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Rizen was a mass of sprawls on the deck, but quickly got up into a kneeling position, spitting out some blood.

"Lemme try and freeze those jetpacks then..." A ball of frost appeared in his hands.

(What's the plan? Follow the robot?)

9/21/2008 #871

Seri shook her head "Don't! if you freeze a rocket enggine it'll blow up! And with Leaf that could eadsily be fatal!"

The surviving robots zoomed after there leader, soon dissappearing

[no, not yet hehehe....]

9/21/2008 #872

"Why don't I like the sound of that..." the ball of frost faded away as he stood up. "We can't catch them now though..."

(I'll repeat; why don't I like the sound of that laugh XD)

9/21/2008 #873

Seri sat doiwn, head in he hands "Leaf....." she murmured, she actaully started....crying? Yes, Seri Celebi was crying.


9/21/2008 #874

(I suddenly have a very baaaaddd feeling about this...*sweatdrop*)

"Damnit!" he shouted to himself, slamming his fist on the floor.

"Still; Seri's in a worse condition than me though...she just lost her sister..." he murmured, almost inaudibly, looking up.

He got up, crossed over to her and knelt by her, putting a hand around her shoulders, staring off in the direction of the robots.

9/21/2008 . Edited 9/21/2008 #875

[When the black hole from babylon Garden and the metorites happen leaf is going to be sucked in, but after it's stopped Leaf will be back, I have it all planned out ==D]

eri looked up at Riz and closed her eyes and laid her head on his shoulder, tears silently flowing still.

9/21/2008 #876

(...That disobeys the law of physics XD; nothing can escape from a black hole!?! XD; I'll leave it to you though; anything's possible in this freaky world anway XD)

'Now how are we gonna catch them...' Rizen thought to himself. 'We'll need to get her back soon too...'

9/21/2008 #877

[I reect your reality and subsitute my own.]

Seri sghed "I wonder why they took Leaf..."

9/21/2008 #878

(Meh, as I said, anything's possible in this weird world XD)

"Probably something to do with that ring again; she's the only one with something special enough to warrant a kidnapping...." He still had his hand around her shoulders, and he was still staring in the direction the robots went to.

9/21/2008 #879

"True..." Seri murmered.

[brb, making Meteo Tech topic! ^^]

9/21/2008 #880

(We're resorting to ripping other people's plots for our own funny. --You can erase that bit if you wanna.)

"Caleb's gonna go nuts when he find this out...." A small smile formed. "But perhaps we could use that for a confidence boost..." He murmured to himself inaudibly.

9/21/2008 #881

[Lol, it's funny cause it's true! XD]

Seri nodded "Caleb is gunna spaz when he finds out that Leaf's been kidnapped by robots."

9/21/2008 #882

(I need to go sleep soon...T.T...n I need to practice what I preach more often XD)

"Still; how are we gonna find them...We can't give him a confidence shot unless we get to her..."

9/21/2008 #883


"True....where wold a robot go with a girl that can read foreign inscriptions?"

9/21/2008 #884

"An Island in the middle of nowhere with a crazy research facility..." He glanced at her. "Just a random crazy guess."

(My sis is shouting at me to sleep...T.T)

9/21/2008 #885

[okay, then you should go, bye.]

Seri shrugged.

9/21/2008 #886

(Ok then, cya tomorrow. I'm stumped as to what to write now anyway...XD)

9/21/2008 #887

Caleb birst onto the deck. "Seri , ma'am, whatever .... something happened. You were crying!"

((Nobodies on, right? I had to go see my grandpa .... he fell a few weeks ago and broke his hip .... and joked about it once he'd had a pin put in ... I have the coolest grandpa!))

9/21/2008 #888

Seri shook her head "Leaf was kidnapped." she murmured.

[i'm on ^^]

9/21/2008 #889

((YAY! Hi .... I've kinda missed a lot.^^;))

Caleb stopped. "What?"

9/21/2008 #890

"I'm not lying.....Caleb, Leaf was kidnappd by robots..."

[Mhm, basically we're doing a Babylon Sub-Plot from Sonic riders; Zero Gravity xD]

9/21/2008 #891

((Oookaayyy. I'll pretend I know what that means. *Goes to youtube to look it up*))

"Because that's normal ..."

9/21/2008 #892

"Normal around here, me and Riz have come up with the idea that they took her because of the Ark Of The Cosmos."

[Look it up on Wikipeda XD]

9/21/2008 #893

((Found the opening ... it sounds interesting. Never was a fan of sonic though. Was a power rangers gal myself.))

Caleb nodded. "How far?"

9/21/2008 #894

"We have no clue how far or where they took her."

9/21/2008 #895

Caleb nodded again. "wonderful ... just wonderful."

9/21/2008 #896

Seri nodded "yep."

9/21/2008 #897

"We still need ..." Caleb trailed off, staring out to sea. "We still need to find a place to dock. We can work from there "

9/21/2008 #898

Seri nodded "Yeah."

9/21/2008 #899

((Is somebody gunna make a dock?))

9/21/2008 #900
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