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A mountain village with a Chinese theme, iit is said to have secret ruins deep inside the mountain, but none can confirm theese relavations.

9/21/2008 #1

Seri walked into the town beside Caleb, looking around she frowned "This place is interesting."

9/22/2008 #2

Caleb shudderd. "Who ares about what it looks like?"

9/23/2008 #3

"Must you always make a comment?" Seri asked.

9/23/2008 #4
Imagination 5

Rose sighed. "Let's just focus."

(Oh Tori, could I make a princess of the rocks with a crystal of power important to Jet?)

9/23/2008 #5

[she could have one of the other Ark Of The Cosmos.]

9/23/2008 #6
Imagination 5

(Kay. She'll be pretty tough. Making her now.)

9/23/2008 #7

[lright remember the Ark Of the Cosmos can make the user able to control the gravity field around them, i also have a plan at the end, it involves the Babylon Garden and Leaff turned temperorarily evil =D]

9/23/2008 #8

Jet meanwhile was dashing around Gigan Rocks, looking for any clue on how to find the next Ark Of The Cosmos.

9/23/2008 #9

((Anyone here?))

9/23/2008 #10
Imagination 5

(Good idea! ^^)

A blond woman flew over the rocks, landing before the group.


9/23/2008 . Edited 9/23/2008 #11

Seri looked at the Blond woman and asked "Who are you?"

Jet frowned as he saw a blond woman fly overhead "Hn, strange." he jumped on his extreme gear and stpped behined the woman "Who are you? And hpow can you fly like that?"

9/23/2008 #12


Caleb sighed and glanced around.

((Neutral post cuz I dunno whats happening! @_@))

9/23/2008 #13
Imagination 5

Elizabeth looked at Jet. "Princess Elizabeth," she replied

9/23/2008 #14

Jet scoffed "Okay, yeah but how can you fly, you don't have a Extreme Gear or wings!"

9/23/2008 #15
Imagination 5

"Extreme Gear?" asked Elizabeth. "I just control gravity."

9/23/2008 #16

Jet stayed calm "And how do you do that?"

9/23/2008 #17
Imagination 5

"The Ark of the Cosmos of course," replied Elizabeth, looking puzzled.

9/23/2008 #18

"The ark Of The Cosmos?!?" Jet shouted "I demand you give me it back! It belongs to the babylonians!"

9/23/2008 #19
Imagination 5

"What? I'm not handing it over!" she laughed. "It provides te natural balance on the island!"

(Do you want him to get it in the end?)

9/23/2008 #20

[yeah, it's vital for the black hole to start ^^]

Jet glared "Give, Me. It."

9/23/2008 #21
Imagination 5

(K. You should come back to Fantasy RPG Tori. PnP's gone now.)

"You'll have to take it from me," smiled Elizabeth, drawing her scythe.

9/23/2008 #22

[I may.]

Jet got on his extreme gear and took out his two bashyo fans, he then zoomed at Elizabeth.

9/23/2008 #23
Imagination 5


Elizabeth blocked the fans with her scythe, slashing in a ripping, tearing arc across the length of his chest.

9/23/2008 #24

Jet activated his Ark Of The Cosmos as the blade was stopped and Jet floated out of the way, he then stopped and as Elizabeth's slash continued he slashed at her with his fans.

9/23/2008 #25
Imagination 5

(Better make this quick. GTG in a few.)

As she stepped back, Elizabeth fell off the island, into the sea, her Ark flying out of her grasp and into the air.

9/23/2008 . Edited 9/23/2008 #26

{Awww, bye.}

Jet smirked as he jumped into the air and grabbed it "Excellent."

9/23/2008 #27
Imagination 5

(Few more posts. ^^)

Elizabeth cried out as she splashed into the ocean. "No!" she cried. "You don't understand its power!"

9/23/2008 #28

"On the contarary, yes I do." he floated into the air "I am Jet The Hawk! The fastest being in the universe!"

9/23/2008 #29
Imagination 5

(I just looked at his profile. Back to the anthros, huh Tori? XD.)

Elizabeth looked at Seri. "Help me, Goddamnit!"

9/23/2008 #30
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