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"I jumped. Difference."

"Tori, are you okay?"

9/25/2008 #61

"Yeah, just abit insane, that's all!" Torri chuckled.

Leaf nodded "Ah."

9/25/2008 #62

"A bit?"

9/25/2008 #63

Tori nodded "A bit!"

9/25/2008 #64


Caleb groaned. "She should look in a mirror."

9/25/2008 #65

"Tori and HJ are mirror-images, both are insane!" Leaf said.

9/25/2008 #66

"Yeah, but HJ should no better!"

9/25/2008 #67

"True but what can we do? They control us!"

9/25/2008 #68

"What a pity."

9/25/2008 #69

"Yeah." she kissed his cheek and sighe "But atleast we can think our own thoughts right?"

9/25/2008 #70

"Most of the time. See, right there. She's making me angst ridden again!"

9/25/2008 #71

Leaf smiled "Don't hate mebut after this you ca't be angst ridden, it isnt possible." she suddenly leaned in and kissed him, smiling.

9/25/2008 #72

"Yopu haven';t been reading posts, have you?"

9/25/2008 #73

Leaf shrugged "Maaaayyybbbbeeee." she giggled.

9/25/2008 #74

"I'll take that as a no."

9/25/2008 #75

"Yea, but this is ooc dialouge so who cares!" Leaf beamed.

9/25/2008 #76
Imagination 5

"Not me!" DC (Me) comes in, squeezing between HJ and Tori.

9/26/2008 #77

"heya!" Tori grinned at DC.

9/26/2008 #78
Imagination 5

"Hi!" DC grinned back. "Thank God it's Friday!"

Rose sighed. "Lazy as sin."

9/26/2008 #79

Xelos grinned as he came up behined Rose "Hello, and your right, your so beautiful it's almost a sin." he kissed her neck then kissed her cheek.

Tori smiled "Ya....I had a bad day, a arse named Dustin was making fun of me today."

9/26/2008 #80
Imagination 5

"Aw, you too!" She kissed his lips. "These two are so lazy I'm surprised they had the energy to make our profiles!"

DC frowned. "With a name like Dustin he has no right to make fun of anyone. What was he doing?"

9/26/2008 . Edited 9/26/2008 #81

"Calling my cross-eyed and short!" Tori frowned.

"Yeah, I know this is weird but I was originally suppose to be emotionally attracted to Summer or Alison"

9/26/2008 #82
Imagination 5

DC scowled. "Tell him that if he calls ma rp buddah short or cross eyed one ore time I'll take the next plane to Canada and pummel his a**!"

(Seriously, do. I'm short too. Shorties united!)

"Those old crones?!" Rose glared at Tori.

9/26/2008 #83

"He's on the cross country team, he's fast as all hell, I don't think you would be able to catch him" she then looked at Rose "How old are you?"

9/26/2008 #84
Imagination 5

"True story," said DC. "A super fit man once stole my money. I caught up with him and tackled him." DC nodded slightly smugly.

Rose shrugged. "DC never decided."

9/26/2008 . Edited 9/26/2008 #85

"Was that man able to do a 100 meter dash in 7 seconds?"

9/26/2008 #86
Imagination 5

"You gotta be kidding me. What age is he?"

9/26/2008 #87

"13-14" Tori scowled.

9/26/2008 #88
Imagination 5

DC gasped. "That isn't natural. Anyway, just use your colourful vocabulary on him."

9/26/2008 #89

"Go Angry Video Game Nerd on his butt?!?" Toiri asked excitedly.

9/26/2008 #90
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