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Xelos smirked "Good, then I'm doing my job./"

Leaf looked throughly peeved as she clenched her fists "FHUK OFF XELOS! NOW!"

Xelos actaully looked taken back by Leaf's outburst "Hn, you still are quite feisty." he smirked.

9/7/2008 #31

Caleb sighed and turned to Xelos. "Perhapes you should move?"

9/7/2008 #32

Leaf was was restraining herself from just punchiong Xelos's face into the next dimension.

Seri scowled "Xelos, go away."

Xelos laughed "You think I'm just going to go away? Ha! I came here to finish what I started since apparantly Leaf dosen't want to stay dead."

"Yeah, like I'm gunna stay dead, I have people that I care for I won't ;leave 'em behined, unlike you, you snake in the grass!" Leaf growled.

Xelos shrugged ?"Companions are for the weak, that's why you'll alwaus be weak Leaf, you lack hatred....."

Leaf rolled her eyes "You got that from a Naruto Manga!"

Xelos shrugged "So?"

Seri slapped her forehead.

[XD Leaf and xelos are like bickering siblings almost XD]

9/7/2008 #33

"All of you shut it!" Caleb spat. "Stop it right now!"

9/7/2008 #34

Leaf went quite almost instantly.

Xelos chuckled "Sorry Caleb, I don't listen to weaklings."

Leaf's left eye twitched, if someone called Caleb a weakling one more time, heads were going to roll.

9/7/2008 #35

Caleb smiled. "Really? That still doesn't explain why you're not listening to me."

You always sound so much more confident ... what if he calls the bluff?

9/7/2008 #36

"Because your under that category, along with Leaf and the rest of you wussy friends." Xelos said.

Seri saw Leaf step out behined Caleb and immediately grabbed her shoulder so she couldn't lunmge at the Darkrai morph, he was really pushingher limits.

9/7/2008 #37

"Oh really?" Caleb drawled, stepping forward. "Then why are we all still standing here? Why haven't you been able to kill us?"

9/7/2008 #38

"Because your all little pansies and run away." Xelos stepped forward, frowning.

9/7/2008 #39

"Umhmm .... so why is it that you can't stop us? Why is it you let us walk away? If we're as weak as you say, why can't you do something right and keep us down?"

9/7/2008 #40

"Because you aren't worth my time and effort, except for Leaf." he gave her a ly wink and a drty smile, that just Made Leaf give Xelos a death glare.

9/7/2008 #41

"And yet you can't even do that right."

9/7/2008 #42

"Actaully, I did, I had my ay with her AND I killed her, only Areceus decided to be a bish and bring her back."

9/7/2008 #43

"Read, you failed. You screwed up, and lost in the end. Funny old world, isn't it?"

9/7/2008 . Edited 9/7/2008 #44

Xelos scowled and shook his ead, he did a backflip and fired off shadow bolts.

9/7/2008 #45

Caleb ducked, and sidestepped, barely dodging the bolts. "And guess what, you still can't get it right,"

9/7/2008 #46

Xelos kept firing off shadow bolts, obvious his paitents with Caleb were wearing thin.

9/7/2008 #47

Caleb threw up fire, and dodged, until one of the bolts hit his shoulder and threw him off his feet.

((Can you give me about half an hour? I gots ta walk home ....))

9/7/2008 #48


And that moment was when Leaf Shaymin lost it, she lunged at Xelos, shoving him to the greound, Xelos was in shellshock as Leaf repeated punched him in the face.

Seri kneeled beside Caleb "You okay?"

9/7/2008 #49

((Oh man I'm so sorry! I met up with a few friends and ended up watching the kilkenny/waterford match! I'm so so so so sorry/!))

"I'm ...." Caleb paused, "I'm fine,"

9/7/2008 #50
Imagination 5

(Phew, I'm here.)

Rose looked cocerned.

9/7/2008 #51

Caleb stoood up. "No wonder you're such a bad adguy, you can't even keep me down a =t close range!"


9/7/2008 #52
Imagination 5

(*Tacklehugs.* Hiya!)

Rose stopped him. "You're hurt."

9/7/2008 #53

((*Hugs back* Hey yourself!))

"Not badly!"

9/7/2008 #54
Imagination 5

(I see Tori's gone. Recap?)

"Still." She began to heal him with soft white light.

9/7/2008 #55

((Leaf died. Got revived. Xelos showed up, and Caleb taunted him .... I give a better one, 'cept I'm not exactly sobre ans tired.))

"Can't you leave it!"

9/7/2008 #56
Imagination 5

(You've been drinking? *Whacks with mallet.* Bad!)

Rose stepped back, looking hurt.

9/7/2008 #57

((Hey! I only had a few!))

Caleb glanced at her. "Sorry. It hit me once,"

9/7/2008 #58
Imagination 5

(*Hits again.*)

Rose nodded. "Shall I heal you?"

9/7/2008 #59

((*Pouts* I'm old enough! And my mama was there! 'Sides, the slaughter that was the kilkenny/waterford match warrented it!))

"It's fine!"

9/7/2008 #60
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