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[XD Yeppers!]

Seri used phyic to lift Elizabeth up and then turned her attention to where Jet had been, he was gone! "He got away!"

9/23/2008 #31
Imagination 5

(Lol. My forum accepts all characters, from witches to perverted Pokemorphs! Hmm. I should put that in an ad.)

Elizabeth cursed, then turned to Seri. "Thank you," she said softly.

9/23/2008 #32

[XD That would be a awesome add.]

"Your welcome, but what about the Ark Of The Cosmos?"

9/23/2008 #33
Imagination 5


"We have to get it," said Elizabeth grimly. With it, he can open a black hole and unleash unspeakable evil horrors upon the world."

9/23/2008 #34

[He needs all five, and they need to get close to the Babylon Garden for the Black hole to open.]

"So that was the 'Lightless Black' Leaf said in the book....a black hole...."

9/23/2008 #35
Imagination 5

(Let's have one underwater. Rose and Jet race for it.)

Elizabeth nodded.

9/23/2008 #36

[Okay, Rose will get it so the score will be 2-2, I have plans for the final one.]

Jet meanwhile was flying over the mountains on his board, smirking as he slipped his new prize on his other wrist.

Seri shrugged "Anyway, have you seen robots around here with a green haired girl?"

9/23/2008 #37
Imagination 5

(Noooes, I GTG! But I made the Character Lounge!)

Elizabeth shook her head. "No, I haven't I'm afraid. That is a rather odd question."

9/23/2008 #38

"Not that odd, if you think about it," Caleb muttered.

9/24/2008 #39

Seri nodded "Yeah but now we gotta hurry because he has two and if he gets Leaf that'll be three!"

9/24/2008 #40

"And I'm taking it that's bad."

9/24/2008 #41

"Yes, 3 out of 5 ois bad, because for all we know it could start a frickin' black hole!" Seri was panicking.

9/24/2008 . Edited 9/24/2008 #42

"Never a dull moment."

9/24/2008 #43

Seri noded "Yep, and soon they'll be no more moments because the world is going to be destroyed! So PLEASE stop with the smart aleck comments! It's not the time."

Seri started pacing in ciurcles, having a panic attack.

9/24/2008 #44

Caleb shrugged. "At least I'm not panicking. But come on, you're making me dizzy." He took a step towards her and held out his hand.

9/24/2008 #45

"SSorry." Seri stopped, looking down "It's just....I miss Leaf and this is the longest time we haven't been able tom locate her....."

9/24/2008 #46

"We will, okay. It just takes time,"

9/24/2008 #47

(*sigh*, looks like I missed a lot...n I'll be missing a lot more...But first; something to add to the story....*evil grin*)

Domovoi was watching the group atop of a roof shrouded in shadow, and the fight between Elizabeth and Jet. He smirked as Jet won; watching Elizabeth fall into the water, and Seri rescuing her. His exceptional hearing was just enough to listen to them over the din of the market below.

"Perhaps now's a good time..." He muttered, as he jumped down onto a nearby ledge. He pulled out a well-made, elegant Jade ring from his pocket, and opened a small jar that he placed on the ledge but a few moments ago. Out of the jar, he took out a small, wriggling worm-like insect, and, muttering a few words, the insect dissolved into black smoke, collecting on the ring. Slowly, a small blood-red ruby formed on the ring. He grinned as the ruby began to take on its solid form.

"Any person who wears this, will, over a time, have their vitality sucked out from them." he whispered, as he watched. "The insect I have 'inlaid' into this ring will find its way into the wearer's body, and once inside, it will begin to devour them. Alive. Spasms and waves of excruciating pain will burn in various parts of the wearer's body; maybe lose their mobility, sight perhaps. It'll take several days for the first spasm to come; and the wearer's condition will worsen more and more, faster and faster." He turned to face the group. "But all the better." He whispered, venomously. He was openly grinning, and by pure will restrained himself from laughing in joy at the prospect.

He watched as nearby villagers went about their business, thinking which to impersonate. His eyes focused on one; a Jeweler selling his wares, calling out loudly, a distance away from the group. His scythe dissipated into black smoke, as he jumped down from the ledge, holding the ring firmly in hand. He modified his appearance into that of the Jeweler exactly in the shades of a corner nearby. Then, he moved to a different location of the city, opposite where he was originally standing, before walking towards them.

"My good lady, please accept this humble gift from me, for helping our protector." He said, offering the ring to Seri, his voice mimicking the Jeweler's exactly. "Though we have lost the Arc, at least we have not lost her. If you were to ask, I am but a humble Jeweler who happened to notice the battle which conspired but just a few moments ago. Not many know me, and I doubt you will too, my lady." He looked at Elizabeth, before stepping forward, taking Seri's hand with his left arm, and placing the ring there.

"Forgive me, my ladies, but I must quickly return to my work; I have quite a busy schedule today." He made but a small nod of his head to Caleb, before walking away in the direction of the real Jeweler's stall. He headed for the nearest alleyway, before changing his form again, and walking away, though he stumbled quite a few times, and bumped into several things on the way.

'Wow, transforming my form takes a lot more energy than I thought...But still, It'll be worth it...' He headed off into the darkness of the mountains, intending to rest for a couple of days before following them once more.

(A bit of god-modding there; sorry...T.T...You are free to throw the ring away, keep it temporarily, or wear it...but you know what'll happen if you wear it...hehe)

9/24/2008 . Edited 9/24/2008 #48

Seri frowned "Right now I can't trust anybbody." she put the ring in a pocket before dashing off into the cty, she needed to find Leaf...before sometthing worse happened.

[hey, you here still?]

9/24/2008 #49

Caleb sighed and chased after her.

9/24/2008 #50

Seri, before Caleb could stop her transformed in Celebi and zoomed off deeper into the city, if Caleb continued pursuit he may just get lost so it was probaly best to go back to the group.

9/24/2008 #51

Caleb growled, and stopped. "Seri, God damnit!"

((Mind if I put up someone new?))

9/24/2008 #52

[Okay! ^^]

Jet was on his extreme gear above Caleb as he saw Seri dissappear, he smirked "Heh, lost your second little whoore?" he asked gliding down behined Caleb, standing on his extreme tgear.

[xD Jet the Hawk...UN-CUT!]

9/24/2008 #53

"She's my master, so stop it!"

9/24/2008 #54

Jet chuckled "So your her sex slave then I reckon?"

9/24/2008 #55

Caleb sighed. "What do you know about it?!"

9/24/2008 #56

"About what?" Jet asked, still smirking.

9/24/2008 #57

"About anything?!" Caleb spat. "Just shut it! I'm not in the mood!"

9/24/2008 #58

Jet rolled his eyes "Geez, what crawled up your butt and died?"

9/24/2008 #59

Caleb spared him a glare. "Guess, genius! Seri?!"

9/24/2008 #60
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