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Caleb follwed, and put Leaf down. "She'll pay for this."

9/11/2008 #91

"A giant hangover." Seri shook her head with a sigh.

9/11/2008 #92

Caleb stepped away from the bed. "Ummhmm."

9/11/2008 #93

Seri looked at Caleb, confused "Hmm?"

9/11/2008 #94


9/11/2008 #95


-Time skip: The next morning {Let's just say it was late xD}-

Leaf opened her eyes and groaned, her head was pounding "ow...."

9/11/2008 #96

Caleb glanced at her from his position on the floor. "I'd say stay drunk to kill the hangover .... but my master might just hate me for it,"

9/11/2008 #97

"Eh, oh well, Seri can be a party pooper...." Leaf grumbled, rubbing her head.

Seri was outside, secretly using Caleb as a hearing aid "Okay, you can do it Caleb! Now's your chance to totally rock Leaf's world!" she said to him mentally.

9/11/2008 #98

Caleb winced. "Leaf ..."

9/11/2008 #99

Leaf looked at Caleb curiously "Yes?"

9/11/2008 #100

Caleb looked down, trying to resist the order. "How many times do we have to fight this out?"

((gots ta go ... sorry/))

9/11/2008 #101

"I don't know..." Leaf said "Why you asking?"

"I thought you would be happy? I'm helping you gain courage, I thought you want to be able to hug Leaf whenever you want without Leaf going into shock?"


9/11/2008 #102

Rizenburg jerked himself awake; he was sitting down at the top of a nearby building from the infirmary.

"Damnit, fell asleep on duty again..." He slapped his right temple with the palm of his hand to wake himself up.

'Well, at least everything here's alright.' He quickly looked about the area, noticing Seri outside of the infirmary, her eyes in deep concentration.

"Ah, Caleb did it; the Blood Pact. This' just starting to get more and more interesting..." He grinned behind his mask.

(NOOOOOEEESSSS!!!!!! Ah well, it's ur guys characters anway. But it woulda been damn interesting to see what would come out of THAT.)

9/11/2008 #103

Seri noticed Rizenburg and waved "Heya! Blood Pact went as planned, only I becamwe his master instead of Leaf."

9/11/2008 #104

"Yes, I've noticed." But he's putting up a bit of a fight though, isn't he?" He jumped down onto the ground in front of the Infirmary.

"This building seems to have been abandoned, so we shouldn't be bothered by any other people without a specific reason. But I'll still keep a watch, good luck with Caleb." With that, he began to make his rounds of the Infirmary.

(Need to go to school now....T.T)

9/11/2008 . Edited 9/11/2008 #105

Caleb growled, and looked at Leaf. "I'm trying to keep this .... I don't even know anymore!"

9/11/2008 #106

".....What's going on Caleb?....your not making ense!"

9/12/2008 #107

"It may be the shock from having lost the voices of his original two masters in his head...He should get used to it in time." Rizenburg said, returning. He sat down at the door of the infirmary, taking out the collection of rocks he had obtained, working frost, fire, and light enchantments into them.

"I've been around some warriors who have taken the Blood Pact before, it's nothing to worry about...Or perhaps he's getting more and more confused with his relationship with Leaf..."

'Maybe I should have a talk with him sometime...' Rizenburg though to himself.

9/12/2008 . Edited 9/12/2008 #108

Caleb looked down. "It's .... nothing."

9/12/2008 #109

"Like heck it's nothing, Caleb." Rizenburg replied, still busy in his work. "But still, nevermind. Do you feel any link towards Rose or Summer now?"

9/12/2008 #110

Seri sighed, agravated "Caleb! what the hell are you doing?! Have some balls for once and tell Leaf your feelings! that you care for her!" she shouted at him mentally, annoyance obvious in her voice,

9/12/2008 #111

'I think I better stay outta this one for now...' Rizenburg thought, whilst doing a final check on the stones, ensuring that the enchantments were all up to scratch.

9/12/2008 #112

How much of this is what you want me to feel for her? Caleb spat, but he obidently stood up.

"Leaf, what I said back then was true."

9/12/2008 #113

"Well, whilst you sort that out, I think I need some time for practice, and perhaps explore the town a bit. See you all later." Rizenburg stood up, and disappeared into the town.

(Sorry guys, GTG n sleep...*cries*)

9/12/2008 #114

Caleb glared after him.

((Aw man!))

9/12/2008 #115
Imagination 5

(Be on in a couple of hours.)

Rose stood, looking irritated. "We need a boat or a train or some kind of transport.

A guard stood watch outside the town. It was night and he was cold and irritated. He stood on the grassy wet ground, slightly moist with dew. The shadows began to rise.

An elegant arc of blood splattered the town walls and Alison smirked as the guard's body fell limply to the ground. She wiped her bloody knife on a cloth and sheathed it, throwing the cloth on the dead man's wound; it instantly stained red. The dark witch entered the city, a huge group of shadows following in her wake.

9/12/2008 #116

Summer sighed, fixing her braid as she hovered outside the house.

Caleb groaned, and ran a hand through his hair.

9/12/2008 #117
Imagination 5


Alison walked beside her. "You've beaten me here I see."

Rose touched his shoulder comfortingly. "Are you OK?"

9/12/2008 #118

((Hey yourself))

Summer shrugged. "I should be upset. But Caleb hates the little poke'morph now."

Caleb glanced back at her. "I'm fine,"

9/12/2008 #119
Imagination 5

Alison nodded. "Perhaps we can use this to our advantage," she said. "I have an-" she almost said order. Then: "request of you."

"We have to leave soon," said Rose quietly.

9/12/2008 #120
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