2008 #8

"What relations do you have with Shaymin and Celebi?" Arceuss asked.

9/4/2008 #9


9/4/2008 #10

"Leaf and Serebii." Arceus said.

9/4/2008 #11

"Couldn't have said that first," Caleb drawled, stalling for time.

9/4/2008 #12

"Okay! Arceus! We need you o revive leaf!" Seri said.

Arceus looked over at Seri "Why?"

"Cause she misses Caleb, and Caleb's going emo!"

Arceus thought then nodded "Ok."

Leaf suddenl startd glowing white, soon a broght light flashed and when it died down, Leaf was no longer see through, and was coloree properly instead of glowing, she smiled at Caleb.

Arceus smiled.

9/4/2008 #13

Caleb sighed. "Seri," he trailed off seeing Leaf. ".... you know what. Just never mind!"

9/4/2008 #14

"....caleb.....what's the matter...I....thought you would be happy." she looked down.

Arceus frowned "What is wrong human?" she asked Caleb.

9/4/2008 #15

"Nothing. I am happy,"

9/4/2008 #16

Leaf decided not to ask and just hugged him happily, somehow she had stayed in her 18 year old form as she murmered "Ill take your word for it...."

9/4/2008 #17

"You do that," Caleb muttered, wrapping an arm around her.

9/4/2008 #18

"Did you mean what you the island I mean...." Leaf asked softly, pulling back slghtly to look him in the eyes.

9/4/2008 #19

"I'm a terrible liar at the best of times. It sounded honest, therefore it was."

9/4/2008 #20

Leaf couldn't help but giggle "I love you too." she kissed his nose with a smile.

Seri watched from a near by pillar, smiling happily "Alls well that ends well." she murmured to herself.

9/4/2008 #21

((G2G Sorry. :( ))

Caleb sighed.

You have gotten brave haven't you?

9/4/2008 #22

Leaf sighed aswell as she rested her head on his shoulder.

9/4/2008 #23

Caleb sighed and pulled away. "We should go,"

9/6/2008 #24
Imagination 5

Rose sighed. "I feel so useless."

(Good topic, Tori!)

9/6/2008 . Edited 9/6/2008 #25

Leaf nodded an smiled as she interwined her and Caleb's fingers "Yeah." she said "Seri, make sure you have Rose."

Seri grabbed Rose's arm.

9/6/2008 #26

((Is anybody else not getting email alerts?))

Caleb sighed, and started walking. "Don't worry, Rose."

9/7/2008 #27
Imagination 5
(I haven't checked. O_O)(Also, I almost definitely won't be on tonight. Sorry!)
9/7/2008 #28

"Yeah, as long as Xelos dosen't find out...." Leaf trailed off, seeing Xelos appear infront of them.

"If I don't find out about whay?"

[xD He never gives up XD]

9/7/2008 #29

Caleb sighed, and moved a half step to the side, sheilding Leaf. "You are becoming annoying!"

9/7/2008 . Edited 9/7/2008 #30
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