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Seri nodded and focused on Alison, and with Xelos sent a barrage of leaves and shadow bolts at Alison.

Leaf was sitting on the harbor, deep in thought.

9/12/2008 #151

Caleb staggered up to her. "Leaf, come on!"

9/12/2008 #152
Imagination 5

Rose swung around, aiming an airborne kick at Summer's face.

Alison staggered back as the barrage hit her and vanished, reappearing at the pier. A wall of fire cut off Caleb and Leaf and a ring of fire surounded Leaf.

9/12/2008 #153

Caleb skidded to a hault. "Lady, fire belongs to me!"

Summer smiled. "Ah ah ah. Can't wreck my pretty face,"

9/12/2008 #154
Imagination 5

Alison flew at an incredible pace around Caleb, blasting him with darkness as fire closed in on Leaf.

Rose made a circle of light fly at Summer's face, smiling calmly.

9/12/2008 #155

Leaf collapsed to her knees, shuddering, suddely a shie;ld of darkness surronded Leaf as a certain darkrai'morph appeared next to her/

Xelos growled at Caleb "I tell you to protect her and you failed!" he picked up Leaf and released theshield and quickly ran through the fire, he had burned himself but leaf had been surronded by dark shield as he pass Leaf to Caleb.

9/12/2008 #156

"You gave me all of ten minutes, and you can hardly talk,"

Summer sighed and ran.

9/12/2008 #157
Imagination 5

Rose pursued, firing white blasts at the witch's back.

The fire turned black and shot at Xelox with a life of its own.

9/12/2008 #158

Xelos growled to Caleb "Go on! Carry out seri's request! run!" he made a barriar of darkness to protect himself, absorbing the dark fire he fired it righrt back at Alison.

9/12/2008 #159

"It wasn't a request, it was an order," Caleb spat, running past Summer.

9/12/2008 #160

Leaf shuddered, a large burn on her arm, she was unconcious as she cuddled into Caleb.

9/12/2008 . Edited 9/12/2008 #161
Imagination 5

"You've made a very dangerous enemy, Xelox," whispered Alison and was gone.

Rose caught up, gasping for breath.

9/12/2008 #162

Summer smiled, and disappeared. "You lot have succeded in hurting him far more then I ever could. Think about it,"

9/12/2008 #163

[Ill be back in abit X.x]

9/12/2008 #164


9/12/2008 #165
Imagination 5


Rose untethered a boat, hopping into it. It wasn't a ship, it was like a cruiser.

9/12/2008 #166

Caleb swung back around. "what are you doing?!"

9/12/2008 #167
Imagination 5

"Taking this." She left a wad of money tied to the tether. "Come on."

9/12/2008 #168

Caleb sighed and hopped nimbly onto the boat.

9/12/2008 #169
Imagination 5

(New topic!)

Rose set the boat to auto drive, and it sailed out into the white and blue waiting sea

9/12/2008 #170


9/12/2008 #171
Imagination 5

A huge explosion arced out from the pier, consuming several buildings and spreading over the town. Any who got in its way where annihalated, and within seconds the town was reduced to rubble.

There were no survivors.

3/9/2009 #172
Accron Lyuis

... Or so it appeared...

If one was looking closely, they could see a small round shape in the middle of all the rubble. The shape rippled a bit, proving its existence, and then, it finally shattered. Small bits of glass that were not at all lethal started falling down on the three people.

"Damn..." Demon-Form Darius muttered, as he keeled onto one knee. A girl with deep blue hair was doing the same beside him. "What the hell was that?!?"

"Hellfire," the girl muttered. "That was such a powerful attack... I wouldn't have been able to defend just us three without your soul energy helping me reinforce everything."

"Miriine," a man's voice said. The girl, Miriine, looked up at another man with spiky black hair. "Everything is..."

"Yes, I know," Miriine muttered, as she looked back down. It had been such a powerful attack, she had barely been able to keep the crystal defense intact. If she couldn't do that, then... what has befallen the townsmen? "We need to get out of here," Miriine reasoned. "if we don't then... Our fate will soon draw to an end?"

"A foretelling?" Darius asked, surprised that even he could smirk at this time.

"No," Miriine said. "Common sense..." Darius nodded, and white flames slowly started crawling on his body. However, they crawled over his body a whole lot slower than before, and it took at least five seconds before he was in his human form again. "Haru," Miriine said, when she had seen Darius transform.

"Yes?" Haru said, smoke rising from his cigarette.

"Take us away..." Haru nodded, and reached into his pocket. He took out a cigarette, lit it, and put it into his mouth. After that, he took out his old one, and put the butt of it facing down. He slowly drew a circle with the smoke flying off. The smoke grew denser as it intermingled with each other, and soon the profiles of three people in a smokescreen suddenly disappeared.

3/9/2009 #173
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