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Imagination 5

A white cruise ship.

9/12/2008 #1

Caleb put Leaf down, and watched the waves.

9/12/2008 #2
Imagination 5

(Crap! BBS.)

Rose smiled, feeling the sea air on her face.

9/12/2008 #3

((KK. I'll try to still be here ....))

Caleb didn't bother look at her.

9/12/2008 #4

Leaf graned as she started coming around "W....what happened?" she slowly sat up, cursing at the giant burn on her arm, she winced

Seri went over to Leaf "You okay?"

Leaf nodded quitely "Guess so...."

9/12/2008 #5
Imagination 5

(I'm back at last.)

Rose smiled at the two. "Afternoon girls."

9/12/2008 #6

"Hi." Leaf said quitely and soon dazed out, deep in thought.

Seri blinked "She is doing that alot lately."

9/12/2008 #7
Imagination 5

"Hmm," said Rose concernedly. "Is it Xelox, or Caleb?"

9/12/2008 #8

Seri shrugged "Caleb has a lack of balls and Xelos is a evil over-obsessed moron.....geez, Leaf has odd taste,"

9/12/2008 #9
Imagination 5

(Are you really as like Seri as you say?)

Rose crossed her arms, staring at Leaf.

9/12/2008 #10

[Not the attitude but her trying to help ppl ^_^]

Seri blinked and shrugged "I'm trying to help Caleb and Leaf get together by getting him to go be with Leaf but it seems that Caleb is denying his care for's odd really."

9/12/2008 #11
Imagination 5

(Got it.)

"I know, but maybe we should let this naturally take its course. If you force him to love her, rather than giving them the time to letr it grow, his love will turn into resentment, even hate."

9/12/2008 #12

Seri shrugged "Okay but I wish there was a way we could help slightly, but not really know.....a light touch...."

9/12/2008 #13
Imagination 5

(Mum's being mean. I can't get on. Sorry, bye.)

9/12/2008 #14

After wandering about the town, Rizenburg had several packs full of food and supplies ready. He was wandering around town for a while longer, before he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Hell's Bells! The Runes have been breached!" He murmured to himself, breaking into a run for the infirmary.

It was just by chance that he was near the edge of the town, and he had to pass the docks to get to the infirmary, and saw 'The Drifter' floating out to sea. He caught a glimpse of it's passengers, and immediately switched course.

Climbing quickly onto one of the unloading dock cranes, then sliding down the ropes at the edge, he managed to swing himself far enough to grab onto one of the tether ropes of The Drifter.

'Phew, that was a close one...' He thought, still holding onto the rope. He wrapped the rope around his waist, and he slowly climbed up the ship's hull.

(Sorry everyone...I just woke up.)

(Actually, what time zone is everybody in? I'm GMT +7:00)

9/12/2008 #15

((I'm in Ireland,))

Caleb watched him, amused. He was pointedly ignoring the others.

9/13/2008 #16

(Ah, ok, Ireland, around midday on the time of this post...What would be so funny about a man trying to climb up the side of a ship's hull, hanging onto life by a mere rope?)

He reached the end of the rope, and with a last burst of energy, launched himself over the ship railing, and landing on the ship deck.

He began to walk towards the others, and realised that Leaf had a burn on her arm.

'Musta been during the battle.' He picked a light blue pebble from his pack, tossing it towards Leaf.

"Enchanted with some frost magic, naturally cold to the touch, should help with the burn a bit."

9/13/2008 #17

((He's in that kind of a mood. And yeah. It's midday. Good guess!))

Caleb smiled, and continued his staring.

9/13/2008 #18

(Well, it helps with a computer clock XD)

He tossed a pack to Caleb, and three other packs to the women.

"Supplies and food, some bread, cheese, dried meats and fruit. I'm gonna have a quick look around the ship, be back in a sec." He then proceeded to explore the ship.

9/13/2008 #19

Caleb ignored the package, the adrenaline and surprise at the days events wearing off into numbness. Somebody owns me again ... and this time I can't run ....

9/13/2008 #20

"Not eating, Caleb?" Rizenburg had finished his round of the ship, and was biting into a chunk of bread from his own pack.

9/13/2008 #21

"Not hungry," Caleb smiled, shrugged.

9/13/2008 #22

"Well, it's up to you, Caleb. Though your body'll be complaining like hell to you tommorow if you don't eat something." He came next to Caleb, watching the calm waves of the sea.

"You're worrying about having a new master again, aren't you?" He whispered.

9/13/2008 #23

"It's nothing. I can handle it," Caleb muttered, running his hand over the aged scars.

9/13/2008 #24

"Sometimes, Caleb, it's better to tell people about your problems, rather than keeping them trapped inside." He placed a hand on Caleb's shoulder. "I too, once had a master, bound to me by blood. I do know how it feels like, having a master that rules over you, feeling that you have no control over your own life."

9/13/2008 #25

Caleb shrugged the hand off. "Will people stop proving themselves better than I am ..... First Rose and now you. Just .... leave me alone,"

9/13/2008 #26

'Ah, so that's it then...' Rizenburg thought.

"Alright then, Caleb. If you need anything, you can always talk to me." He whispered to Caleb.

"I'm going to get some rest for now." He spoke aloud, turning around. He sat down, back leaning onto the wall, and setting up a meditative stance, slowing his breathing until it was deep and regular.

9/13/2008 #27

Caleb ignored him, instead running his hand obsessively over the scars.

9/13/2008 . Edited 9/13/2008 #28

(That seemed a bit cli'che on my part, sorry, didn't know what to write XD, will need to go off in about an hour's time too, dinner time...)

9/13/2008 #29

((No worries .... um, what to write. Well, we both kinda stumped ourselves .... so .... ah man. You only have an hour?! Bummer!))

Caleb sighed. "Your master .... how did she treat you?"

9/13/2008 #30
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