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Imagination 5

(A traditional port town.)

The group appeared. "Get her to a hospital!" Rose called.

9/11/2008 . Edited 9/11/2008 #1

"Roger!" Rizenburg scooped up Leaf in his arms, racing to the nearest building.

(Hey, I've been thinking since I read the other you plan to keep Caleb 'bound' to two masters permanently?)

9/11/2008 #2

Seri followed quickly behined Rizenburg.

Leaf, having a cold sweat tried to remain warm as she curled as she un-intentionally cuddled close to Rizenburg.

9/11/2008 #3

As he reached the door, he tried to open the door, but it was locked tight. He quickly kicked down the door, racing into the building looking for a bed. He quickly found one and laid Leaf down, covering her up with several layers of blankets.

(I'm assuming the village is deserted, or at least nobody is working in the building at the time.)

9/11/2008 . Edited 9/11/2008 #4

[Yeah, lets go with the second option xD]

Seri sighed as she watched Leaf shivering ".It always happens to her, she dosen't deserve it."

9/11/2008 #5

"Why, what happens? That shady charachter chasing her all the time?" Rizenburg said, scanning the building.

"And also, might I know all of your names?"

(I'm trying to keep the character with the story, so I do know everyone's names, but he doesn't...if you get what I mean...")

9/11/2008 #6

"Yeah, she hs gotten chased, r***, killed, heartbroken, I'm Seri, and that's Leaf, the woman that transported us is named Rose and the other boy is Caleb."


9/11/2008 #7

" THAT's serious....And lemme guess, Caleb's the one who's broken her heart more than once right?"

He began to walk around the building, etching small runes into the walls, gathering small rocks as he walked to be later used as Flash bombs and other traps.

"This'll help keep those guys away from here, at least until we rest up. Who were they anyway?"

(btw, I'll post my idea about Caleb's masters on the Rules and Discussions thread)

9/11/2008 #8


"The man was Xelos, or his other name; Darkrai, Master Of Nightmares." Seri said following "He made a dulpicate of Leaf, he called....Grass I think." Seri said.

9/11/2008 #9

"Hmm, master of nightmares huh..." Rizenburg murmured to himself. "And Grass as well, his new servant." He shook his head in pity, as he finished the last rune.

"What about the other two women who I saw in the forest?"

9/11/2008 #10

"Those were Summer and Alison, Summer is Caleb's master, Rose is too, we need to make Caleb free, or atleast give him a good master, like Leaf!"

[xD I Lol'd at the mouth-feed part XD in your idea, though it was kinda a nasty thought XD]

9/11/2008 #11

(XD, sorry, I'm a crazy person, many people have said that about me XD; I'm trying to bring them closer together again. *smiles sheepishly*)

"I'd agree with that..." Rizenburg said, coming over to feel Leaf's temperature.

"I think she's getting a fever...Do you have any experience with this Seri?"

9/11/2008 . Edited 9/11/2008 #12

[YAY FOR CRAZINESS! -runs around, hyper-]

Seri shook her head "No."

9/11/2008 #13

(XD; wow, with all this going around, i doubt i'll get to sleep tonight XD)

"Well, we can't do a lot, except let her body combat the poison as best as possible. Can you get a wet cloth? We need to cool her temperature."

Rizenburg stretched out his palms over Leaf's head, which soon began to glow gold, slowly getting brighter and brighter.

9/11/2008 #14

Leaf stirred, mrmuring "Caleb....why?....don't....leave me.....alone....."

Seri nodded and as quick as a flash got a wet cloth.

9/11/2008 #15

"Wow, she really has fallen for him, hasn't she?" Rizenburg murmured, a small, miniscule ball of gas appearing above his hands.

"Lay the cloth on her forehead; I'm trying to suck out as much of the poison as I can, but it's proving difficult..."

9/11/2008 #16

"Yeah she has, but whenever he breaks her hert, she always gets up and goes to him again." Seri said, placing the clothe on her sister's head.

9/11/2008 #17

With his left hand, he manipulated the ball of poison, which dissapeared, two small purple pebbles dropped onto the ground, which he picked up for later use.

"Now that's mighty admirable of her. Unfortunately, I can't do much; I've removed as much of the poison as possible, and have managed to help heal a bit, but that's it really....I don't specialise in poisoncraft..."

9/11/2008 . Edited 9/11/2008 #18

"I hope she'll be okay." seri murmured, she frowned "I dobt Caleb will even come and visit her, he'll just go get drunk." Seri muttered sourly.

9/11/2008 #19

"Perhaps...Perhaps not..." Rizenburg murmured. "I've pieced together enough about the relationship between everyone here, and although I can't say for sure, I'm sure Caleb feels at least something for Leaf..."

He stood up, and observed Leaf closely.

"She seems to have stabilised now, at least temporarily. I wonder how long we'll be left alone for...That is, from Xelos and the other two witches."

9/11/2008 . Edited 9/11/2008 #20

"Hopefuly long enough for Leaf to regain conciousness." eri murmured.

Leaf stirred again and groaned as she opened her eyes slightly " I?"

Seri tuned to Lreaf "You in a hospital, you passed ot after breathing in the poison."

9/11/2008 #21

"Well, that was lucky." he said. "She seems to have recovered somewhat."

(btw, does Leaf still have memory loss due to Xyphos?)

9/11/2008 #22

[slightly, she can't remember who seri or rose is.]


9/11/2008 #23

(OK, cya, I need to go after this too...sleep....T.T)

"I think you need more rest, Leaf." Rizenburg said. "Don't strain yourself too much - you almost died there."

He held his hand above her head, glowing slightly, in an attempt to put her to sleep.

"I need to go keep an eye out on the area. You better get some rest too, Seri." With that, he spun on his heel, and out the door, looking for a vantage point.

9/11/2008 . Edited 9/11/2008 #24
Imagination 5

(I have returned! ... Too late. T_T)

Rose sighed in relief, casting warmth and comfort spells over Leaf, without the holy magic that hurt her.

9/11/2008 #25

Leaf smiled and looked around, not seeing Caleb made her feel disheartened as she frowned and laid back down, falling asleep.

Seri looked at Rose "We need to fix this, Caleb took back on what he said, and now Leaf thinks he hates her, and the new guy thinks Leafshould be Caleb's master instead of you and Summer, which I whole-heartedly agree with!"

9/11/2008 #26
Imagination 5

"Well of course I agree, but how do we do it?" asked Rose, looking older now with stress.

9/11/2008 #27

"We can create a blood Pact between them, they mix they're blood tgether and drink from ttwo seperate cups, and you can't Un-do a Blood Pact so if Leaf made a Blood Pact with caleb, the only way to re-claim Caleb would be to kill Leaf, all other ownerships, including yours and Summer's will be totally erased."

9/11/2008 #28
Imagination 5

"Sounds good," nodded Rose. "Tell your sister. We have to do this quickly. I doubt Summer will just stand by while her servant is freed."

9/11/2008 #29

Seri went over and gently nudged Leaf "Leaf, wake up."

Leaf twitched and asked, eyes not opened "What is it?"

"We need yo up so we can create a Blood Pact."

Leaf sat up "With who...?"

"You and Caleb."

Leaf jusd nodded "Kay."

9/11/2008 #30
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