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Imagination 5

DC nodded sagely. "Yes."

9/26/2008 #91

Tori suddenly broke into song "Hes gunna take you back to the past! to play the shiitty games that suck asse!"

9/26/2008 #92
Imagination 5

DC joined in. "He'd rather have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in his ear!"

9/26/2008 #93

"He'd rather eat, the rotten assehole, of a road killed skunk and down it with beer!"

[xD I LUV the AVGN's theme song, my mom - not so much XD]

9/26/2008 #94
Imagination 5

DC sighed. "Good times."

Rose sniffed. "Atrocious."

(I joined Bebo! Same with my mum.)

9/26/2008 #95

HJ looked between them, feeling rather left out.

9/27/2008 #96

"By the looks of it, seems I'm the only sane creator here." Xy (Me) was leaning on the wall next to the entrance.

"You took your time getting here." Rizen said as he walked over.

"Yes, but you're not the one who has to study all day." He snorted in reply.

9/27/2008 . Edited 9/27/2008 #97
Zeek-King of all Dragons

Zeek wanders around aimlessly, wondering what to do. "Do...dodododo...."

2/1/2009 #98
Imagination 5

I5 waves to Zeek and gives him beer.

2/1/2009 #99
Zeek-King of all Dragons

I look over at Imagination with a raised eyebrow which quickly turns to a face of suprise as I realize who it is. "HEY IMAGINATION!" I grap the beer and pull Imagination into a bear hug. " kind of want to make a different char and rp with it instead of my original ones unless you have a place for my original ones."

2/1/2009 #100
Imagination 5

I5 breaks out of bear hug. "Hiya Zeek! I'm not sure about where to introduce your original charries. If you want to make new ones, fine by me, though I can't stay long."

2/1/2009 #101
Zeek-King of all Dragons

"Awww...well...I guess I'll do it later or something...I'm always on when you guys aren't...or just getting off. My connections been out for a while anyway... I think I'm just going to continue writing on a new story of mine..."

2/1/2009 #102
Imagination 5

"Oh, nice. I'll review it when I't's done. Living's annoying me over at Fanfiction, always ignoring my posts."

2/1/2009 #103
Zeek-King of all Dragons

"Those guys always annoyed me a bit...I can't seem to get a good story(rp) going on Fanfiction...I usually use proboards now..."

2/1/2009 . Edited 2/1/2009 #104
Imagination 5

"Here we respect you trying to stop a storyline and help. Tori got banned for insulting a guy on a different forum.

2/1/2009 #105
Zeek-King of all Dragons

"Ahh....too bad...oh wellz...I've had my brother use me account while I was away to edit someones post to um...say some things...I explained it to the admin though and got that resolved...was on the hunted and hunters rp thing that fangy has..."

2/1/2009 #106
Imagination 5

"What happened?"

2/1/2009 #107
Imagination 5

"Have to go."

2/1/2009 #108
Zeek-King of all Dragons

"Well...I went to the movies and left Fanfiction up on my computer. My step-brother's friend edited someones post on the hunted and hunters rp...and say some bad things... I went back and changed itself, but I didn't notice it until Ashley said something to me. I changed it back and explained it all to it was fine..."

"Oh...and cya."

2/1/2009 . Edited 2/1/2009 #109
Imagination 5

"Very unfortunate, though at least it was all resolved."

2/1/2009 #110
Zeek-King of all Dragons


2/2/2009 #111
Zeek-King of all Dragons

"Also...I did post the first chapter of my story if you will please R&R ^^"

"Second chapter is up!" I do a little jig.

2/4/2009 . Edited 2/7/2009 #112

Caleb sighed, sipping another glass of champagne. "Well ... this is boring."

2/19/2009 #113

Leaf nodded, sipping a tequilla ", this is strong stuff....."

2/19/2009 #114

HJ sighed. "Maybe because you don't sip tequilla. It's a shot. You take it with a pinch of salt and a slice of lemon."

Caleb snorted. "And not something you should try."

2/19/2009 #115

Leaf giggled "I REJECT YOUR REALITY AND SUBSITUTE MY OWN!" she randomly shouted, falling over.

2/19/2009 #116

"Seriously, stay of the shots. They're not good ... and seriously expensive. Ask HJ."

HJ blushed. "I don't do them ... not unless someone else is buying."

2/19/2009 #117

"Awww. Caleb, even when you are not alcholic, you know so much." Leaf grinned and randomly hugged it.

Tori blinbked ".....We are crazy HJ."

2/19/2009 #118

Caleb blushed. "Yeah ... well, y'know ..."

"Yes, we are."

2/19/2009 #119

Leaf smiled "In the rpg, your so brave and heroic......"

Tori blinked "yeah. in real life I am in pain."

2/19/2009 #120
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