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Imagination 5

"Good," repeated Rose. She put a forcefield around the infirmary. "That will keep Xelox out for a while. I'm not sure about the witches."

(Ah! GTG.)

9/11/2008 #31

"Ok." Leaf nodded.


9/11/2008 #32

Caleb sighed, and leaned against the wall outside. His head was still pounding, but he ignored it.

9/11/2008 #33

Seri walked up to Caleb, smiling "Come with me, I have a plan that can end this ownsership with Summer and Rose, heared of a Blood Pact?"

9/11/2008 #34

"Never and I'm not sure I wanna."

9/11/2008 #35

"A blood pact is a contract made upon blood, your owners, a.k.a Summer and Rose's ownerships will end upon the making of the pact, Leaf has already agreed to make a pact to release you."

9/11/2008 #36

"And there's a catch. There always is,"

9/11/2008 #37

"The catch is when Leaf is killed, you are released and anyone can make you they're master, but I think Leaf would be a good master for you since she would not abuse you like Summer has in the past."

9/11/2008 #38

"And if I say no, I suppose I'll just be ordered to,"

9/11/2008 #39

"Basically, now come on, I'm not sure how long Leaf can stay awake because of the poison."

9/11/2008 #40

"Shoulda known. After, do I at least have permission to get drunk?"

9/11/2008 #41

"Probaly, knowning Leaf she'll let you have a decent amount of freedom."

9/11/2008 #42

Caleb shook his head. "You're clueless, y'know that?! But come on, lest someone change my future again in the next three minutes,"

9/11/2008 #43

"Do i need to go get Rose to order you inside?" Seri asked, then grabbed hi arm and proceeded to drag him to the infirmary.

9/11/2008 #44

Caleb growled, and bit back tears. "You do realise that if Leaf is my master, I'll no longer have a say in our relationship? She can use me whatever way she likes, and I'm sorry for being scared of having to go through this all again!"

9/11/2008 #45

"She wouldn't do that! Xelos diid that to her! She wouldn't do it to you." Seri said as they came into the room Rose and Leaf were in.

Leaf smiled "Hi Caleb."

9/11/2008 #46

Caleb looked down. "Hey," Ma'am, don't forget that now.

9/11/2008 #47

Seri took out two Styrofoam cups.

Leaf frowned "Caleb, can I talk to you outside?" she shakily got up and started outside.

9/11/2008 #48

"Of course," Some part of him wouldn't let him tag on the title. Not yet, anyway.

9/11/2008 #49

Leaf sighed and said "Caleb, please don't start calling me ma'am, I would like it if you just called me Leaf, the whole reaso that I',m doing this is for your freedom fron Summer, and I don't know if it'll effect our relationship but I won't force you to do anything you don't want to." Leaf then whispered "Because....master or not, I will still care alot for you,"

9/11/2008 #50

Caleb shook his head. "Whatever our relationship before, once you become my master it'll have to change. You own me Leaf. That's an entirely different thing."

9/11/2008 #51

Leaf cringed "...." she said nothing.

9/11/2008 #52

"Leaf ... look. I don't hate you for doing this. Hell, it's one of the nicest things anyone's decided to do for me. But .... I'll never feel comfortable in a relationship I can't have a say in. That doesn't mean I never felt anything for you, it just .... try and see this from my point of view, okay?"

9/11/2008 #53

"I'm not going thorough with it then, I don't want to make you un-comfortable." Leaf said simply.

9/11/2008 #54

Caleb glanced at her. "Come on. It'll be better then having two masters at least. 'Sides, it makes me safer than I was."

9/11/2008 #55

"I...I guess so.....but no matter what Ill never force you to do ANYTHING you don't feel comfortable doing." Leaf looked at him, teary eyed, she was never going to be able to have a stable relationship with Caleb if she went through with this., she shook her head "I...Ill be back later...." Leaf ran off to the nearest bar in town, she needed to clear her head.

9/11/2008 #56

Caleb leaned against the wall and sighed. "People ... just don't seem to get this,"

9/11/2008 #57

Seri walked out "Where did Leaf go?" she asked, looking at Caleb.

9/11/2008 #58

"She left when I explained we couldn't have a stable relationship once she was my master,"

9/11/2008 #59

Seri sighed "Caleb, she loves you, you said yo loe her back, then you went back upon your word, tell me....what do you REALLY feel for Leaf?"

9/11/2008 #60
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