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"Chill! listen, I heared about what happened wth the robots, they are after me too, apprantly they want theese." he gestured towards the ark Of The Cosmos "I think we have room for some give and take, Ill help you get back girly if I get the all of the Ark Of The Cosmos in the end."

9/24/2008 #61

Caleb bit his lips. "I can't agree to those terms. My master wouldn't like it."

9/24/2008 #62

"Fine if you rather never get girly back." Jet turned away "But wouldn't you be praised for making a deal to get girly back? Cause it seems your aster cares alot or Girly."

9/24/2008 #63

Caleb stared at his feet. "It's not like that. I can't! It's not a matter of want. If it hurt her for me to make the deal, I don't know what would happen."

9/24/2008 #64

"ow, you truly are a simply puppy, always at the need of your master." Jet taunted, turning to face Caleb, smirking widely "Does she make you go to the bathroom outside like a mutt too?"

9/24/2008 #65

Caleb scowled. "Don't call me that! Summer called me that ..."

9/24/2008 #66

"Fine, but tell your Master your situation, nbd when you are ready to speak to me just yell for 'The Legendary Wind Master' Farewell!" Jet then dissappeared.

Seri had eturned to human fom as he walked up just as Jet dissappeared, she was frowning.

9/24/2008 #67

Caleb glanced at her. "What?!"

9/24/2008 #68

"No sign of Leaf." seri said, she haden't seen Jet.

9/24/2008 #69

Caleb sighed. "Okay ... we ask around for information ..."

9/24/2008 #70

Seri nodded and looked around "Okay." she sighed "We'rre prbaly never going to find her...."

9/24/2008 #71

"Oh stop it. You sound like me!" Caleb spat, pushing past her and aiming for a bar.

9/24/2008 #72

Seri looked hurt "Fine....fine, go get drunk for all I care! I HOPE YOUR HAPPY WHEN I FIND LEAF AND TELL HER THAT YOU GAVE UP ON HER!" Seri shouted then ran off.

9/24/2008 #73

Caleb chased after her. "I'm not! The best place to get information is in those places!"

9/24/2008 #74

"Yeah right....why would you go to a bar where everyone is drunk?!? Your not going to get no information." Seri turned towards him, a very paind and depressed epression on her face.

9/24/2008 #75

"Seri, everyone in those places are nursing dirty little secrets they're trying to drink away! It's a good place to start."

9/24/2008 #76

Seri muttered something under her breahe ad sighed "Fine but if I see you drinking in there I'm banning you from drinking."

9/24/2008 #77

Caleb sighed. "I don't drink, Seri. Not anymore."

9/24/2008 #78

"Fine, let's just go in, find the information and get out."

9/24/2008 #79

Caleb smiled, took her hand and stepped through the door. "You know what you're asking about."

9/24/2008 #80

Seri took her hand from Caleb and frowned "No, just no." she then looked around "Where to start."

[xD I have the feeling Caleb likes Seri for some reason XD]

9/24/2008 #81

((Not that way! He just doesn't know how to handle the situaion!))

Caleb shrugged. "Bar. This way," He stepped forward and smiled at the bartender. "Sir? You haven't see a girl with green hair around? She' tallish, and has a flower in her hair."

((You want him to know where she is?))

9/24/2008 #82

The bartender thought for a moment "A young lady did run past here, grabbed a vodka shot then dashed out, she looked scared, she also said something about running away from robots."

[I have a plan, Leaf is vital]

9/24/2008 #83

Caleb nodded. "Thanks. Which way?"

9/24/2008 #84

"She went in the direction of thee rumoed "Gigan Ruins" but no-one know's if tthey're real, rumor has it that one of thse strange metorite's the Highness carries around is there."

9/25/2008 #85

(Hmm....anybody around? Oh, btw, we have the 9th place on the fantasy forums now XD)

9/25/2008 . Edited 9/25/2008 #86


Seri walked out of the bar "Ruins....?"

9/25/2008 #87

"Sounds like you found something." Rizen was standing outside the bar, leaning against the door.

(Hey Tori!)

9/25/2008 #88

[xD go to Charactor lounge xD]

"I did actaully." Seri smiled at Rizenburg "Apparantly Leaf got away from the robots and went towards the fabled "Gigan Ruins" which i heared has a second Ark of the Cosmos."

9/25/2008 #89

(I read...I read....*sweatdrop* XD)

"Well, at least we got one lead then." He straightened, looking up at the mountains. "Unfortunately I didn't find much myself..."

Not with this kind of face... His right hand began to move over to the right side of his mask, before quickly changing course to scratch an itch.

9/25/2008 #90
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